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How do you feel about...

S3nd K3ys
..going number 2 with your spouse and/or kids in the bathroom? I can't get a moment's peace in there. If it's not my wife/kids, it's the damn cats. Anyone else have this problem?

Really makes me want to eat more broccoli if you catch my drift... Rolling Eyes
I don't have that problem,I chilled out with that,just relax...
S3nd K3ys
chat wrote:
I don't have that problem,

You don't go number 2? Shocked
LOL, yeah i used to have that problem Smile but see, then i heard and started using these new things i believe they are called...Locks? Yeah that's it Smile Seriously tho now i just run in and lock the door usually stay in there for about a half hour just to get away from everyone lmao. But yeah no more problem, you should try it.
I don't think I could go to the bathroom at all if my girlfriend was in there with me. I could definetly take a shower, but that's a whole other story.

As for pets, I throw them out before I start with my business.
It seems only your problem ...

I hope you can manage with it
with my wife in the bathroom?!? NO WAY! I have trouble taking a leak with the dog watching.

Call it "stage fright" I guess Embarassed
I think you really should install lock. Not having our own privacy is some kinda.. annoying.. Especially when you're in the toilet..

Good luck.. Or.. Have you installed a lock? Usually every house's door is installed with lock. How's yours?
meet in rio
Eat more protein; they won't dare come near the bathroom during the event... and quite possibly for twenty minutes afterwards.
Maybe, you could put a signboard outside the door like "Do Not Disturb" or "Dangerous: Bad smell" Laughing
Wow... I'm stunned (but probably not as much as your family...)
Honestly, though... probably the most difficult thing about having a baby has been the total lack of privacy - not being able to leave him alone for long enough to go to the bathroom by myself.
I'm SO GLAD that stage doesn't last forever. THat the munchkin's already old enough to not kill himself if I take 5 minutes away.

But for all you lock advocates out there... is it really any easier to relax with someone yelling through the door, the cat scratching and the dog barking to come in (which is honestly what happens at my house) They ARE on the OTHER side of the door. But really, it's hardly quiet and pastoral, meditative.
I won't do it. I have to be alone. Its a must.
or go for a vacation or something, away from all this. lol, or take them all on a vacation to the beach, then ditch em to go to the bar by yourself.
I try to coincide my number 2's with getting up at 5 am.....its nice and quiet then...the house that is not the number 2 Razz
i dont mind taking shower with my wife (even you knew you wont only take shower) Razz anyway just a personal problem though. it's fine with me ^^
Personally I do nat have that type of problem because I usually lock the bathroom and I do not have any cats and my neighbours cat would not even dare approach.I suggest that you do the same.
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