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Angels & Airwaves (Other Music As Well)

Have You Ever Heard Of Angels & Airwaves?
 85%  [ 6 ]
 14%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 7

mistuh griddlez
Hello All, It's Mistuh Griddlez!

Have You Ever Heard Of The Band Angels & Airwaves? Just Recently I Bought Their CD. Their New CD (And Only So Far) Is Fantastic. I Love It. Angels & Airwaves Is Now My 4th Favorite Band. The Top 3 Favorite Bands I Like Would Have To Be:

1. Nirvana

2. blink-182

3. Wednesday 13/The Murderdolls (Tied)

And In 5th Would Have To Be:

5. Pistola/Pink Floyd/Lemon Demon (Tied)

Now Moving On (I Don't Want to Get Off Topic), Angels & Airwaves' Lead Singer Was formerly In My 2nd Favorite Band (blink-182). His Name Is Tom DeLonge. Also The Former Drummer, Travis Barker, Is Now In The Band The Transplants. And Thank You For Reading This. Please Reply If You Like Angels & Airwaves Or ANy Of The Other Bands I Mentioned Above.

Mistuh Griddlez Mr. Green
I love them, enough said. I already started a topic about them, and someone started one after me. When did you find out about them?
mistuh griddlez
I Actually Knew About Them When They First Came Out. I Was Actually One Of Their First Friends On MySpace (First 100) Then The next Day They Had Like A Thousand Friends.
i also first heard of them on myspace. my fave tracks off "we don't need to whisper" are "the gift", "good day", & "start the machine". I just hope tom loses the "punk" vocals--- the band would be even better. Improvements needed on vocals and lyrics. musicwise, it's top-notch. great music. period. I loved the guitarwork and the way the toms were tuned loud and low. Cool

thumbs way up.
yeh there pretty good.

im seeing them tomorrow!
Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus(from blink-182) are also creating a band called plus 44. There is no music out...well actually there was one song around the internet, but their CD will be out in a few months I think.

Anyways, I'm seeing Angels and Airwaves in July, it should be good!
god, i totally forgot about Valkyrie Missle! ****. That song literally GLUES you to the radio once it starts playing. Great opener.
Angels & Airwaves are to 33% Blink182 and its not nice because the music is trash from a&a blink 182 Rulez!
I'm actually pretty happy Blink 182 split up

don't get me wrong, i loved the band, especially the last album, but out of the ashes of blink 182 have grown two new bands, Angels and Airwaves and Plus 44's both of whom are awesome.

I also think its quite cute how Mr Delonge is trying to grow up and do serious music after Blink, some of the lyrics are pretty overblown but the music is awesome and his voice as distinctive and great as ever so i'm not complaining.
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