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setting up a home network running dial-up

OK so I know it's gonna be hella slow and all but the idea is to free up the second phone line for emergencies and whatnot...

Basically I start the XP home network wizard and it all goes well until I select that my internet connection is dial-up, at which point it gets all pissy saying that the IP address it requires is being used by another device (my router, a Netgear 54 MBPs wireless WGR164 v4)

At which point I get lost and try other random setups. it works ok when i select the LAN as my internet connection, but that won't really work for going online and it commandeers the LAN so that the other computers are effed when opening a browser (says something like {computer name} owns this device) have yet to figure out how to change the necessary IP for the host computer, or change the router's IP... Ideas?
have you tried the automatically obtain ip option?
What kind of setup are you using ??

If your using a wireless router and all other computers connected (witch you should do).

You will probs need sp2 for windows xp, or use the software you got with your touter etc.
With sp2 it has a seperate option in control pannel for "Wireless Network".

If you need to find out your IP address etc.

Open Run ....


You will come to terminal


if you need to reasign your IP addys then

type:IPCONFIG /renew
yeah i've been using the automatically obtain option as opposed to doing my own ip, subnet mask, dns server and whatnot..

my setup is kinda complicated... it involves two of the netgear wireless routers (i had disconnected one for this particular bit) and a central pelican LAN party kit router i got from gamestop. the setup works though, i can connect this computer to any device on the other 2 routers(just not network computers.. nextorking xboxes/360s works). I'm running SP2 and the software bundled with the router seems to be awol but if i look hard enough i can find it (there may not have been any software).

trying to renew the ip via the system command prompt gives me "The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation"

now... the IP address is invalid in the network controls for the lan... mb progress? thanks, i guess if i classify my own ip and junk it should do something good
so i repaired the connection and it's addy went from to and it's default gateway became the first... and it still says the necessary ip is in use already... and when i try to browse the net with the router connection enable it takes me to some retarded wizard what can't figure out i'm connected to the net through dial up.
I think what you have to do is change the IP addresses of the routers. By default, most routers will give themselves an IP address of, the same address windows insists on using for internet connection sharing. But, if you can change the IP address of your routers to, say, or something then it should work. I know I had to do that for mine when I used to have dial-up. I had a D-Link router though, instead of a Netgear or whatever you have, so the way to change it will be different. For starters, just hook up your computer to the router and then in your browser type in and it should bring you to an admin screen for your router. From there you'll just have to figure out how to change the router's IP address.

Hope this helps.
you would think by all logic i could get an admin screen by going to that, but all i get is a wizard... "let's get started" "we can't find your internet connection" infinitely.
And it won't let you quit the wizard or skip the internet detection at all? Hm, then I'm afraid I don't know what to tell you. Well, maybe try ? That might work.
nah... i googled the model name and found it was ... then i completely sodomized the router because the browser got caught in a loop while i was trying various ip addresses that were already taken... now it identifies the router but can't renew the ips, nor do i have acess to the admin settings.

maybe i'll just get a better router and fix all of my problems.
I am assuming that you don't have an ADSL service hence using dialup.
I setup a home network a few years back using Dialup, netgear switches with a cat5e hardwired LAN and it all worked out ok, although i had no routers connected so all the ip addresses were set up manually. i then just used windows ICS.

I'm a little unsure why you would use 3 routers on a network other than for bridgeing? normally you would either use hubs or switches to network pc's/xbox's or on a wireless network you would use wireless adapters.
One router would be enough to act as a DHCP server on any such network.

I can't get any information on a Netgear WGR164 i can only find a WGR614 54mbps wirless ADSL router. if your router is a WGR614 and you have no ADSL service then it may not be possible to set up the router properly.

Most routers act as DHCP servers and will assign any connected devices an IP address.

If you have a LAN card or onboard LAN obviosly you should connect your router to this, then your router should assign an IP address to the connected device(s). Providing you have told windows to 'Obtain IP Address Automatically'.

Open a dos box and type 'ipconfig' and you should see your LAN card listed and it should have been assigned an IP more often than not in the 192.168.x.x range if that is the case then you are on the right track.

If however you find you've got an ip address in the range 169.254.x.x you have a problem, this is known as an automatic private ip address. This type of address is assigned by windows itself if it cannot connect to the DHCP service.

the reasons for this could be :-

1> No DHCP service is availiable on the network. (maybe the router does not support DHCP, or you have a modem not a router)
2> There is a problem with the network connections. (maybe an unplugged cable)
3> The network is being blocked by a firewall (i would advise turning off your firewall temporarally when setting up a network as they can often cause problems)

Hopefully you have an address in the 192.168.x.x range. if this is the case you should be able to connect to your router's admin page.
On my Cisco/Linksys router i connect to my admin using
I have two networks a wirless network running in the range of 192.168.1.x and a wired network using the ranges 192.168.0.x

You should not need to setup IP address manually as long as the DHCP servide is working and can be accessed from all computers.
You should be able to setup your dial-up networking using your modem and then enable ICS (internet connection sharing) so all computers on the network can access the internet. I'm just a little unsure about your networks infrastructure.
Hope you get things sorted out Smile
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