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what did u think of the movie "American History X"

i oved it!
I like this movie also, but i think that the situation with the nationalsocialistic guys like Derek is very unreal. I'm from germany, and in germany, there aren't guys like they. The popular cross (I don't know the englisch name) is illegal in germany. and i think that it's also illegal in the USA (or not????)
a brilliant film
It's a good film, The Nazi movement is forbiden in all countries I think, But this feelings still exist... Sad
and this film remind us that this violent movement is dangerous.

Some guys of my high school are supposed to be in this movement,
and some bands of music plays racist music ( for example, the black
inner circle... a black metal movement ). They haven't understand
that hating a class of people is ridiculous

We live in a civilization of dumb people Crying or Very sad
Texas Al
Actually, in America, freedom of speech/expression is protected for everyone, even Nazis and the KKK... as long as they do not use their speech to encourage people to break laws... it is also legal for opponents to Nazis and KKK to stage counter-demonstrations, and I remember in college I went to one myself. We outnumbered those guys like twenty to one.

So if someone wants to walk around with swastikas and German Crosses (sorry, that's people I know call those things over here... no offense) on their clothing or their body, nobody will stop them as long as they are obeying the law... and I think they have the right to do that too. Just like I have a right to explain to them in great detail what shitheads they're being.

Oh the movie? Yeah, it ruled, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was accurate for some neighborhoods. Where I went to school there weren't a lot of evil skinhead gangs, but there were a few, and I'm sure they're still kicking around. I say evil skinhead gangs to distinguish them from skinheads-as-music-scene which are the majority. In the US, at least, they're mostly just working class young guys who like badass loud music and don't know/care about the intricacies of politics very much.
i love it.. the ending is really sad. and ed norton is a great actor.
swastikas is a hindi word , and a religious symbol for hindus ,

i dont know where hitler picked it up , Mad someone should travel to india to see that symbol in a lot of places, lol Smile

and i saw this movie i think it had a strong message , for young people , to know that there is more to life then hating others Arrow
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