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England 1:0 Paraguay

Hey I know this news is kind of "old", but what do you think about this match?
I watched the whole game and all I could say is that England disappointed me. They claimed that they had the best squad in recent years, but I didn't really see any sign of a "strong team" yesterday. Owen and Crouch could not produce any goal scoring at all (I highly doubt that if Owen had even touched the ball once). Joe Cole and Bechkam played nice, but Lampard and Gerrard could not really do anything(though Lampard had some nice shots). The only goal of the game was an own goal. If england keeps on like this, I don't think that they can win the cup at all!

p.s. I'm an england fans Very Happy
Well dude, its still too early to judge the England squad. A team that peaks too early will not win the cup too you know. Cheers! Wink
Well, it's better to say Paragury did a good job, especially their #8.
Any one watched the Mexico game yesterday?
They are fantastic!

BTW, England do have the best ever squard on their defence and middle field line, but they really sucks on their forward without ROONY.
Yeah, I agree. England were really BAD during the game. But they still have the potential to win the World Cup!! Very Happy
If you look back in the history of recent years, England has never started a World Cup well. It is very rare for us even to win the first match. It would make a change if we can beat Trinidad and Tobago to not need to win our final group game, as we nearly always have to win this last game to stay in the competition.

I do agree though, it was a poor performance compared to the way we can play and I think that we will not produce anything special until the knockout stages. This is when we will step up a gear and give the cup a real good go.

Come On England
Both teams are suck. They won't have the chance to play to the final. It is the most boring game that i'd ever seen in this world cup. Confused
I'm not dissapointed with England's play.

I don't think that neither Ericsson, as the coach, is. England played the most secure one goal more victory so far in Germany. Neither Netherland, neither Argentina played better.

Nobody can be dissapointed with the team in which 4-7 player was very dangerous for the opponent's goal.

My No.2 favorite (after Croatia, of course... Very Happy ) plays exactly like someone who is expected to win championship.
Paraguay will never be in this world cup if it has nothing to prove. Surely all the teams here have proven that they have the capabilities.. we should expect the unexpected for we cannot actually conclude everything in popularity.. teams have their own weakness and strength. Its just the English team have matched up with its weakness team. goodluck to Korea!
okay, well first of all i will let you all know that I really dislike England as a footballing nation.....

But I really do think they dont have any chance whatsoever of holding up the world cup..... Lets be honest, any team hoping that they were going to win the world cup would most certainly expect more than a flukey own goal in order to win a group-stage game against lowly paraguay!
Well.. it's their first game at the tournament.. give them time... I hope that they will play better in the next games.
Think if in Germany England reach quarter-final - it will be GREAT luck for them and GREAT success for Ericsson. But frankly, I strooooong doubt in this achievement. I am not fan of England team, but I for certain sympathize with it. But at the same time I just look at the things really - for now England play weak, openly weak.
No doubt, England did not play very well. Still I'm looking forward to their next match against T&T. I hope they can show us something by then. My only hope is that England was not playing for real in their last game. It was the first game after all and they're winning 1-0 already. But if that's all they have, I should be very disappointed.
England rules, David Beckham rock the game
England are going to have to improve if they want to win. If they come up against Brazil, Argentina, Germany or France in their current form they will surely lose. They are actually doing quite alright, but they don't look like world beaters.
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