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What is your favorite shop/store?

So, Out of ALL of the many shops and stores in the world, which one is your favorite and what does it sell? How often do you go there, and why? Do you just hang out there or always buying something there?

My favorite store happens to be Sears. It sells basically everything. I go there about three times a year, and sometimes I just look around, but usually I always buy something in the end.

So what's yours?
Costco, cheap prices, good food. Love it.
Mine would be "MicroCenter" ( and they have a couple in my local area, the one in Chicago near my work is where I go about once a week. They sell computers and computer parts, normally where I get my computer parts. I generally buy used computers at thrift stores or get them from the garbage for free, and generally buy parts from there. Smile

- Mike.
I dunno. I don't shop that much.

If I had to choose one, it would probably be Zellers.

They've got basically everything except groceries.
I love 7-11s. Hahaha. It gives me plenty of convenience! Cheers! Wink
Man, I was gonna say this outdoors store I go to and then it hit me. Anderson's General Store. I don't know how they do it, but I'll go to 2 or 3 hardware stores looking for, say, a left handed wall extender and no luck. I go to Anderson's and Bingo, I got it. And about 5 other things I really needed.
Great wine shop, decent nursey, tools, housewares, etc.

Just so it doens't sound like an ad for them, I'm not crazy about their grocery selection and it CAN be hard to find help. But I always eventually find what I want there Wink
Well, This corner store "Tabagie St-Michel" I know the owner, Thats why. But other than that, I guess it would have to be "Future Shop" I really like their style. Also the Apple Stores also because they really stand out from other stores and have great concepts of what a store should be.
My favorite store would be any Comics Shop (includes all titles from Marvel, DC and Image). For PCs, I would always go for any cheap PC retail shop. For foodstuff, i'd always like Yellow Cab Pizza and Pizza Hut. Very Happy
It gonna be books store and 24 hours 7-11 Wink I like going to PC and comics shop too.
i like 24 hour mini markets too like 7-11. Other than that, most of the time when i go to malls the first place i would visit is the IT corners/centers. I'm just a sucker for technology. Laughing
there is a CD music store name "Jaguar" very near my school, that's my favorite store. I remember the store sell really cheap second-hand CD album, most of them are valuable. The owner are a brother and a sister, they are nice and humorous
my favourite store is giant hypermart and carrefour hypermart. they rule my city and dump away all the small traditional store to the trash. taka away our money to other country Crying or Very sad
so pathetic Razz
My own shop....
thats right...
and soon i want to selll every thing that market offers...
currently working on script for shoping site...
comming soon
My favorite is united colors of benneton Smile I don't know is it know in world,but i love it,anybody heard about it? Very Happy
I don't even go out from my house.. Well most visits for to buy something is to go across the street to the market to buy a coke. The guy has made millions off of me!!
Stores, you mean like buying stuff because you are not allowed to loiter. Well that raises the age old debate of whether to buy domestic or imported. The funny thing is is that a lot of American companies have moved overseas while a lot of illegal aliens have emigrated to the States and find ways to work for next to nothing. So really either way you are getting a good deal because the price is literally at the lowest possible cost. But anyway I'm a little too old to be hanging out at stores and I usually have something better to do then spend time browsing. My favorite stores are mom and pop stores as long as they have competitive prices but for the most part they usually charge more because they need to compete with the big box stores, however prices are so elastic that they could lower prices and be just as successful. My favorite store is a locally owned percussion store. The guy who owns it has fair prices, probably because there are no other music stores in town, except the one on the same road as it but that one does more than just percussion and is open at weird hours so that one doesn't count. Anyway the guy is really nice, knowledge, and even recognizes my face.
Ah yes...Target. Especially Super Target...they have everything. And by everything, I mean I buy pretty much all my clothes there too. Ours has a Starbucks, so I'm pretty much set for anything when I walk in. Mmmmm...
department stores..the best so far would nordstrom...jcrew isnt bad at all...sometimes i go for chanel or juicy couture
We r the SYC
Computerfuture Very Happy Very Happy lots of OLD cheap PC stuff its my home away from work!!
My favorite stores


Video Games : walmart
Cloths: Jc Pennyes
Shoes: Vans

Mabe more coming soon im tired and is having a hard time thinking right know.
Definitely Barnes&Noble. I love books, plus no one yells at you at our local one if you sit and read in there for hours on end. There's a cafe adjacent if you need anything to eat or drink, so you're basically set.
My local paper shop. It's a nice little place and I just love it for it's mini-prices and cool pick and mix section.

Other fun shops include Turnkey in London... I get all my equipment from there.
I guess Mcdonalds and Burger king doesn't count as a store Very Happy ....

I live in the Netherlands so many of you don't know my favorite stores:
food: Deka markt (quality food, good prices)
Cloths: none (since many stores don't have clothes in my size)
Games: Bart smit / media markt

arg, I wish europe also had a walmart Crying or Very sad
Safeway stores and C town stores are the best here in Amman - Jordan

And I really prefer buying from these big stores .

cheap prices , Good quality ....

24/24 service
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