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Your favorite Mac Programs

Please post your favorite Mac OSX or OS9 Programs, along with a short description.

    Transparent Dock- Customize your doc's color etc.
    AppleWorks, which I prefer to MS Word, but again, its because it microsoft Embarassed
    C.o.cktail (apparently a swear word)- Handy app to clean up your hard drive, makes your computer faster with some kind of american voodoo
    Firefox- Best browser ever
    Azureus-best and only usable torrent client for mac. The rest are crap!
    Garage Band- I can't get enough out of it. So small yet so powerful
    Adobe Photoshop CS- What can I say?
    Firestarter FX- The BEST program to burn CD's
    Audacity- To remix your ill garageband songs
    VLC- To play all those pirated movies. Wait a second, I live in Canada!
    Skype- Not bad, not bad
    Google earth- Even though it runs better on windows, i still love it
    DVD Player- I love you Steve (Jobs). Best program
Quicksilver - the launcher application to get. Extremely versatile tool. A must.

Growl - systemwide notification pane. Can pop open a window saying you got mail, plugged in your thumb drive, iTunes song when you change it, etc. When used in conjunction with Quicksilver, you become one of the most powerful people in the world.

Safari - the best browser to use. Beats FF because it's Cocoa, not Carbon. Also runs smoother and takes less resources. But in the PC world, FF is definitely the choice.

Virtue - nice virtual desktop manager. Really helpful if you have a small screen, or need extra space.

Menu Meters - Menu Extra which displays system information, such as RAM allocation, CPU usage, network traffic, etc.

OnyX - free utility to run cron cleanup commands manually and edit hidden settings. Like Cocktail, but free.

AppZapper - utility for killing every aspect of that stupid demo you downloaded.

Chax - nice collection of improvements for iChat, such as tabbed browsing, Growl support, and more.

That's just a few I can think of right now. You hit a few I would have put, but for the sake of repetition, I didn't put those in Wink

Balthamos wrote:
OnyX - free utility to run cron cleanup commands manually and edit hidden settings. Like Cocktail, but free.

Co.cktail OSX is free!
Nope, it's fifteen bucks.

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