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I am lifeguarding for the summer, full time. I was just wondering if anyone has done any lifeguarding?
I have not done any life guarding myself but would really like to get involved. I always thought that life guarding is a much respectable job. The great thing is that people look up to you because you are responsible for their safety and if you are lucky you can save a live.
lifeguards is indeed a respectable job.
I have friends who are lifeguards, but alot of them prefer being in waterparks or beaches rather than private swimming pools.

Oh its also good coz maybe you'd get a shot casting for something similar to baywatch Wink
My friend is a lifeguard. Sometimes it is cloudy or cool and nobody is at the pool. We just chill there when nobody is at the pool because he doesnt have to be up in the chair. And when there is lighting, you can leave early from work Wink

Also, he is really known in the neighborhood and all the kids say hi to him because he is always at the pool. It seems like a good job to me.
For me being a lifeguard sounds like a hard job. The reason being i don't work well under pressure. I really like to get things done early and not have to worry about them at the last minute. Being a lifegaurd means that if i mess up someone might die. If you work well under pressure than i think it would be a fun job.
Just one question,about how much do lifeguards make?
WEll I'm still a teenager, but I have done lots of certified swimming trainng and am going to do lifegaurd training this summer. Smile But yes, it seems noble, and if nothign else, gives you a chance to be admired. (I cannot tell you how much time the girls and I spent at the pool for no apparent reason) Also, the whole idea of being responsible for these peoples lives is empowering. Very Happy
Its quite fun, actually. You get to be near a pool on a very good summer day. Although sometimes you get so hot that you want to explode, it is nonetheless entertaining. You get to feel good about yourself when you actualy save a human beings life, but at other times people just think you are a kind of mascot or whatever. I hate that part, but the rest is cool.
dude you better watch out... your points are way too low. sorry to go off topic
When I took my first life guard training course the instructor had an experience when she was first guarding at the age of 16 where 2 tired swimmers were trying to cling to each other (a double drowning possibility). So anyway, she was pretty tough because she wanted us to be ready if we had to face what she did.
I later recertified and it was much easier, but I'll always remember my first training.
I'm a lifeguard myself, Belgian coast. It's only 2-3 weeks during the summer (depending what city you apply in), but it's fun...

Ok, you have to be AT the beach round 10 AM every day, which is pretty hard during a vacation :p And of course, it's an 8 hour shift without a real break. But you're at the beach everyday, the pay is good and you get to meet a lot of people. Plus, apparently girls like a tall guy in a lifeguard's uniform... Weird, isn't it Razz

Big responsibility though, but if you're lucky, you never have to save someone's life. Yeah, that's lucky, cause if you have to save someone's life, that means you haven't been paying enough attention and weren't able to keep everyone in a safe position to begin with. (though of course, sometimes people will completely disregard your directives, in which case it's their own damn fault).
im a lifeguard at my ymca its not bad 3-2:30 hours a day the only thing that sucks is how hot it gets inside i have had to save a girl i didnt have to get in tho i just had to throw her my tube she was about 2 ft. away from the wall she was in the active drowning stage still scared the crap out of me just glad she was by the chair. we almost had a fire today lol a light blew and started to catch the roof on fire till i flipped the breaker had to clear the pool and our advisers on spring break.
I've been a lifeguard for the last four years, and I think it's fantastic. You get to be outside on a summer day, you get to interact with people, and you get to go for a nice dip on your breaks!

Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping people.

As far as the fear of messing up, that's something that every new lifeguard goes through, but you get used to the stress of the job, as you get used to any other stress.

It does sometimes suck, however, when you're losing hours due to a streak of poor weather. But it's a fun job, you make more than minimum wage, and you get a nice tan (don't forget to use sunscreen)
I do lifeguarding! It's awesome and you earn a lot of money...
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