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My site

Hi all,

If you are looking to build a real internet business with real people and real support that really does work then take a look at the site below.


Your site is awful. There is dark text, on a dark background. The text is unreadable unless you highlight it, or copy it to a notepad. The background picture in no way relates to the content of your site.

This is nothing but a gateway to a referrer link.

Garbage. Delete it.

Who the hell do you think you are!!! This is not spam it is my site and it is a real business. Just because you're not interested that doesn't mean you have the right to tell me to delete my site.

Do you expect everyone who has a site that you don't like that they should delete it just because of your opinion. GET A LIFE!!!!

If you weren't interested you didn't have to look at it or even read it. Nobody forced you too.

I have no idea what you saw cause it is bold writing on a Tan background so your comment is unfounded.

Plain and simple, this one page is very poor.

If you insist on using that dove pattern as a background (and how that relates to your money making scheme is questionable), take it into any photoshop program, and use the 'washout' filter to lighten it like crazy. There is not enough contrast between the text and the background. Your text is nearly invisible.

There is only one link on your page, a referrer through click audit (pay per click?). This is disconcerning, to say the least.

How about some information on the 'real business' on this page. A lot of fluff, no information. For a 'real business' site, this is very poor. This web page would not inspire much confidence in me, and would lead me to take my real business elsewhere.

My attack is not at you, but please, do share with us what your real business is. This page is not plesant to look at, nor is it enlightening on what your real business is.


So, I decided to follow the click thru post... skim through the entire site, and what do I find, but that this 'real business' flows into a familar pattern. Might I introduce some friendly reading, and also remind fellow readers that in the US, this is prosecuted as mail fraud.

PM enroute to mods...
The background is just too strange! Razz Hope you change it or delete it..
gail1367, what benjad claims is indeed true. The program you are advertising is a pyramid scheme, a ponzi - meaning illegal. We do not want to have anything related to this at all. Please remove the offending content/link from your website.
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