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Does anyone here at all collect coins? Be it pennies you see on the street every day, ancient coins that most of us don't even know exist and are worth a fortune, or anything in between? Just wondering since my grandfather collected a bunch of coins and we still have all the ones that we didn't spend. Some of them aren't so easy to come by, such as a a 1937 Canadian penny. Others are even less common, such as an American five dollar gold coin. (I don't recall the exact date). One coin is even dated 1819, but it's so worn we can't get any of the other details off of it, lol.

Anyone else collect coins? If so, what coins do you have?
My favourite coin is the steel penny. They were minted during WWII, when there was a shortage of copper. I have three of 'em.
I think everyone collects coins at some point, but not in a real, hardcore sense. Like, a lot of people I know just like to keep foreign coins in a jar, or those new state quarters.
I used to do some collecting of coins and notes as a kid but eventually lost interest in it. My stash is probably still around somewhere though, I should track it down in case it's worth anything. :p
Jayfarer wrote:
I think everyone collects coins at some point, but not in a real, hardcore sense. Like, a lot of people I know just like to keep foreign coins in a jar, or those new state quarters.

The quarters! It's rather sad, but I have about $60 in state quarters.
S3nd K3ys
I collect lots of coins. I've got several hundred dollars (each) in bi-centenial quarters, SBA dollars, and State quarters. I also have many MANY silver coins, old paper money, a handfull (about 7) of So. African Gold Krugerands (bought from a kid wanting to buy a paint ball gun. Gave him the going price for gold, (right when it bottomed out, too Very Happy ) I think about ~$200.00/oz... Laughing Laughing Laughing

I also collect stamps, old software (I have Windows 1.0 Shocked ), guns and knives. (I have several Buck knives signed by father and son Buck the year they moved out of Ca.)
I have a big penny collection. as well as all the new nickels and quarters.
I had also big penny collection.. its fun Smile
S3nd K3ys
State Quarters: I found out last night on Discovery there are ~40,000,000 people collecting them.

So I suppose if you plan on actually doing something with your 'collection' of state quarters, you better plan on getting the complete proofs. (Or build your own, it will be cheaper to get the individual proofs each year and assemble your own set than to buy a set once they're all out.)
Ive started to collect coins and such, i have about 95 coins+5 notes, most are just common ones. i have some that i think are worth something, Does anyone know how much a round 50cent elivabeth 2 1966 coin is worth, Is there any websites to search for the value of coins and notes ? Question Question
Coins is an interest of my dad, although he did start me keeping a collection of my own. I've got one of each current UK denomination (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p) for every year for as far back as I can get - which in most cases is from when they were first minted. I need to get hold of some 2006 coins actually...
I was a person that collected coins for the fun of it, but I never took it to be a serious hobby. It all started with the first odd coin I saw - when I was six, my mom was given change in the form of a 1990 quarter. There was nothing special about it except for the fact that it had a hole on the top.

I have a collection of 1976 drummer boy(?) quarters, a few foreign coins, and many coins which are missing their mint letter (probably not rare, but they caught my eye anyway). Other than that...I don't have much. I tried to collect the state quarters one by one, but I got frustrated at the task.
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