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Vampire the Masquerade; Tabletop Games

Hello ^_^. My name is Jonathan R, and since no one posted anything about tabletop games for a long time I feel that I have to write about it. I am currently planning to host a game of Vampire the Masquerade, not the Requiem which is the updated version. I'm in thje (626) Area, which is Southern California in between LA and San Bernardino. (For those that want to join it)

I feel that table top games have been given a label to be geeky and nerdy, and a lot of negative publicity has been shown about it and its related LARP (Live Action Role Play). I personally like it a lot, and I havnt bought pocket protectors yet ;). Hehe but seriously Table Top games has a lot to offer when it comes to creativity and entertainment. Though the entertainment raiting is based off its players. But it excercises (spelling ? x.x its early) creative thought, and problem solving and it should be publicized more postively...but of course thats my opinion. :) Any thoughts?
whats a table game? ( Hey never heard of them )
Are they in other words board game?
Hehe A tabletop game is a game where it is ran by a moderator of some sort, Dungeons and Dragons call it a DM or a GM, White Wolf (Vampire the Masquerade), they call them Story Tellers. The moderator is the one that helps the players create Characters.

Think of yourself being in a Video Game, or Book or Movie, and you start to wonder what would have happened if you were the main character and did somethign different. Its like that. The Moderator is the one that sets the environment, and actions of the people within it, usually nonplayer characters. The Players (thats you) have a character that is made up, according to the rules of the book of the game or the Moderator or both, and the progress of your character is recorded on your Character Sheet which is supplied to you by the book or Moderator. Chance like in battles or skill or fate is determined by the roll of the dice.

However how the story goes is dependent on how your character reacts to its environment. So imagine an RPG except there are no limits (only the limits that the Moderator set)

Hehe you can ask me anytime about it ^^
oh nice
I love it, I got hooked onto it when I was 15, I'm 20 now and still strong, I've always played the Moderator role :/ too often. I wish that I can actually play in one...but unfortunately none of my friends show interest. I'm really big into Dungeons and Dragons, and Vampire the Masquerade. Are there any other questions you want to ask ^_^ I"m alwys open to questions, and hopefully get more people educated about it..a lot of bad news has surrounded it..about how it leads to the Devil cause of the magic aspect...but ironically enough Dungeons and Dragons comes from Lord of the Rings. The ones that created D&D were big Tolkien Fans, and used that model to shape D&D. Its Ironic because you dont hear the church putting down Lord of the Rings Smile
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