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ads can really ruin the design of a site.

They really can.

so, I would like to know your opinion, if my site has enough ads and not too many, please Smile
i'd remove one if I were you Smile
you can remove it... yes it is very annoying seeing a ads to a website..
budazz wrote:
you can remove it... yes it is very annoying seeing a ads to a website..

It is annoying when the ads are placed terribly./

Once there was this ad on my site, which, a frihost user saw and imagined it was a menu for my site

Anyway, preferably use banner ads(images only), as they are attractive with colors and stuff

The google ads with text are quite a turn off

Also, use the link ads in the appropriate places

In your site, I would recommend removing the ad at the top or atleast placing it accurately because it is standing out from the rest and makes the site look awkward
he is right google text ads are annoying , i will also remove the ads from my website soon and put some image ads on it.
Actually, it is quite tough to expect people to click on text ads, I find them annoying and it also gives a cheap look to the site
If You place adds correctly, chose good colors, good size the google adds will be OK Smile You just have to place it whitch head ... think, then place it Smile
There are lot of sites where google adds are OK - but it's hard to do that Smile
Google experts are placing adds in this way, and they get nice profit Smile
Mamsaac, I would suggest you forget about whether the ads are going to 'ugly up' your site or not and go after your bottom line. If you're putting the ads there to make money then optimize the number of ads (and the appearance and placement) to bring in the highest earnings. You'll have to experiment extensively while keeping a close eye on your Adsense reports to figure out what works best for you and your site as far as how many ads to put, where to put them, what colors to use, etc.

The plain fact of the matter is, your visitors will either be immune to ads -in which case they'll just ignore them no matter where you put them or what they look like- OR your visitors will be ad-clickers in which case you'll want to optimize your ads to get as many clicks as possible.

If you get too hung up on whether the ads are going to ugly up your site or not then you probably won't make much money.
Michael B
I can't beleive that it has been segested that you use only images(banner ads), they are the most annoything thing around.

Personly I don't use any adds and never would. They are ugly, slow your site down and turn visters off as well.
Remove all of your ads. You won't make money off of them until you get really popular (trust me, it won't happen).
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