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Problems with a new windows install

Ok so i just built my new machine, went out and bought a copy of windows and i installed it and all that good stuff. The only problem is is that when i go to to update it, it does that genuine advantage crap on me and when i try to get it to validate my installation, it says that there was an unknown error and is unable to validate it.

I know that this is a legit copy of windows since i got it from the store, so i know that cant be the problem. So i dont know what to do about this and was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions on how i could correct this so i might get the latest security updates and all that good stuff.

You can do 2 things:

1. give it a break of a day and then try again after 24 hrs

2. Contact Microsoft support with the serial no. and the problem
is there a microsoft service number that wont charge me for the help? As far as i can tell it looks like they all charge you a rediculous amount for the call.
Yes when you go the the activation window. Instead of selecting Internet select phone. Active it over the phone and they will asked you a question. Answer that question and they will give you the number code to the system.

What probably happened is... You only get like 25 times to activate your windows. It may have been a OEM windows copy and had been used by someone in the past. You be better off with apple. no product code or activation required. They trust you not to steal there products. At the rate these gay PC owners are stealing Mac they probably will add it on Sad

we dont need to call... a Email would be fine... usally Microsft in every country has toll free numbers... but what ever u do... never mention ur Product key, unless microsft asks for it...
so your motherboard working now?
Ok thanks everyone problem solved. For some reason it didnt like SP1. So i happened to have a disk with SP2 installer on it so i used that and now the updates work fine.

and yes, I'm assuming your refering to the topic i made in the hardware forum, the mobo works, i just have to use a boot disk to get it to boot, otherwise i get an error.
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