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Need a comment on the feel of my advertisements

I decided to go with text ads' from bidvertiser, which offers a very high ppc rate (Up-to 5.00 a click US). I couldn't figure out how i would put it into my page, so check my site out and tell me how it looks . Should i use the vertical of horizonal? I WOULD ask you to click on some of the ads becuase hosting fee's for s video portal are very high , but its against there tos, Sad . Thank you for your opinion

"This isnt a dubble post for my site. I have changed the format of the video page on my site, sk8te ltd, and I need you opinion on the site.
Go to and click the watch button, Tell me what you think on the layout/player and what you think i should ad/subtract from it - click watch!

Thank you soo much"
It's way better than the one before. I'm actually impressed. Cool
Your site could use some more content. I think it has a good start, but it could use some more useful items. Like maybe some news articles. Just needs a little more, it is too bare. This just my comment. Thanks for sharing your site with me.
I have been trying to find more content, but skateboarding scripts/news is hard to come by. If you find anything that i should add to the site, let me know
I agree. I'm sure you could have a section for news and articles. I know ccs sometimes provides good deals on skateboards and products, so whenever there's a good deal you should put it up. The X Games are also coming soon aren't they?
Yeah, I will look for you. That is also a good idea with the X-Games. I am sure there has to be a site on that. To find content I usually Google any News related things pertaining to my site. If I can be any help in any other way besides looking for some news let me know. I used to be a avid skateboarder when I was younger. But if got back into it now, I would have to say hello to Mr. Pain for a while. Anyway I will give you hand in any way I can. your site has potential, big time. Just needs some tweeking.
Thank you chizeld. I have found a php/ajax rss scroller for the video page, i also added a server load bar. If anyone know how to make a better one let me know. For now i have a rolling stones rss feed going through it, but eventualy i want the php to randomly choose a feed each time the page is accessed.
The ad placement is ok.

I like the bot you got on your site Razz
Yes, teenzine did a very good job on the bot. Ask him to make you one, it only costs a couple of frih
the advertisements are fun to play with but also annoying cause you can never scroll to the bottom it just causes the page to grow bigger and bigger
Let me know when you update this site. I like to watch the x-games and site like these are very rare. Maybe you look for content on things like Tony Hawk or maybe some content on like snowboarding. Getting a some things that are similiar to what you are interested will attract people too.
Yes, keep checking on the updates! I will be soon offering a whol Virtual Media Library Just for the XGames.
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