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Which one do use: Open Office or Microsoft Office and Why?

i'm oriented Arrow Arrow Arrow open source development
so i prefer using Open Office ....
because there are many features that are offered by default and free: for example the functionality to convert immediatly your document to PDF just with one click ... Laughing Laughing Laughing
At home, OpenOffice, for sure. But in work I'm stuck with M$'s stupid "paper clip". Evil or Very Mad
I use microsoft office at home(i dont have an office)

I think it pretty much has what I want, so I am not bothering with anything else till I am in need of new features
MS Office both work and home, as I use a laptop provided by my employer.
Will you post the results from this "poll"? Very Happy
I didn't know Open Office could work so well with PDF. Does it code and decode pdf's??

I'm with Office at home, but I don't use much more than Word and occasionally Powerpoint or Excel.

Are there any other really exceptional word processors you know of?
Open OFfice. Because it's free. I wasn't about to pay like an extra $100+ or whatever it is for more junk. Hell, it's compatable with microsoft, so I can still do my school work with it.
M$ Office. Tried Open office before, but don't quite like the interface and design. When I saved documents in open office as .doc, they will appear to be quite different when I open it in MS Word... So decided to stick to M$ word
I use OpenOffice because it's free. I can't afford MSOffice and I don't like it much when I have to use it. MSOffice always seems to be telling me I'm doing something wrong or it wastes my time telling me there is a quicker way to do something that I've just done in 1 second.
M$ Office, because I bought it a while ago and never needed to use Open Office. I download it once and tried it out, but I didn't really see a need to change text editors, and if you have ever tried before, its really hard.

Ms office 2007 is simply amazing and ooo guys will need a lot of work to spit out something as impressive as this software (at least in graphical terms).
My brother started a company sometime ago and asked me for something less expensive than MsOffice. We've tried OpenOffice but he needs some functionalities of excel that calc doesn't have, like polynomial regression. I was somewhat stunned to learn that they used to have this and they gave up to power regression, and it's not quite the same.
One other reason is the lack of technical books about ooo programming. I haven't found a single one yet, so I'm abiding to Ms Office for now. So does my brother... Sad
I use NeOffice - I love it. It does everything I need, better than M$ on a Mac. I haven't used Office on Windows in ages so I can't compare that. But Open Office is great for my needs. I also used Google spreadsheets from time to time.
I use Smile, because i use Linux, and because I like open source Smile
Previously I used Microsoft Office 2003 and Currently i am using OPEN OFFICE.

I am facing problems using Open Office, can someone please resolve?

My brother designed CV in Microsoft Word and when he opened the CV in Open Office's program, it totally changed the structured and things were not at place and anything, if saved, will cause more demage to the file (i think). Can you please tell me how to make Open Office's Programs documents compatible with Microsoft Office's Programs.
First off you might want to make a backup copy. Then you might try re-formatting the CV. My opinion about CVs is they don't need any formatting, only content.

You should be able to open Word documents in OO, but if it is a really old version of Word, or Microsoft Works, you might have a tough time.
I use MS Office. OpenOffice : never thought of using it at all. IT was there on linux os I installed but I never used it.
I favor Microsoft Office over The main reason for this is that Microsoft Office loads faster than OpenOffice (in Windows [current main OS]). Next to that, working with Microsoft Office ensures that whatever document I make will be exactly the same when I open it at school, where Microsoft Office is used as well.
OOo is technically far superior to M$Office. For instance, it supports the official standard office document format (ODF).
Emmer-Compascuum wrote:
working with Microsoft Office ensures that whatever document I make will be exactly the same when I open it at school, where Microsoft Office is used as well.
Wrong : it changes with the versions of M$...
It's another well-known example of the mediocrity of M$ Office suite....
I can't afford MS Office, and it probably won't run on my laptop (Linux) anyway.
I use, on Linux.

Neither MSOffice or OOo are particularly nice pieces of software, but they both "get the job done" reasonably well. However, if I'm writing, say, a letter, I would write it in a text editor, then when I am done I would copy-and-paste it into OOo, apply the relevant formatting, and print.

Also, I've noticed that the OOo supplied with Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) actually starts up pretty quickly...
I use MS Office as every PC here is shipped with MS Windows XP Home Edition an MS Office XP Standard. I've tried OpenOffice for a little while long ago... but it wasn't enough to test it.
Definitely Open Office. Open Source will soon over run the big software companies as more people gain knowlegde about the community and the benefits of open source technology. Heck we're currently posting on a forum that is open source technology and most websites around the world use open source scripts. With the PHP and MySql craze open source has took off on the net.
I use OpenOffice at home and at school. Mostly coz it's not by microsoft but It's as good as the ms version except the spell checker. It's not very good at least not for swedish but it's ok and I'm fine with it.
Arno v. Lumig
I use OpenOffice because Microsoft Office won't run on Linux. I don't like OpenOffice at all, it lacks several features that MSOffice has, and it sucks with images and with text at the top and the bottom of a page (not sure what it's called again... Stuff like page numbers etc).
It is also terribly slow; if you are working on a large document and it wants to save it once every 10 minutes you can't keep going for a few seconds. I could switch off the auto-save feature, but that's not the way to go either.
On some of my larger Excel documents it takes 15 seconds to save, which means I have to take a break of 15 seconds every 10 minutes.
Also the startup time of OpenOffice is terrible. On my AMD64 X2 Athlon 5600 it takes over 7 seconds to start OpenOffice, while MSOffice takes less the a second.

