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Lost and Found Graphics card.

I found a graphics card in a old computer. The only indication on it is it says 3dFX. It was taken out of a AMD Althlon computer that had been distoried on accedent.

My friend Is buying a new computer. It is a Pentium 3. it dose have a AGP slot, but only has a 4mb video card built into it.

I told him about this card and I want to know more about it. Is their anyway to find out.

here is all that is listed on the card

(c) 2000 3dfx interactive. INC
ICT- t14
Bios- AGP1.15
F.T.- 221
Product of Mexico
Could it be a 3Dfx Voodoo3 2000?? Based on the Google search "(c) 2000 3dfx interactive. INC".
Yes it does appear to be a voodoo3 Graphics card.
This would certainly be better in your friends PC than his on-board one. You will need to go to web to download some drivers for it. I would recomend doing this before you install the card into your friends PC.

Don't forget you may have to go into the BIOS to disable the onboard graphics controller for the new card to work.

I hope all goes OK for you.
Yup ... it could be voodoo 3 2000 (or even 3000) Smile It's verry nice card (i used it with my old celeron 500 Very Happy )
Just download drivers for it.
You can find all drivers on .
There are even 3rd party drivers (made by entusiasts) whitch You can use when You want to run voodoo 3 on win XP Smile
PS. With PIII Your friend will be able to play lot of older games on this card (like Quake 3) and have about 40-60FPS Smile
PS. He may overclock it to about ... 175MHZ Core/Memory Smile (from 143MHz if i remember:D )
I have anohter one a voodoo 3 in my first gaming computer. I bought around 1998 it was top of the line.

Of course it is nothing now.

Amd K6-2 475mhz
128mbs Ram
Voodoo 3 Graphic card

This one is weird though. It my have been done a different way because it doesn't look like my other voodoo 3.

What APG is it?
It might be AGP 1.x, the first AGP series was a different socket then the AGP we know today...

OOO, a Voodoo... Haven't seen anyone mention these for a while...
y hold ontpo the voodoo? there a bit limited
u can get a nvidia geforce 5600 agp for 15 AUD or abt 9 bux USD
^^ the 5600 is a little more than 9 usd... my 5500 in my old machine was about 60...

anyway, the voodoo is a nice card, if your friends computer is only PIII then this is probably all he will need, anything more would sort of be overkill considering any games that need a lot of gfx card need a lot of processor...alot more than your friend will probably have... if you absolutly want to get him a different card though, look at the mx4000 if he has atleast a 4x agp...but honestly he will probabyl do fine with the voodoo if thats what it is.
have you tried booting a computer with the card installed? usually the video bios is the first thing that flashes on the screen when the computer boots. also, try sticking it in an xp machine and see if windows can automatically detect what it is. i've been quite impressed with how well xp handles whatever hardware i throw at it.
I don't know what agp it is I could distroy the motherboard...

AGP is a video card interface... The slot is similar to PCI, only it is usually brown...
Duh but with a card this old it could be anything.

AGP 1x 2x 4x most likly not 8x.

(reread my post.)
I reread your post. You said you did not know what AGP was, so I told you what AGP was.

Now as for not knowing what it is, we know it is AGP 1.x because the AGP on the card says 1.15. Therefore, your friends motherboard must have an AGP 1 connector to use it. The video card will not be compatible with agp 2x/4x or 4x/8x, and it will be very obvious if it will fit right.
No, it has the double notch as if it was universal.

I don't know what agp it is

I (me) Don't what Ago it(the card) is...

Geez. I used pronouns but I guess that is too complicated for you.
You (Xeniczone) know what type of AGP it (the card) is:

Bios- AGP1.15

From your (Xeniczone's) first post.

I (psycosquirrel) am assumming you (Xeniczone) meant AGP, not AGO Laughing

I'm not stupid, you are just not making your posts clear.
well I will make them more clear then.

That AGP number was taken from a sticker on the card. Meaning, I looked at the card and saw a sticker. I read the sticker and it said AGP 1.15.

This can't be the AGP for the fact their is not AGP 1.15. Meaning, Their isn't a Decimal AGP. Meaning, The only AGPs their are, are 1x 2x 4x 8x.

So this doesn't answer my question. Meaning, I'm still confused about what AGP this card is.

Thanks for trying, Meaning I'm thankful for your help, even though my question isn't answered.

Very Happy Laughing Very Happy

Can you get a picture of the card-- I could identify it that way.

There are different subversions of all interfaces. It is probably AGP 1x, but a pic will be the only way to make sure...

I say try to plug the card in. If the card fits properly in the slot, it will most likely work. It is VERY hard to kill a motherboard using a PCI slot or AGP slot, motherboards have protection from PCI and AGP failure that will not allow it to boot if the card is bad.

So basically, I am saying JUST TRY IT! The worst that could happen is that the card will not fit and you will be unable to use the card. It will not kill your motherboard.
I dont think it should destroy the mobo. Why don't you plug it in, check if the OS detects it (and gives you a version string) so you can download some drivers for it.

*Wonder if it'll work out-of-the-box on Windows XP.
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