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DOTA All Stars

Anybody playing these helluva mod in warcraft?? Lets share our views strategies here!!! Strength hero rules in my game!!! SLARDAR!!!
Get the Helm of the Dominator and start converting and saving up enemy creeps. When you have enough, block off one or two of the exits to your base for a while. Then periodically release those creeps in large groups. I did this the other day a few times and it got to the point that there were hundreds of em kinda stuck all over the map. Not very effective, but sure was funny.
ah yeah the blockage tactic.. U can also use Chen to do this.... Well this tactic can ensure victory if ur practically playing against noobs.. but if ur against pros, well, u just gave them extra exp and cash.. Very Happy
i like to play dday more than dota >.>
i don't have a lot of map
i don't have map before 6.X
i need all of map
where can i download it
tell me please
and i need map AI too
can u tell me
i played this map some times and its damn difficult!
RavenCross <<--- IMO the best site for custom Warcraft Maps... Its all there..!!!
I assume by strategies you also count hero combinations? Well, I've been playing DotA like a madman and I've learned/came up with quite some nice combos o_o

Vengeful Spirit + Drow Ranger, you simply can't get away from this.
Slayer + Maiden, this is simply overpowered, enough said.
Viper + Omniknight, two slowing heroes, and a healer.
Anybody goes well with Shadow Shaman, he's ghey.

Many more combos, but it'll take a long time to list them so I'll move on to my strategies in buying items:

Strength heroes: Treads first usually, then directly aim for a Heart of Tarrasque/Satanic. Especially with heroes like Lucifer because he makes a lot of money fast.

Agility heroes: Treads, Buriza/Desolater + Butterfly. These items makes any agility hero rock.

Intelligence heroes: Probably Scepter since it increases ultimate and adds awsome bonuses for those that can use it, if not, Boots first, then eye of skadi + boots of travel.
Nice hero combos u got there! btw can you guys post here what version you're playing. we play 5.84c here.
As an addition to hero combos :
Prophet+Silencer<=== Demolition Squad (Pusher)
best heros are juggernaut, bounty hunter,
sven and skeleton king - are the best combination you can even have 2 storm bolts and your gone... i know its the cheapest heros
I don't think that Warcraft is a good game as its graphics aren't good and i'd prefer Stronghold and AOM more
A games qualiity does not solely lie on its graphics. You also have to consider the gameplay.. I'm not arguing or what but this is just my opinion..
Yeah, when I was playing 2 on 2 in dota the Vengeful Spirit + Drow Ranger is a very very powerful combo. It is unstoppable!!!!! Nobody can get away. With Drow Rangers trueshot aura and Vengeful Spirits command aura they are both very powerful. With netherswap and freezing arrows and with the correct items you are very powerful.
Oh, I love Dota AllStars, and I love the Tower Defence Mods, thanks for the link of
I play it occasionally with friends when we get together for LAN nights. We've sort of moved on to everyone just playing random for the time being, because it got to the point where people were just picking the same heroes every time. This way we get to try out new heroes, and see what works and what doesn't. It makes the games a bit more exciting too.
Yeah, DotA is much fun. There are so many heroes - it will never get boring...
Too bad so many public games are ruined by leavers. Even if you add them to your banlist - they'll create a new account and will leave again.
I don't really have a favourite hero - I like almost everyone. However, I think Rooftrellen the tree protector (hiding in trees, waiting for an enemy and then double-use the ulti with a refresher), Fuzzy Wuzzy the Ursa warrior (windwalking with Lothars' Edge behind the enemy and kill them in less than 5 seconds) and Tiny the stone giant (tossing is just so cool Very Happy) are very fun.

RavenCross wrote:
ah yeah the blockage tactic.. U can also use Chen to do this.... Well this tactic can ensure victory if ur practically playing against noobs.. but if ur against pros, well, u just gave them extra exp and cash.. Very Happy

lol, I just _have_ to try this! Very Happy
Dota is an awesome game. I play it all of the time. My favorite team is the scourge as it gets my favorite hero, the venomancer. I however am starting to lean towards a different hero because i am noticing that the venomancer becomes much weaker as the game progresses. I think the best is to buy the boots right in the beginning, and if you can, get the ring. This gives a nice combo for regening hp and being able to get back to base to heal extra fast.
Haha, I just had this awesome game with Chaos Knight!
I never thought he would be any good... but he's just terribly underrated!