I am talking about OpenOffice 2.2 and Microsoft Office 2003 here...

Conversion to .doc works fine, most of the time, but when you have some images, tables, fonts etc it will totally break your layout.
Microsoft Office owns it on every aspect, except for stability.
I use NeoOffice (OpenOffice. Why?
Well, first, I don't own Microsoft Office. That means, I had to buy it. Pay for it. But why? I like NeoOffice, it works if I need it. I rarely need it, though, I write most of my text as RTFs with the Apple TextEdit.
Then, even if I owned MS Office, I wouldn't like it much. In fact, I don't even see a big advancement over NeoOffice. It's prettier than OpenOffice on a mac, but that's why there's NeoOffice Very Happy
And even IF I needed an office program, even IF I wanted to pay for it, I would buy iWork.
{name here}
I use OpenOffice if I need to simply because I'm not going to pay for something I can get free unless there's something the competition has to offer that I don't already have. I just need to occasionally write things, and I don't need some fancy $200 software to do that when I can just use OpenOffice or write it all up in HTML.
microsoft because is got a not so legal version:P
I go with Microsoft Office XP.

I have a old licence for Microsoft XP, so I won't change until OpenOffice reach the level and characteritics of the Mickey Mouse guys.

By the way, if anyone knows a way to convert the Office XP Toolbars into Office 2007 ribbons (something to change the appearance), please share. TIA.
office whit format xlsb is far away from openoffice, for the same operation ooffice take 3 hours and office 2007 only 2 minutes. Idea
i use openoffice. because it is free. i don't want to pay that much money to microsoft when a free office program with which i do virtually everything compared to office xp, is available.
also i accustomed to openoffice and its menus etc... it takes too much time to learn office xp.
Currently openoffice, but if I want I could just take the corperate key from school and have office 2003 for free. But then again, that would be lame and to easy
Ranfaroth wrote:
Emmer-Compascuum wrote:
working with Microsoft Office ensures that whatever document I make will be exactly the same when I open it at school, where Microsoft Office is used as well.
Wrong : it changes with the versions of M$...

Which is why I use the same version as the school does. :P
soufiene wrote:
i'm oriented Arrow Arrow Arrow open source development
so i prefer using Open Office ....
because there are many features that are offered by default and free: for example the functionality to convert immediatly your document to PDF just with one click ... Laughing Laughing Laughing

I love that feature too. But my biggest reason is that since i am in high school i write a lot of papers and the autocomplete feature for long words if my favorite thing. Also i am in linux and ms office 2k3 runs great but it is not a native program. Plus it writes to pdf with one click and i absolutely love that.
Both have some "functionality" that I don't like. I couldn't say, which is better. Now I sometime use Open Office, because I have Linux.
But the main software to creating documents and presentations is still LaTeX and for simple formated documents Texy.
Studio Madcrow
When I need a locally-installed office suite, I use OpenOffice, but mostly I used the webbased suite Zoho suite. It's like Google Docs, but better.
I use Microsoft Office 2003. I'm just more accustomed to it because I always used MS Office. But if I would have to pay for it, I would rather choose Openoffice because it's completely free.
I use microsoft office, because i`m so used to it, and don`t want to change. I also think the design looks great now on the newest version.
I use because I think MS Office is too expensive. However I favour MS Office 97 for its speed and down-to-earth functionality. The newer versions I don't like, especially their interface.

If people have problems opening your documents, export them to PDF. This will ensure the layout looks the same on every computer.
definately because microsoft are only interested about getting a product out there to make money, but is freeware and can be edited (i think) and so the main purpose is to work as a text editor with max. functionality. and bugs can be fixed by any experienced programmer. or, at least, i believe this is true with the linux version.
I use most of the time since most of the time, I use Linux. Very Happy
Actually, I've been using OpenOffice for all my "office" (more like acad) works. Creating and printing documents, spreadsheets, and more. I've done them all in OpenOffice. The only thing that I haven't really tried doing in OpenOffice is a presentation, via Impress of course. That's simply because I haven't needed to do it, yet.

Overall, I think OpenOffice can really be a viable alternative to Microsoft Office. The only thing that I hate about it is its "bloatedness". I mean, wtf, it takes a hell lot of time to load for the first time. I just hope that OpenOffice becomes more and more modularized in the future to improve load times.

On the other hand, I would also like to try KOffice once 2.0 hits the mirrors. Very Happy
Da Rossa
Office 2007. I know it's expensive, but as of today the M$ suite is far better than the OpenOffice (which is not bad at all), specially because of Excel's power. Plus, there is no Outlook in OO. Finally, M$ has a lot more experience in the business along the years. And fortunately I've never seen the nasty clip again Smile
openoffice is darn slow. it has really boring UI. and it is incompatible with MS office in some cases. so i have to go with ms office.
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