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Have anyone heard of Friendster?

I was wondering how many you guys/gals kno abt friendster? Rolling Eyes

Nowadays, friendster service is getting more easier, better and able to customize ur profile wif CSS and you can add songs, videos and flashes in your profile.. Laughing

Anywayz, mine is

I like friendster, it helps me keep contact wif my friends in different schools. I think friendster is better than myspace... Rolling Eyes That's lots of things you can do on your editting CSS, overlay them, and much much more...

Give opinion... Wink
I have heard of it, I don't use it though...not nearly secure enough for my tastes. Which is not to say it is great for some people....just not me.
Reminds me of Bebo too much to be honest. I'd never sure about the security on those things and also the deal with spyware/ad-ware that kind of thing.
well, i got friendster primarily for tracking my acquaintances and friends and connecting with them. You're right, the main page is cool, can make you do the customization and yes, i also think its more cooler than myspace.
I have once read something about it, but it does not interest me.
But what is unique of it?
Nope i sure have not heard of this service, is it free to use? Also how many people actually use this service on a regular basis i mean it might be nice and all but is it actually worth signing up? I would like to know a little more info about it i might just have to check it out sounds pretty cool from what i have heard so far..... also I'm guessing this website is fairly new as well.
yes , sure ... I heard about it and I used it too.

And there is another site with the same ideas

check here
Friendster is dumb.

Just plain dumb.

I don't see the point of giving stupid testimonials to your friends Rolling Eyes. Then startnig up to make friends..just to see one stupid photo or whatever.
Isn't friendster older than myspace?

Either way imo both are more ridiculous than beneficial.
I use friendster to stay connect with my friends.. Rolling Eyes I've been using them since last year and i find it useful coz almost all my friends have friendster... and i can connect wif my friends from other skools... is something like a school community...

The point of giving testimonial is to see how popular u are(tat's wat i think)... the more testimonial you have, the more popular u are.. Not many ppl are willing to give away testimonials...

I still think friendster is much better than myspace... Friendster has lots of features than myspace... SUPPORT FRIENDSTER!!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
MYSPACE = USA, UK, Australia, Canada (graph going up)
FRIENDSTER = Phillipines, Indonesia, Malayasia, Singapore (graph jagged like most things)
The Google version (ORKUT) is very popular in Brazil.

Google Trends Tells the Story
haha of course I've heard of friendster. Been using it since 2003. Its awesome really. Manyaged to find many of my long lost frens n classmates. Friendster is really a great idea, as for security and spyware concerns, I don't really care. haha. But sometimes the poping ads can get really irritating. Anyway, those fo you guys who haven't used it should check it out! Cheers! Wink
yeah... i use friendster (but not that must) to keep track on my friends for communication purposes... it's like bebo, hi5, myspace and orkut...
I heard about it a long time ago but it wouldnt open to your link chew.
so I guess I wont be looking at it any further
(no patience)
yeah i've know friendster since it became almost a must in our country. btw i've been a member since 2005 if I remember it correctly. Usually I think of friendster as a show off especially now that they've add customizable html and css. because then ( i dont know if there is still a limit to the number of friends) there is a limit to the number of friends you can have (500 i think. btw never reach that number) some of my firends reach that number and create a second account and still invite the same people in there second account. how dumb. Smile
I am one member of friendster... it is nice
heard of the name - thats all...
I haven't heard of it... How many of these sites are out there? It's just crazy.
number of friends network like friendster, myspace and hi5 are becoming larger... i believe other kind of networks like these will still come out with better features....
i do use it, just for fun and to communicate with friends all over the world. It's nice and cute though I don't spend a lot of time thinkering with it. Just the default setup does good for me.

Some other sites similar to it like hi5, ringo, some other offer free text messages like but basically their all the same. They keep your network of friends in contact.

Not to be so serious about it but if you have your spare time, you can enjoy a lot of things with it. Depends on your taste.
friendster would've been the big myspace if they had more avaliablility like today. I remember back then.. all they did was collect images. nothing more!
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