I usually play him like this:
- 1 Ring of Regeneration to start with
- 4 Bracers (this is just awesome for your ulti)
- Boots
- Replace Ring of Regeneration with Satanic as soon as possible
- Upgrade Boots to Boots of Travel
- Replace 1 Bracer with Monkey King Bar

a normal game should end here... of course, you should have won :p
if it's not finished yet, just get an Assault Cuirass and Divines.

You can deal sick damage with him. In the end, I got 2800 crits!

Just see a screenshot of the game:
my Frozen throne wont start after applying the patch.. what can i do?
to be frank guys, i dont like dota Well bedcause of its graphics, the camera is on the top of out character head and i cant figure it out that whose enemy and who m i and what am i doing in this game.. frankly speaking i dont love its graphics but my friend play this all time. He's A dota organizer in our universities and had a match with other university... i usually pull his legs but He dont mind and still involve in playing.. good mind Wink
If you are using a strength hero, I suggest using three bracers, and boots of speed. After that, you can create any item you want.

I usually play -AR because its boring to choose a hero then your opponent chooses your weakness.
I have tried it once on a LAN with a few friends. I didnt read about all the heros or so, trying to understand wich was best versus wich and so on. I just picked one randomly.
Still it was great fun Smile
Too bad I dont have a WC3 key myself :S
I love DotA. Very Happy I play every week a few DotAs with friends. My favourite hero is Magina, if the other has a lot of Intelligence Heroes. He can burn their mana and with his Ultimate he can easily kill them.

When you have two basher (with basher you have a 15% chance to stun on an hit for a few seconds) it's just imba, because the heroes won't move anymore and his damage output is extrem high Very Happy

I like to play Tinker too =) In early and mit game he is the best hero killer i think. No hero has there a chance in 1on1, because of rockets + laser spells Smile
i use to play dota, but i sucked badly at it, so i quit. It wasn't going anywhere for me. So now i just look at my friends play while i play on other online games.
What you do is get your beginning items and stuff and after that you should start to get some good items that would go good with your Hero.


And also, do some combining of items for your hero. Do not buy multiple items like the item that gives +5 armor for all 6 slots of your inventory.
I like dota very much . I `ve been playing for a year...and it`s very good map.Who doesn`t like it maybe haven`t tried it ;] TO ALL NEWBIES : TRY DOTA AND GO ON PRO`S ;]
my Frozen throne wont start after applying the patch.. what can i do?

re install the game...

i love playing this game in ar mode because its exciting...

this game rocks.. even if youre on lan you can enjoy this game.. thats what we always do here in our school..

heheh.. (together with the instructors.. of course!)...

Laughing Laughing
jah blez!
GUYS !!! I just saw the sickest strategy i ever saw Shocked

on the sentinels side : Dark Seer , Goblin Techies , Sand King , Crystal Maiden and Venomancer.

The DarkSeer used the first spell to atract all the enemy heroes in th goblin's traps(stun and ulti) and while stunned the SandKing , Maiden and Venomancer used their ultis.

I can't remember the scourge's side heroes cuz they died fast.... the dragon knight was one of them...

I my opinion Agility is the best . NagaSiren and Geomancer .. THEY ROCK!!!!
Patriot Players
Used to love DOTA, played that healer chick. never bought frozen throne though so I guess I never really played the version you all are talking about. Still an excellent mod, props to the creators.
Best game/mod ever!!!
does it good?/
i havent seen it before??
can i know what the MOD speciality??
probalbliy more pic... thank!!
DOTA allstars is so much fun seriosuly i played at NET JAM before with my cousins and it was sick. I was pretty much just gold for the other players at first but w/e
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