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What qualities make a good teacher?

So I was browsing this evening and found the "evaluation" project -- essintially a survey software made specifically to rate teachers.

I started thinking about what all of my favorite teachers had in common, and decided on these
1) Don't read directly out of the textbook -- this insults my intelligence and/or work ethic.
2) Be willing to deviate from the lesson plan, but don't be a pushover
3) Have decently high expectations -- it isn't your fault if half your students fail for being lazy (although some parents would like to think that)
4) Teach, don't do the homework for us. Create your own examples and so forth.

I realize that it is a little harder to do this than to just read to the students, but it is worth a lot to us.

Comments please
I would agree with the points you wrote. I like a teacher who is self reliant. By this I mean someone who doesn't even need a specific lesson plan, but still gets the job done. Someone who is willing to spend a little extra time on what is really important and still teach but not dwell on the other stuff.

It is also important that they enjoy teaching (it shouldn't be just a job to them). If I am being tought by someone who clearing enjoys teaching then I will feel compelled to enjoy learning. Spoon feed me and I'm just spit it back in your face.
Another point is the "being in control" feeling. I have got this religion teacher who never shouts and still, pupils are always quiet and they co-operate. But I also have a french teacher, and that woman is always shouting "EN SILENCE!!" and "PAS BAVARDER!!" but then we even talk mσre. So I think you need to respect your pupils, because what you give to your pupils, you get back. If you are friendly, but you want silence, you get silence. If you are shouting, and you want silence, forget it.

James Smile
I think one of the biggest things that helps is having enthusiasm for the subject you're teaching. Who has ever had the math teacher that said 'You need to know this because they test on it.' I mean, what's the point of learning THAT?

Other teachers, though, make it interesting. They tell you the history on it, how you can use it or even apply it to every day things. Even abstract things, like philosophy, can make a boring day interesting if you've been shown how to apply that thinking to normal situations.
Your points are all goo, everyone before me, that is.

1) Showing movies is not teaching. Wait, Hollywood movies. Documentaries can be used, as long as they apply to a lesson.

2) You should not say 'Oops, I did that wrong' repeatedly in relation to whatever you happen to be teaching.

3) Respect the abilities and intelligence of your students. We may not know as much as you, but most of us aren't stupid.

4) Respect us and we'll respect you. It's that simple.

5) Makes learning fun and/or interesting. Keep our attention with something that makes us WANT to learn what we're supposed to be learning.

That's all I can think of.
Well, in my opinion, what teachers should have is basically patience and the passion to educate. N if they can, pass some love to the kids! Cheers! Wink
I think that any teacher who has previous knowledge of the topic or subject counts as one. Also finding good teaching strategies that keep the learners interested.
It's a tough job. I like all the points listed here so far. But it's funny, I've had what I thought was a great teacher, but a friend in the same class thought they were terrible Confused Sad I think there has to be a connection between the teacher and the taught, and that is hard to quantify.

Of course, when you have one teacher to 30-40 students, it's gotta be hard for the teach to adapt to every one of the students.

For me the following traits were always appreciated...
1. Ability to speak understandable english....a big problem at universities.
2. Excitment about the subject, but 'Passion' for it can come across as scary!
3. Demos where appropriate.
4. Movement. Sounds silly, but an active teacher was much easier to listen to.
My best teacher at school could be described as this

NO MATTER what she is saying, If I put my hand up, she would emmediately respdond to me.

Never uses text books.

CONSTANT discussion with the whole class about a certian topic.

Homewrok regular but well explained.

Character wise, VERY polite, kind, highly respectable, tolerant (in some areas). Likes to tell us anicdotes of herself.

Makes class real fun and even more effective.
Personaly i think knowing your stuff is one of the key things to it.

When i go to a class i look at what they do and you can tell weither they know what they are doing or not...because you want a teacher that can lay out what they want to get through and not screw up doing it..example screwing marks up, not handing back assign and other thins

i think patience is really important, i like those teachers who can understand students!
My chemistry teacher, not so patient and at times not so understanding (usually he is though) HOWEVER, he had mad skills at explaining stuff and thus earned me a 96 over all in Grade 12.
What creates aquality teacher is one who is patient and willing to help. Most teachers are not very patient and will often not give extra help or time to students that need it.

So the first quality the teacher must have is patience

The second is to be kind, some teachers can be very mean and yell at the children when they are noisy or act up a bit..
well yah...
the main quality of a teacher lies in how much she can put into the head of students... even if she does that by wierd means....
but yah a understanding and a patient teacher is the best...
i dont like teachers who are pretty harsh with students... as they do nothing except creating anger in the student which eventually leads in distration from the subject....
if the teacher is helpful and friendly... then the student getz a instinct like for the subject....

What creates aquality teacher is one who is patient and willing to help. Most teachers are not very patient and will often not give extra help or time to students that need it.

