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Faster than bullets, yes. But Superman, gay? No way

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - After weeks of Internet buzzing that the new Superman movie portrays the Man of Steel as gay, the director of the film issued a strong denial on Friday and said it was the most heterosexual character he has filmed.

Superman "is probably the most heterosexual character in any movie I've ever made," said Bryan Singer, director of "Superman Returns," a new movie about the crime-fighting superhero that opens June 28. "I don't think he's ever been gay."

In recent months, the movie's ability to lure its target audience has been questioned by Internet buzz probing the superhero's sexuality.

Young men are the movie's target audience and the film needs to attract millions of them to earn a profit and relaunch the "Superman" film franchise.

A major gay magazine, The Advocate, ran a cover story with the headline: "How Gay is Superman," and the Los Angeles Times weighed in with its own story on whether being gay might hinder or help the movie's box office receipts.

After all, gay romance "Brokeback Mountain" won awards and raked in $178 million (97 million pounds) worldwide.

So he wears a leotard and flies around in a red cape. Big deal, Singer said, noting Spider-Man wears tights. The X-Men do too, and they aren't gay. Singer ought to know, he directed 2000's "X-Men" movie and 2003's "X2: X-Men United."

Singer said his version of the Man of Steel, who is played by Brandon Routh, is a "very romantic icon" -- handsome, virtuous and vulnerable.

In the movie, Superman comes back to Earth after a five- year absence. Early on, audiences learn the love of his life, hard-charging reporter Lois Lane, has moved on from her infatuation with him. She has a new boyfriend and a child.

Yet when he re-enters her life, Lois still has that sexy gleam in her eye, and he can't wait to fly her to the moon.

"We were all scratching our heads," said Paul Levitz, president and publisher of Superman owner DC Comics. "He's not a gay character."

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I guess thats what happens when your gone for 5 years, You change.
alkady, you being a senior frihoster, I did not expect you to break frihost rules by posting this without quotes
^Sorry isn't my day today I'm half asleep, I only slept for 4 hours because I had some things to do. Won't happen again.
alkady wrote:
^Sorry isn't my day today I'm half asleep, I only slept for 4 hours because I had some things to do. Won't happen again.

Sure thing, I understand

I too expected something like that

Everybody has a bad hair day someday dude

anyway, if you can plz put the source link within a phrase or something

it is too long and is distorting the page view
Ya know, as soo as I saw him (in this new movie), I thought he looked gay. It's because he looks like he's wearing makeup out the wazoo.

The "most heterosexual" character he's ever had in a movie??? Laughing I guess that means all the Xmen and Spiderman were 'more homosexual' than superman?
^Pratically all superheroes where tight, I guess it goes with a the being a hero thing. I know for a fact that even Amature Heroes wear tights. You should have seen halloween at my school.
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