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Calif. Inmate Gives Birth on the Toilet

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A recently incarcerated inmate who claims she was unaware she was pregnant gave birth in her cell to a baby boy, authorities said Friday.

Leticia Cisneros, 35, was sitting on the toilet Wednesday, suffering from what she thought were cramps, when she gave birth, said a Sheriff's Department statement. Another inmate came to her aid and took the baby.

Soon afterward, a deputy came and wrapped the boy in towels until a prison nurse arrived and cared for him.

If it were not for the quick action of the deputy, nurse and other inmate in providing aid for the child, he "would likely not have survived," the statement said.

Cisneros was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on June 1 on elder abuse and other charges. A pre-booking medical screening questionnaire did not mention she was pregnant.

Subsequent inmate interviews revealed that while Cisneros thought she had recently gained weight, she did not know she was pregnant.

Now this question comes to mind... how in the world can you not tell that you are pregnant? Someone please answer that question for me. I know that I am male and all and probably asking a stupid question but isn't there signs that your body gives that you are pregnant? Don't you stop having a period or something? Yes I know that you gain weight and well dosn't your stomach get hard? I'm confused here.
Theoriotically speaking, Seeing your belly inflate isnt always a sign of pregnacy and yes these situations can occur.

For one fact, She is a person that probably never been in a hospital for sometime now. Which is one obvious fact because otherwise she would have known.

another theory is she probably was lying or something or got raped while drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Other than that, She should have felt the baby kick, But guess she was too dumb to realize it was a kid. Oubviously she thought it was a cramp.
Well lets think...
* Morning Sickness
* The inflation of the belly while pregnant is different to simply being overweight
* You rarely get overweight in prison.
* Baby Kicks

For that woman to not realise she was pregnant is crazy. And boy will that little kid have stories to tell when he grows up.

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