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Love Finding Tips !!!!!

alright never thought i would share this with someone ,

but what the heck , u have to pass it on to others laugh.gif

so i will be adding Tips here , as i remember them , its been 8 long years since i last used them . rolleyes.gif


1: Be visible = being visible means, u have to let the other person know that u are a living being and around him/her all the time .

exampl = i used to follow my girls everytime , but not harras her , when she used to go to school i used to be there standing near the building , i was in the bus which she took , where ever she looked she could find me , this helps ,when ur somewhat Ugly hysterical.gif cuz the more the person looks at you , his/her minds gets used to your face , and it suddenly looks familiar , and his/her mind will not see u as a threat .

2: know her timings (this is very very important )

cuz u will have to adjust according to her timings , find the best way not to miss ur own school for the TIp number 1

3: Donot approach Directly - this is also important ,if u want him/her to see u differently and Take you for a Road Side Romeo , then never go straight talk . wait for a introduction .

4: First glance , this is one tip u can try on anyone anywhere , when u intrested in somebody , just make a Eye contact for 2 or 3 secs , and then look away , this will make her aware that ur watching him/her
and now he/she will be on a lookout to see if ur watching him/her . so this time they will look at you all the time , and u can ignore him/her completly ,

5: if ur having trouble with the Tip 3 , and cant get a intro , then look for his/her closes freind ,and try to make freinds with her , but never tell her that u intrested in her freind , or he/she will kick you out ,something to do with thier Ego , only when u have won thier Trust ,then u can tell them to introduce yourself to her freinds ,

6: now suppose u got intro with ur love , but dont know how to get out of the freind Zone , hmm
getting out of the freind Zone is very important , but being a freind is important too , try to find out about thier likes and dislikes , this will give u some idea how to approach , try to maitain body contact , i mean dont kiss or something , just like touching the hands and stuff , try to find a common ground , do not argue no matter what , just agree with them . this is only a warm up wink.gif

7: make her aware that ur looking for love , i mean tell her how lonely u were before u met him/her .and her freindship really matters to you ,

8: try to meet her as many times as u can , he/she should get used to seeing your face every day . just like getting up daily and brushing ur teeth ,

9: it is also important that he/she doesnt see you intrested in anyone else , like if ur in a group , u should always take her side ,

10: now is the time to get yours Eyes in to play , many people know that eyes can say many things ,
and this is the right time to use them , always look at her in a romantic way , like if u were talking , get lost in her eyes , think about what makes her so important to you , if u did all the above steps correctly ,she should get the message .

11: [important] Never introduce ur love to any of your freinds , what the heck dont even tell anyone that ur intrested in him/her , or someone else might spoil ur Curry huh.gif

12: This is the final Part , this works most of the time , i have seen people who have problems proposing ,so this should help them too , what u have to do is very simple ,

Just Get out of Him/Her Sight !!! smile.gif

Yes you Read that Right , just get out of her sight , if possible be invisble , dont meet him/her, dont talk to him/her , not even on the phone , But ....always meet people who meet Him /Her . sothey can tell her that they met you , this will get him/her thinking why u not meeting him/her
when u meet thier freinds , always be depressed , like someone closed to you died or something , this should get your love a little worried now , since he/she is used to seeing ur face everyday , they will start to kind of miss you , and this is the Seed of Love

After a few Days you accidently meet him/her somewhere , and try to ignore him/her and walk away , or pretend u dint see him/her . next time u do this he/she will try to confront you , and ask you for a Reason ur ignoring him/her

tell him/her that u have been thinking a lot these days , and u think that ur in love with him/her , and that u just cannot keep pretending to be Just freinds anymore wink.gif

Hope this Love Getting tutorial helps You !.

but the Rules to use this Tutorial is to only find ur love ,

i shared this with u so this helps u to find love , please dont use this to score on girls , and destroy thier lives ,
oh dear. Um, have you told your wife/ girlfriend about these theories? Not to say they aren't good ideas, but as a girl, I would probably run away after the following around thing. Embarassed It's kind of scary. Confused Erm... yeah, not to insult your tips, but I can pretty much take all the convos with tears in bathroom and all the '*sigh* he's so dreamy convos' over girl's night out frech fries that going with your intuition is best. And all these mind games are slightly, well, confusing. *sigh* men. But yes, I agree, some of them are good. One way to peak intrest is to avoid them, but again, be wary, it confuses people.
sounds like the recipe for a top-quality stalker.

or just what was going on in junior high.

Try this:

If you like a girl, ask her out. Invite her over to watch a movie. Just hang out. Don't be creepy.
its not that just you only like the girl.. even the girl must have likings for you, otherwise there no question arises of inviting her to a movie.
Ehh this is getting a little scary Confused

It is just the way it went with me Very Happy
This is a wonderful receipe how to make a girl have pretty enough of you. [I know this quite well as I'm a girl and I hate guys who hang around me all of the time for no certain reason Razz]

You cannot hunt true love, you can only find it.
I've done that in the past. and trust me it's not a good idea. Those girls have never talked to me again. In contrast, being myself and flatly asking a girl out works oh so much better; sure you may get rejected...but the other method may get you pepper-sprayed/arrested/or simply ignored Wink
Tip 0: lern sum good grammer skills befor yuo talk to the cute grils.

Rolling Eyes

You won't get too far with these tips anyways. In Mother Russia, love finds you Wink
Subsonic Sound
Tac-Tics wrote:
Tip 0: lern sum good grammer skills befor yuo talk to the cute grils.

Rolling Eyes

You won't get too far with these tips anyways. In Mother Russia, love finds you Wink

if u talk to the cute grils, u jst get burned.


I'm actually ashamed of myself for that pun.

Anyhow... by and large I don't think you can really write a guide to finding love. A guide to one-night stands, sure, but love is something that just happens. Talk to girls just like you would guys. Make friends, be happy. It's not just in Mother Russia that love will find you. Smile
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