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DO YOU KNOW SAO PAULO in BRAZIL??? Well, you might...

... wait a little until you decide to actually know it.

It's been like a war zone around here. I lived all my life in England, london area. it's been 2 years since I got back to brazil (mom's homeland) and been living in SP.

Well, there's a crime firm (like a mob, as we call it out there) named PCC (First Comand of the Capital) that caused a very unexpected reaction in one of the biggest and most agitated cities in the world.

I live at Paulista Ave, something like Victoria Ave in London, or the 1st in NY, and by 8pm, due to the systematic attacks to police stations and officers, this strongly busy spot in the city was just soulless: not a single person was outdoors.

It was a freaky odd and bad weekend people faced around here. Police has been rough on them but it is just not so clear who's behind it. There are claims of involvement with another countries political parties, local politicians and the mob itself. Well, let us not forget the habitual brazzie political corrupted system.

So, think three times. Twice, apparently, does not working.

Best Cheers,

San Picciarelli.
Hey san,

we need a source(reliable one) to support this and also this should be within quotes

PS: Sorry about the state of your place though
A recent article regarding the state of Sao Paulo

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - Nearly 500 people were killed by firearms during one week in Sao Paulo state last month, more than double the normal rate, medical examiners said on Monday as part of an inquiry into allegations that police used excessive force to quell gang violence in Brazil's richest state.

At least 492 people died from gunshot wounds between May 12 and 20 across Sao Paulo city and state, but the total included suicides and deaths unrelated to clashes between police and a powerful organized crime gang called the First Command of the Capital, or PCC.

Medical examiners declined to say how many deaths stemmed directly from gang violence, but the total number of deaths was significantly higher than the 187 that police had said were related to the bloody clashes.

It was the worst wave of crime-related violence in Sao Paulo, the business powerhouse of Latin America's largest country.

Federal and state prosecutors requested the report from the medical board and are expected to launch formal investigations that may generate political fallout in a presidential election year.

"It was an unprecedented catastrophe," Desire Carlos Callegari, president of Sao Paulo state's medical board, told journalists.

Many bodies had between six and eight bullet wounds and some were shot more than 20 times.

Human rights groups and public prosecutors have complained that innocent people may have been summarily executed by police or death squads of off-duty police in retaliation for the killings of at least 30 police officers by the PCC.

I don't think I'll be vacationing there any time soon.
Reminds me of any given episode of 'The Shield.'
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