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Lineage II

What do you think about this game?
Lineage II rocks, but it's not for free, because there's a official retail server, so you must pay monthly fee to play.

But there are many free private servers, the best is L2 Paradise.

Here's a guide for people who want to play this fabulous MMORPG and don't know how.


1. Download Lineage 2 (Chronicle 4) Client from official NCSoft server:

If the download won't start, you must wait or try again later.

2. Go to and register your account. Then go to Downloads there and download official updater.

You need to have an MSN mail account to get your registration work properly. If it's not working, try refreshing.

Lineage? A fabulous game, but it's really time eating monster. You need to play at most - 6 hours a day, possibly 12 to be an active player and get high levels.

The playing time may vary, because the private servers have "rates" which are equivalent to an amount of exp/adena/sp etc on server. Using a statement "5x" means there's 5 times more than in retail.

I'm advincing you to play on 2x to 7x servers. On higher rates you'll be a noob forever - everyone are hero weapons s grade there and on 7x if you are 60lv - you are good player and everyone will look forward to talk to you. And it's more enjoyable because on ex. 35x you get 73lv character with lots of money in one, maybe two weeks of hard playing.
yea...its a cool game if you got a good grafic card you will see the armors very nice...there exist various types of priveta servers pvp nomral ones and my favorites uber pvp( this one you can chose the calls you preffer and then they can learn every move and skill fo all clasess its very nice)
i hope you enjoy the game
It's a verry nice game, i have played, stopped, because of my spare time didn't fit to it, then did i play later on, and its a verry cool game, i like it more than WOW ... i played wow once, and i dont wana play it again.

i would rater play a game like this, because its.. better in every way, special the town effects are cool and other places in the nature, i did play it a second time, and i did reach a high level, and ended up joining the chalenges also got a féw freinds by that .
Does Lineage2 cost money? The screenshots at the official site are very nice, btw.
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