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Give Up Time?

Mr Smith

I am getting sick and tired of people attempting to make a new website with a free webhosting service (thinking WOW, THIS IS AMAZING! AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC AS GOOGLE! HERE I COME!)...

Many people are jumping the gun at the moment, starting up new companies, businesses, websites, stores etc, thinking they will make their millions - when another place, that is 100 times MORE POPULAR than the one the person has created - exists.

Here is an example...

1. Ebay
2. TradeMe

Now,, is an amateur trading website in New Zealand that has hopes to make it big, when the sellers would have a better chance going to TradeMe (New Zealands most popular website - proven to be reliable for over 85% of NZ's daily internet traffic)...

So what is the point? There are countless numbers of people that do this, and personally I think it needs to stop...

Even web hosting services, LITERALLY!

What are your thoughts?
I agree, and it's not just for web hosting. For example Phoenix, Arizona, according to a college friend, this place is expanding at a very rapid pace, which brings real state. If a lot of people know this, they're all going to try and do the same thing. I guess it's a pattern of life. People see success somewhere, and they try to do the same and end up finding out it's not going to work out. Look at emo, all the 15 year old emo bands are going no where, by the time they're ready to get famous, emo is going to die out.
I could ask similar questions? Why get up in the morning? Why have any enthusiam or drive to do anything? Why not go for it and try to start a business? The people who own those businesses know in their hearts that they will possibly never be as big as ebay or walmart, but do they let that stand in their way from doing something? I'm thinking about selling t-shirts off the internet when I graduate from college, just because walmart sells millions more of t-shirts on a daily basis that doesn't stop me...

these businesses know they'll never be that big, but are they going to go around saying, "we know ebay is better, but hey we're giving it a shot" NO, they are going to promote their site the best they can... It's called marketing
Mr Smith wrote:
What are your thoughts?

New businesses have the same right to compete as established one's.
If they provide something better or cheaper than the old, then they have a chance to be successful, don't they? Even if they are similiar in service, the competition is good for consumers who have options and the bigger companies will be unable to fix prices etc.
If an upstart fails, it's their problem.

Can't really see your problem with them. Live and let live.
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