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Where can I learn 3D software?

Dear Sir
Actually I want to build my carrier in 3D Designing.Now please tell me which is the best software for 3D designing and animations and from where can i learn it with minimum fee.
thanking you.
I do not know any formal schools where one can learn how to work 3d software, but the 3D software I hear about a lot(I have no clue how to work it though) is 3D Studio Max. Finding classeses that teach it may be painstaking, so just use the multitudes of internet tutorials out there, many for free and some really good, professional ones for cheap. However, when you say you plan on doing something 3D design related for your career and don't have the money to spend, definitely look into technical schools(not the ominous ones you see on TV though) or some other kind of school that teaches it(many let you take classes online) and definitely have a nice life.
What company owns 3D studio max ?
Learning any 3D software takes a big committment in time and effort, regardless of the money involved. There is lots of competition for few jobs, etc., etc. That's the downside. The upside is that is rewarding to create your own worlds, characters, etc. No actors' unions, surly crew wanting to be fed-you want your location to be a castle, hey, build it!

There are no hard and fast rules regarding software usage. Generally, however, Maya and Softimage are used often in films, NewTeks' Lightwave has a good history with Television and 3D Studio Max is often used by game creators. (Though any software can be used pretty much for any of it.) Maxon's Cinema 4D is a good all-rounder, what I use because it's to me more intuitive to learn. Again, can be and is used professionally.

As to the free part, some of these have special editions that you can download for free. Some of these editions are time restricted, some are limited to non-commercial usage or 'crippleware' (i.e., you can model but not animate, or your models are restricted to so many polygons. That doesn't mean you can't do/learn a lot from these free packages, you can.)
I'll take a quick aside to mention Blender here. It's an open source, free forever, 3d modeling and animation app. There is a good community and lot's of online tutorials that it has. And many people use it professionally.

The drawbacks are that it won't attract the plug-ins like hair/fur generators, facial expressions helpers, secialized material generators, etc that some of th bigger packages will. And its interface is somewhat non-standard, moving to another software package won't be as easy later. Great community though.

These are some basics I learned. I've made good money doing 3d animations, though I'm primarily a Video Editor, not a 3D animator. So I do speak with experience. The basics, polgon and vertices modeling, spline lofting, extruding etc., are pretty much the same with each package, as is the importance of lighting and material editing. Many tutorials for one program will work, with a few procedural modifications, for another.

So google Maya, Lightwave, Maxon 3D, and 3D studio max or Blender. See what they got for free download. A magazine called 3D World can be found at bigger magazine stands, it has tutorials and often includes free 3d sowtware. And places like 3D Cafe and Renderosity are great online communities that show you what is going on.

In short there are lot's of resources. Besides learning the software, you need to figure out what part of the industry you will want to go to. But for now explore and learn. Good luck.
I have been learning Blender from online tutorials (google it) There is a ton of information availiable.

Check out your local community college. Mine teaches Maya. I don't want to do it for a living, so I'm not going to take it.

Blender is good enough for me. Powerful and free.
S3nd K3ys
x3 on Blender3d.

I didn't see it mentioned before, but Blender also has a built-in game engine. It also does liquids, hair/fur, particals etc.

It's powerful, (complex,) and FREE.
I don't wanna learn to be a professional, I just want to create small animations. I tried Caligari Truespace and I found a good free video tutorial in . Does anyone know if there is anything similar for Blender?
I am a gta modder, which means that I change data in the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I make thing in 3d to put it ingame. I use 3ds Max and there are a lot of tutorials about it. Try google and you will find it!

Laterzzz dudes
I'll suggest 3D Studio Max or Blender3D. For amatuers especially, there are tons of free tutorials available out there. Just google....
Ya. Your best bet is googleing tutorials for free software. I use wings3d and sketchup personally.
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