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Another Song: Message from a Dying Man

Sitting alone
Empty room
Felt as if theres no home
As if he's close to doom.

Fresh bottle of asprin
Barely opened
Few pills evident
Cyanide laced milk beside him.

He calls out
It falls on deaf ears
He wails and waves
It's directed to blind eyes
He knows the truth
Scarred by lies

All he wanted was
to be heard
All he liked was
to be seen
He exists to

Writings on the wall
In bloodstained chalk
His final words, his final voice
The only person that didnt avoid

His pale skin palening
His dark clothes soaked with sweat
His breath shallowing with each breath
His pupils dialating.

He reaches out around him
It touches the stolid
He tries to breath
He smells something vile
He longs for some solace
He cant find it anyplace

All he loved was
to be held
All he ever desired
was sweet friendship
He exists to

He lies on the floor
Bleeding as well
Soon he will be sent
Into a newer hell

Surely nothing can be worse
Than the life he had
When found he had his verse
This was what it was written.

'I searched for love
It bore hate
I looked for destiny
I got fate
I had hope
It wouldnt suffice'

'Does it take much to say hello
Does my appearance handicap me
If it does we are all handicapped
So why deprive us of courtesy'

'All I wanted was to exist
All I needed was to be held
All I looked for was to be heard
With the way it seems, it must be absurd"

'For now die
Before I wake
I say goodbye
I hope...for your sake'
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