So the first quality the teacher must have is patience

yes i agree with you

but students not have that patience Laughing
A good teacher needs to have variety in the classroom and needs to realize that not everyone learns best one certain way. the teacher needs to keep the subject entertaining without losing control of the class and what i have found to work very well when i had a student teacher one time was a choice of assignments so that a student can pick something that works best for him rather than being assigned something that is very difficult for the student to do
Arrogance is a common characteristic in teachers at universitities these days. Especially math teachers. I would raise my hand in total confusion at the chicken scratch he wrote on the board in chalk, and he would just look at me in disgust, explain it even faster and sloppier, and totally dismiss any further questions. THIS is a quality that universities can do without... I think a major characteristic teachers need, is to be enthusiastic about what they teach, but not to the point where they think they are the absolute s**t when it comes to their subject, and anyone below them is just a waste of time.
Another big one I heard was basically, involving students in the class, discussing things, etc. bookwork is too monogomous and alot of people just don't learn that way...

EDIT: Oh, right... I was tired... I guess I mean monotonous... Embarassed
kronso.23 wrote:
bookwork is too monogomous and alot of people just don't learn that way...

Maybe you should fool around with other books? Laughing

Sorry, Kronso, I couldn't resist. Smile
Mrs Lycos
My best teacher was probably one of the most hated ones at university: He was extremely demanding (that's what hatred came from), but he tought you how to study and learn on your own-and we got tested on that. I think that was the most important lesson I got from him: I can study by myself without depending on someone else's knowledge or guide- and that's a lesson not only for my studies, but for life.
So I would say the best teacher is the one that makes you believe in yourself, that brings out the best of you, and pushes you to your full potential. Yeah, that isn't sometimes easy and soft, buy hey, life isn't nice and easy, and that models your personality so that you can cope with the rest of your life.
meet in rio
I like my teachers to...

- be a bit weird.
- have a commanding presence.
- not be total pushovers.
- have a well-judged sense of humour.
- not make personal remarks about anyone in the class; recognise that they are the adults.

I guess that's it.
Thats got to be on the top of hte list, because even if a teacher really wants to impart skills or information, unless they have patience, they will never be able to handle all the different styles of learning!
i myself have had many good and bad teachers, and heres what i think distinguishes them.

good teachers:

*know their stuff
*can explain stuff, even when its not in the curriculum
*dont go directly by the book
*can continue the lesson even if the answer key goes missing (lol my grade 8 math teacher)
*gain the kids' respect. (my science teacher has had undivided attention the entire year, without ever raising his voice or getting angry, because everyone has respect for him.)
*don't resort to pulling authority over students.
*can make up stuff on the go if need be.
*make up their own assigments (as opposed to my geo teacher)
*have control of the class
*funny without going off topic

i think thats pretty much it, im modeling this off my science teacher, who is leaving next year to become a vp at another school.
have high standards.

er... have fun simulations where people actually learn things?
That's based on my history teacher this year.
To me, one of the most important qualities that a teacher can have (besides a knowledge of the subject at hand) is the ability to make friends with the students. I learn a lot more from teachers I consider to be friends than from teachers I don't like.
I think being able to use humour is one of the most important things for teachers. Sadly, many students don't really care about what they are supposed to be learning (especially in compulsory subjects) and thus most likely aren't going to pay attention. If the teacher can make jokes every now and then, the students are more likely going to pay attention. It's the same thing with just being able to talk interestingly. If the teacher is just 'droning' on about something it gets boring, but some of my teachers manage to be very interesting when they're talking to the class. One teacher in particular often ends up going seemingly offtopic, only to make an important point about what he was originally talking about, plus manages to use comparisons and examples that actually relate to most people's interests (sports and music, for example) while still being relevant.

Another thing I think is important is actually using authority and punishing students. If a teacher just tells off a student, but never punishes them, they're just going to continue. If the teacher is strict and gives thems lines to write or litter duty, the bad students might not like the teacher as much, but they'll sure as hell stop disrupting other people's learning. Smile
I would suggest studing be a moderator and you will see all the stuff the kids VS the parents think. It was a gr8 expearance.
a teacher must know to get along with the students... he / she must know to go down to the level of the student in order to know the student better - their sentiments, their feelings over a certain things, their need for company and understanding. I hate a teacher who love to say "i am your teacher, you're just my student."
to teach facts, not personal opinions would make a good teacher. Also one who is willing and able to spend that extra bit of time with the student who is having troubles would make a great teacher for me.

I have attended a couple of Universities, and the teachers (for lack of ANY better term), just were not interested in the grades that came from the students....just move this class along and tend the the next....unfortunatly one of those "Universities" was MIT.

Very dissapointing. Jeez, I can't spell half my words and I have a Masters Degree Sad
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