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Magic: The Gathering

does anyone play mtg? casual? pro? dont be shy Wink
I spent like 3000 kr (about 300 or 500$) on those cards when i was younger Very Happy...they are an imense amount of fun, however i moved away from the people i knew who played, and therefor ended up selling it all and stop playing. Have thought of buying the MTG PC game though Very Happy
magic online is as expensive as the real thing, but atleast you dont have to travel... you can still rip ppl off Laughing
I spent like 3000 kr (about 300 or 500$)

Wow, I've tryed playing but I haven't got any friends who play near me although I enjoy the occational duel; on Magic the Gathering Onine its great fun! It really is a expensive game, however the advantage is that lots of people use it. So even when you have finished playing there is still a chance that if you have looked after them, to sell your cards for equal or potentially more than their origional price. There is so many "rare" cards in the game, I would recomend checking it out; to anyone who plays, or is interested in collectors card games (CCGs). Meanwhile you might want to visit, the official Magic the Gathering site.
I've never play it
Could anyone tell.... what's that?
Magic the Gathering, I grew up on that stuff "Fireball!" lol.

Love that game, lightening strike for 3 points! Here I am ten years later and I still remember the cards like it was yesturday. Me and some friends played that all summer for three summers.

I'm to old to play it now, although if I knew some people that played I would pretty much certainly give in. It sure can take a long time to play a game though, especially if you have alot of "stream of lifes".

I wonder if any of those cards are even around anymore.

Magic Magic Magic!!!
I still play allot. I host FNM at my local game store and I am completing my exame for level 1 judge this week. I am going to have my singles online for sell and trade here soon. I play competitive type 1. my current deck is Controll slaver and Ive spent over $1,000 on this deck alone. So I gues you could say I'm into the game. Smile

For those who do not play the game I will tell you it is very fun but if you have any sort of adictive behavior issues don't even look at it. I've seen many people throw their lives away on this game. Keep in controll. other than that it is a ggod game that constantly changes and you always have someone to play close by, weither competivly or casual.

yes i grew up on this in my earlier stages of high school. I had a goblin deck then moved onto a burn deck. bolt bolt bolt fireball fireball!
my fave deck by far i had was a wall and life drain deck. basically it was all walls whilst you laid out mana for as many turns as you could wait...then when you got enough its like. Drain you for 20 Very Happy
oh f**.. lol
While over my years of managing a hobby games store, I did manage to collect a large number of Magic cards, I've never found collecting to be nearly as fun as a booster draft tournament.

The way you play is that you and all the other participants chip in $30. Each player purchases one Magic starter deck and 3 booster packs. (This will cost about twenty of the thrirty dollars. Each player then uses the cards they have to make a forty card deck and a 20 card side deck (this is a set of cards that you can use to alter your deck between rounds of the tournament.) Each person then plays against each other person in the tournament, and rankings are decided based on number of victories with ties being settled by "combat."

First place wins the remaining money (or a large cut of the remaining money) and gets first pick (or a few first picks) of the cards that were left out of people's decks.

It really is a lot of fun, and this format can be modified to be cheaper or to incorporate group play.

Give it a try if you have the chance.
I used to play long time ago , urza's legacy anyone?
well i started playing mtg my first set was 4th edition and i quit the game because i got tired of it, the last set that i remembered last playing was alliance

and a few months ago i got back to it because i heard that there is mtgo that can be played online so i indulged myself, i started in mtgo in saviors of kamigawa and i forgot which expansion i left off playing mtgo

then i quit the game again i don't know it might be that the game is so taxing and gets kind of boring

MTGO means Magic the Gathering Online of course

you can check it out by going to
I love the game. It's engaging, it's fun, it makes you think. It's a great way to blow some steam, and, unfortunately, some money. The reason why I've stopped playing is because of the speed at which they release new blocks; in a type two tournament, your deck, which you may very well have spent around 1k on if you're good (I never got close to being that good), is completely phased out in around half a year. Type two tournaments, I believe, are made of only the last 3 blocks (sets of cards) out (correct me if I'm wrong). That's a check my wallet just can't cash too easily, and something that requires much attention to combos of cards past and present if you want to get any better. So why not go to type 1? Well, type one is like professional pool; it can be won or lost on the coin flip (or equivalent). decks can take a turn, sometimes two, to win.

Also, this game is not for the average person. Don't talk about it with anyone who doesn't play, because you will look like an idiot. "so I blocked with my Symbiotic Wurm to make seven 1/1 insect creature tokens, then used Enrage and Sudden Growth and bowled over his Red Dragon."
I played it for the Xbox. That game is pretty cool. Sometimes it seems so hard to beat certien guys. I would throw my controler at the ground or TV kuz it pissed me off Rolling Eyes But I never did fully beat the game lol..
My cousin collects the cards. He's got tons of 'em. I myself have no idea how to play at all. Um... I have two cards that I found on the floor in school. I threw them in the back page of my Pokemon card binder. But, I've got no clue how this game works at all.
Dude, I am obsessed with magic the gathering!
i was so obsessed with it a year ago. i had an amazing deck.. i specialised in the swamp and water cards. Smile
its really fun, but boring if no one will play with you. its best to form friendships with your local fellow gaming nerds and attend tournaments at the comic book stores.
i was addicted to this game back in highschool. I have spent a lot just to buy, collect and set up a combo deck card. But when i get to college, i dont have any classmates to play with. Computer games are more addictive past time back then.
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