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Looking for Gold, Opals, Treasure, Mining

For those of you out there intrested in finding a hobbie that is both rewarding and fun. Treasure hunting and or Mining is the best.
It Makes you look at history, and gets you out of the house. I have been a part time miner for many years. I belong to the GPAA (Gold Prospectors Asc. of America for the past 15 yrs.
I have mined in Colorado, Arizona, Calf., Nevada, Idaho, Arkansas Oragon and Alaska. I found everything from Gold to Diamonds. Next month we are heading to the hills of upper Nevada, a place called the Virgin Valley, To hunt for Opals.
For those of you that like camping, history and just the possiblity of finding something that will bring you a little money. This is the hobby to look into. I hope to be able to post some really nice pictures for you, and maybe a vid or two on my web site.

Any Questions? Just drop me a line.

H A Wellborn USMC ret.
Do you actualy make a profit that way? I'd think that what you find wouldn't even make up for the expense of getting there, unless you were extremely good at finding such things, or spent a long time there.
Yes you can and do, not always. Sometimes what you get out of such trips is just the enjoyment of being out in the open, away from the city. Camping, and with family or good friends. But, yes you can find and I do find enough to make a profit. MY last trip was a 9 day mining trip to Northern Arizona. We spent the time metal detecting and dry sluicing, We came home with 150 pounds of black sand that you have to wash to find the fine and small nuggets. We had already found 4 oz of nuggets with the metal detectors. Out of the black sand we got another 6 oz of fine, small nuggets and dust. so You can do the math, gold at that time was about 450. and oz..
Now as for other things, as in gems and stuff, it is there for the taking as is gold. I am not sayng it is not hard work, it is!!!!!! But it is also very fun, and if you like camping, and cooking out doors. Sitting by a fire late at night and looking at the stars. Well this is it.

My dad is a jeweller by hobby and loves fosicking. Hence when I was a kid, we were dragged out to the opal fields instead of the beach on our holidays. You'll forgive me for taking a pass on this one. Wink
I can understand your feelings, being draged into something that might have been fun a few times, but then turned out to be work to you would tend to ruin this experiance for you.

I hope that it did not turn you totaly away from the outdoors Smile

H A Wellborn USMC ret
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