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The Sims 2 Pets/ The Sims 2 EP's

"Give your Sims a lovable pet friend. Create or adopt classic pets including cats, dogs, birds or guinea pigs. Train them to do tricks, help around the house, win prizes and gain social status in your neighborhood.

Create the perfect pet for your Sims to train, play and love through life’s great moments. Create and breed unique dogs and cats and give them personalities. Your Sims can also train their pets, teach them to do tricks, or get them a career in show business or security. "

What are the waitings for the game? Are you gonna buy it? And What you think of The sims 2?
I think this ep is going to be sellsuccess. I gona buy it when it comes to shops.
If you like TS2, you prolly want this ep too, finaly an animal in the house so it can detroy your house and you (actually the robot, so it has something to do :p) can fix it :p. Will there be robo-pets too?
I would love to create pets for my sims. The Sims is such an addicting game, it's hard to turn down all the expansion packs that get released. Of course you want to keep adding new components to the game. I've only purchased the University expansion pack so far, but I really want Nightlife. Does anybody have it? I'd like to know how worth it it is.
i'll snatch it...once it drops from 34.99 to at most 24.99 (on sale of course). I swiped nightlife and open for business that way and I'm still waiting on university. this will give me another item to watch...

EDIT:wait a minute where did you get that from...cant see it on the official site...
DeadX wrote:
If you like TS2, you prolly want this ep too, finaly an animal in the house so it can detroy your house and you (actually the robot, so it has something to do :p) can fix it :p. Will there be robo-pets too?

Robot-pets, hmmm... I'm not sure. Maybe.

This time there comes a new feature which you can use to make custom paintings.
Even though it's already possible to do this trough a trick, this new feature makes it much easier. You can make your on facephoto to sims.

The rumour has it that Pets would be not coming to pc. EB-games sais that this ep is coming to PSP. Hope so, tha isn't true XD

and some pics of the new feature (from Maxis?!?)

I have Nightlife. There comes new aspiration and new featrue, Datemeter. Also, sims have now cars, but i dont drive the so often, because it slows my computer. I'm contented of Nightlife

That text is knowledgeleak. Google!
It sounds great. The Sims keeps releasing expansion set and I bought all of them. This the sims 2 pet really attracts me, I'm gonna get one too. Very Happy
if you liked The Sims Unleashed'll like this.. Razz
I like the sims 2. I myslef got all the version including the christmas and family fun pack. The new feature with the paintings looks cool Smile. What is the trick you can do now to get your custom pictures in the game. The negative point about the sims 2 is that it get boring very soon I think. That is why they keep releasing new parts to keep the game interesting.
I dont know that i gona buy it..
But maybe this game is good, or not.
Just need to look that Wink
This game it's super
raph76 wrote:
This game it's super

Yes it is! Its very nice to play at night. I love it.

Family Funstuff was disappointment. It needs lot of capacity to work. It doesn't work on my computer, i think it because of the fact that i have so bad/weak videocard(?). I hope i get better.
It would be bad, if the sims 2 pets doen't work.
There is coming minEp called The Sims 2- Glamourpack. Its not in finland on shops. Amazon has pre-order. Its coming next monht. More information EA give on this month.
The Unleashed expansion pack from the original The Sims game was a huge success so I do think that this new expansion for The Sims 2 which will include pets will also be a big hit! Smile
I like Sims games very much. Those shoot and run games are not my favorite. Sims are fun to play, simulating a real world. Sims 2 is graphically realistic.
The Sims is such an addicting game
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