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html login system

I would like to know if there is any login system in html?
If there was one then it would be really insecure (That is the person could just look at the source.) and involve a lot of manual updating (Every person that joined would have to be added to the source.).

So it would be better to do something in PHP or one of many CGI languages. If your interested just reply saying so.
html does not process any data so no. It is impossible to create a html login system. html is used to create the form and the pages where preferably php or javascript will do the actual logging in Laughing
well, the answers given are technically correct but don't help you much. What you can do is try one of the other methods:

Using various PHP scripts:

Using Apache configuration files:

And finally, using a very simple auto-coder that generates the necessary javascript:

The last is probably the easiest to use, and you can just cut and paste the code into your page, but it is somewhat less secure.
Login system?
Well, alogin system is composed by three steps at less:
1) an script in html in the html page that shows a little form with text fields for write your login and password. When you press "submit", the info is sended to the web server.

2)The web server receives the info, it searches in its users storage (commonly a database).

3) if the server finfs a match, you are logged in. Else, you're out.

So, the html only works in browsers like Explorer or Mozilla, not in web servers. Using html I can΄t make database access or decisional sentences.
I think you may lern php, jsp, asp or any other serveer side languaje.
I'm not sure if it can be done in html but there are alot of scripts for logging in made out of php and cgi.
Thanks for repeating whats already been said Rolling Eyes

Well you have enough to carry on with so ..
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