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Star Wars Tales

Has anyone read them?

I've heard they werent too good but Ive only read one.

It was issue 23, and let me tell you, it was amazingly good. I didnt like the second segment (artwork style uggh). The first one was good. But the third! One of the best comic stories ever. It was so well done. The final words and final pictures of it were just amazing.

Has anyone finished a comic book and then just paused to think about what you just read? Well thats what I did. I finished the third segment and then went to sleep and thought about it for 30 minutes.

If you haven't read Star Wars Tales, i suggest you start out with issue 23 because i can guarntee thats its a great issue.
I had read some of it, starting from the ancient Sith empire some thousands years ago before the born of Luke Skywalker. Well, that was cool to know about how the Sith empire eventually come to a stop, and it is quite heartening too. ;p
Who publishes it, and do they have TPBs of it yet? I don't generally buy individual issues anymore, but I'd be willing to drop $20 on a TPB/GN.
I'm kind of more into the out-of-saga storylines these days...

I'm really digging the Knights of the Old Republic series with Zayne Carrick, Malak before he turned into a metal-jawed Sith jackass, and the sexy Jarael. (Hey I have a thing for pale elfy looking girls, what of it?!)

The Star Wars Legacy series is very interesting as well with Darth Krayt's New Sith Order, Cade (the scion of the Skywalker line), and *two* Galactic Empires that hate each other. The Imperial Knights are friggin' cool.
Star Wars Tales, is that the official title of the comics. Co'z I know right now Knight of the Old Republic, Legacy and Dark Times are the current running series. Is this an old completed Star Wars series?
Actually I had not heard of it, but then I love everything Star Wars so I'd be willing to give it a go. It just goes to show how great classic story telling can captivate audiences cross-generationally.
Haven't heard about this. I think it try to find it. I like reading side stories of Star wars series. I think I have read all published Star wars novels.
nah I heard they were good too
do you know where I can get them?
online or in stores either is fine
send me a link if possible
I thought they wereokay but not nearly as good as most of the other series'
I have the first Star Wars Tales just because of the Dark Trooper story, that kicks so much ass. It's very intense. The rest were alright I guess. Haven't read it in a long time.
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