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tennis :nadal the best player now

how do U think about the last : nadal/federer (french open)
maybe nadal will be the next 1st in ATP
the era federer will be ended
well u never know, i am just waiting for the wimbeldon!

i would like to see who gets better of the other on the grass!
coz all the other matches have been on clay and hard court

even, the matches between them being in favour of nadal 6-1, federrer keeps saying that nadals still beatable, i think hes referrin to grass court matches.........
i don't think so.. federer is better on hard and grass, while nadal is better in clay... the 1 and 2 will remain the same for a long time.. (there are much more tournaments in hard than in clay, which is an advantage to federer.. we still have wimbledon and the us, which are more likely for federer..) nadal is a great player, but he's not at the level of federer on hard, he may win some matches.. but roger is better.
Nadal's still a long way from beating Federer in every aspect. His specialty is clay, and it's probably Federer's worst, so it's kinda expected Nadal will win.

Federer's the best out there, and I expect he will be for quite some time...
Both are great player. Nadal score over Federer but he has not proved to other players while Federer had defeated all the players except Nadal. that is the difficult part. So, to make the story short Federer is still the hard-court king while Nadal is definitely the clay-court king. I'm rather a Nadal fan though.
Well I defenetly don't think that Nadal is better than Federer... It's true that he won him 4 times this year.. but in was 3 or 2 times on clay and one time on hardcorde...
But I think that at the game on the hardcorde Nadal just surprised Federer that didn't exepct from him to play like this on harscorde.

for colclusion - I think that Federer is still the best player in the world.
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