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Skype - Free Calls within USA and Canada

Though this new is a bit old but very useful , I came to know about this only today.
Skype has introducesd Free Calls to US & Canada. Very Happy
Another reason for me to love skype. Very Happy

find more info here

For those who haven't used skype yet, I must tell you the voice quality is excellent so that you won't even feel that your are talking through a messenger on net.

I agree, Skype is an excellent program.

I've been using it for over a year, and I recommend it to anybody who often makes useless phone calls like me Smile
Do know that at the end of this year, they plan on changing back to pay to use.

So get your calls in while you can. Wink
Wasn't Skype bought by eBay?
I've tried it myself and it works. Pretty cool how you can do that now. I don't think they can call you back though (and it's a really weird number too, if the other guy has caller ID).

yeah is the best VoIP so far. clarity is the best.
Skype is totally fantastic - it saved me a fortune when I was living in Canada because it meant I could phone home for free. We used to meet up and chat over Skype for hours, which would've been difficult otherwise. Definately one of the best VoIP programs going right now.
Skype is now banned in Burma. Can't sign in to skype anymore. Is there another way to bypass this ban? Can we go through a different proxy or something like that?
I heard calls to UK will be free this weekend (July 15-16th).
And i totaly dissagree about skype being the best. "Gizmo" is the next big thing. The options that they give with calling are fantastic.

Free U.S. based telephone number assigned to your computer and any phone
Dual Ring - Incoming calls simultaneously ring computer and regular phone*
Call Screening - Listen to callers leave messages in real time (press 1 to take the call)
Transfer Calls - You can transfer any call to any phone by pressing 2
Voicemail (email and phone)
SMS notification

...and much more. I would right a few mor elines, but i don't want to flood. Read yourself. The point is that gizmo is more "call-oriented" than skype, thus is better than skype.
pudovkin wrote:
I heard calls to UK will be free this weekend (July 15-16th).

Hey that's great! Thanks for the link.

The site suggests that there are more free weekends coming up too - with Mexico on the 22nd-23rd July, and Japan on the 29th-30th!
People still using Skype should read this article, and be aware that Skype has been forbiden in France administrations and universities because of security issues...
So how does Skype really work?
dickyzin wrote:
So how does Skype really work?

It's called Voice over IP, or VoIP for short. It routes the voice data packet from the Internet to the normal telephone network (PSTN).
It seems skype call charges have gone up
Skype charges didn't gone up. But my question is, will free calls be really stopped at the end of 2006?
Yea its good for American ad Canadian users. I think its possible for other users make call for free... Just you must find some friend in USA and ask him to make conference call... Smile
Good for guyess like me.. too... who has some contact in US... can make some free calls to them :p
Never heard about this i buyed credit long ago and used it still got some but great! lets talk!!!! Cool Cool
I can't understand people using skype, just use voipbuster!
You can make cheap VOIP calls from Yahoo Messenger.
Yeah I'm using skype too. it's cheaper than using a normal phone call back to my home country. (only 0.1cent/min is very cheap) problem is my connection is not that good and sometime i got a quality problem but over all is great. really recommended.
Arno v. Lumig
For me skype is only cheaper during day and the "normal" phones. If it's night/weekend or if I'm calling the mobile phones it's a LOT more expensive. I can call the mobile phones for 18 cents per minute, while skype costs 26 cents per minute.
During the day skype is 0.9 cent per minute cheaper... That's not really worth it I guess...

I don't understand why anyone would use skype... You need a normal phone to get called and to be able to have (A)DSL anyway, so why not use that to make cheaper calls?

I must admit that our phone abbonnement isn't the cheapest possible, but it does save money to use that phone instead of skype.

Is the free calling applicable to countries other than the US and canada?
{name here}
I don't even use my phone anymore. It just sits there and collects dust. I thus have no use for Skype.
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