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Graphix enthousiastics needed

Hi people,
I have a site but I have to say that my graphix knowhow and imagination is not that good.
Are there any people who have time and are willing to make a nice little banner for me.
If you are interested please PM me. I will be ever thankfull and your name will be mentioned on our site.

I will gladly do a banner for you Very Happy

What size, wording, theme etc do you want?

even better is a link to your site Very Happy (is it the one in your sig?)
Hey LukeakaDanish,
Thanks very much man.
I am looking for a banner for my site to place at the top.
The one right now falls of the screen for some resolutions. I am looking one in the greenish color and a little more with action graphical elements if you know what i mean. I want something flashy with the wordings " Crescent Cricket Club Home of the Fanatics "

I will be ever so thankfull man.
Thanks a lot
Can you send me the original art for your club's badge?

EDIT: Found it myself Very Happy

What do you think?

Any changes are quick - please feel free to ask!

Hey man,
Awesome really.
You should really teach me this. But I guess the first art is to have imagination which I dont have in excess. Laughing
But really i love it.

If you want to learn how to do good graphics i can only recomend experimenting with programs like the GIMP (free) or Photoshop (not free)

Of course imagination and flair are important skillz, however in my oppinion the number one thing which a webdesigner needs is a sence of what looks proffesional and what looks "tacky" or "amature"
I agree with you Luke.
My first website which i made a couple of months ago had a look that was SOOOO eightees.
I got some advise from different people who had much more experience and i changed the site completely. It still isn't a great site but I think it fullfills the needs of our club and offers much more fore other clubs in Belgium as we are the only site that is constantly up to date.

But agree when you say that you have to make a difference between an amateur look and a more professional look.
I use photoshop and have read through a lot of tutorials but still i dont manage to get a decent result, not to say the banner you have created here for me.
Great work man.
I really appreciate it.

Do you have one more maybe ? ? ? Please. You dont have to if you are short in time.
Im not PARTICULARELY short on time, however WHY do you want one more?

BTW: I use the GIMP (not photoshop) and i hardly EVER read tutorials - i figured most of what i know myself...
I was thinking about one for my forum.
But if you are in short time you dont have to do it.
You already did a lot to help me out.
I really appreciate it man.
If there is anything i can do please ask.
hi LukeakaDanish,
I have added the banner to our site and I have mentioned that it is courtesy of you that we have this great banner.
You can check on our site.
I have also added a poll to see if our visitors like it too.
Thanks man.
Keep up the great job
Sure - will do another one for you forum!

I have exams ATM so it might be about a week before i post though - hope you dont mind.

Thanks for the aknowledgement Very Happy

BTW: I recomend not resizing any graphics using html - not only is the file bigger than it should be but it also looks rubbish - if you want different dimensions to what you have now just tell me and i will resize the image for you Very Happy
hey no problem man.
You made it so you deserve the credits.
I really owe you one there Laughing
And good luck with your exams. You will do well.
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