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Microsoft Launches Webcams

Microsoft has launched a new line of webcams called the LifeCam Series . The company claims that LifeCams "will dramatically simplify the video communications experience to let people see, hear, and share life's experiences in an extraordinary way. "

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It seems that Microsoft is keen to integrate instant messaging and communication between Windows, MSN and Xbox Live. They have already launched a video camera for the Xbox 360.

Its is also being said that the new webcams are aimed at increasing the use of video features in Windows Live Messenger.

Lets see how much good do these cams do to Microsoft.
This should be interesting. Though, most of the things microsoft does i dont usually support outside of their operating system. I think that theyre philosophy of recent years to integrate everything into one thing is a good one. Its similar to the aproach google is taking with their computer apps. The only thing that i do not like about these all in one packages that companies are coming out with these days is that. For the the power user such as most of the people on this site, its actually more inconvenient sometimes for them to all be packaged together simply because we like to have control of everything that goes on in our machines. By putting things together so that its easier to use, they are taking away some of the user control so that the lesser experience of the population can have a less frustrating experience...this in my opinion is a NO NO because i believe that if you want to use a computer and its complicated, you should learn how to use it instead of whining untill someone has made it dumbed down enough to the point that a chimp could use it....this once again is only adding to the laziness of the society if you ask me...not the webcam...but integration of the many tools into one large tool...
^ I dont mind bundling everything together, But it just becomes more complicated. Like the MSN, By default you get MSN news, This little pop up with all these info you probably dont care about. Back in 2001-02, I dont remember when I first started using MSN, I had a hard time disabling it and silly me did I find out the option was right in from of me all this time.
How about "Big brother is in the House" ?
Everyone will get it.
]When they say "simplify" communication, they mean that more things are done automatically...Thats not good...Cause when the machine decides for you, the one that tells the machine how to deside, is actually choosing for you...

Or i might am excacerating Razz
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