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Digital Photography

I want to get a new digital camara but I'm not sure what to get... I have looked at the Kodak Z650 and the Canon Powershot S2. Does anyone have any experience with either of these or another recommendation? Thanks!
I love digital photoGraphy. I have got a Casio QvR 51.
Its a 5.0 megapxiel camera and i love to shot pics from this camera.

I suggest you to read some book on digital photography before you buy any camera.

Also, whenever you buy make sure that camera's functions are costomizable.
you can change the
ISO setting (lowest is better)
f-stop setting
focusing mode manually. etc etc

If you want to do professional photography then go for a camera in which there is option to do settings manually.

Many camera provide preset settings for normal photography (ie for begginers)

Hopeing above information will help you.
The casio qvr 51 is a mini-camera, which is great for portability and taking quick shots, but might lack some power.

It depends on what you need the camera for...serious photographers might consider getting digital cameras with interchangeable lens depending on what kind of shot they're looking for.

Out of the two you mentioned, the kodak is the better one thanks to its million more pixels. But they're both designed to pack maximum power into as little space as possible.
I used to own a Nikon F55 and moved to digital with the Nikon D70-S. I would highly recommend it if you want to do some serious amateur work, or pursue photography as a regular hobby.

On the negatives: I would have preferred a minimum ISO of 100 instead of 200, which the D70-S supports.

On the positives: The handling is superb! I do not want to write more on this section, as I am a complete Nikon buff, and would be too biased. Smile
Got hooked up with photography late last year wherein i've got myself a nikon d50 with the kit lens and 55-200mm lens.
Greetings. I'm very much into digital photography myself but not having a job, I couldn't exactly afford a great camera. I've got an Argus DC-1510 and although it gets the job done, it's not very good. I got it late last year for $50 CAD so it's good if it's all you can afford. Otherwise, you may want to invest your money in something more high end.
kcw1304 wrote:
I want to get a new digital camara but I'm not sure what to get... I have looked at the Kodak Z650 and the Canon Powershot S2. Does anyone have any experience with either of these or another recommendation? Thanks!

i think canon is better choice
That Canon is better than the Kodak, regardless of the megapixels. It has image stabilization, whereas the Kodak does not. It also has more manual features, which are essential for taking better shots.

I've own three Canon digicams, and all of them take excellent pictures and have the best price/feature ratio, IMO.
If i will buy a new digital camara, i will buy Olympus, Canon, or Nikon. Laughing
kcw1304 wrote:
I want to get a new digital camara but I'm not sure what to get... I have looked at the Kodak Z650 and the Canon Powershot S2. Does anyone have any experience with either of these or another recommendation? Thanks!

My friend has the S1, which is the same as the S2, but less megapixels and a little slower with focusing. I think it is an awesome camera, especially if you absolutely need the zoom. Have you checked into They have in depth reviews on a bunch of digicams. The S2 has gotten awesome reveiws, better than the Kodaks in the same price range, anyway.

If you don't need the zoom, check out the Canon A620. It's amazing and you can get it for around $75 cheaper with the same functions.

I would say to check out some Sony models like the H1, but they use their own brand of almost every accessory (overpriced) to try to make you shell out even more money, while the others use industry standards that are compatable with other brands/more common/etc.
Guys, simply check out (mentioned earlier) or better yet,
With these websites, you can find thee perfect camera for you.
Nikon & Canon They're work.
only and always - Canon;)
I would recommend the digital rebel 8MP by canon.

if you have the extra funds then I would go for the 30D

if you are into astronomy then the 20Da but no good for normal shots
yeah the digital rebel is great! works easy with automatic and manual focus...
I've got a Lumix (don't know the rest of the name) and it's absolutely fantastic... you can customize lots of things, it's 3 megapixels (the only flaw maybe...) and it got a 12x zoom. Yeah, it's really nice...
digital photography is pretty cool, I just copped a DSC-T5 from sony, and it keeps me interested in taking random photos wherever I go
Zug Zug
I just have a digital camera from Olympus.
I buyed Canon Digital Camera. And very usefull and picture quality wonderfull.. I advise you Canon EOS 30D...

And this is my camera photo.

I use a pentax ist* Ds. My favorite tip is to use f/11 when it is sunny.
What To Look Out For When Choosing a Digital Camera?

1)The most critical element in a digital camera is the lens because all light must go through the lens. So choose from traditional film camera makers, especially those renowned for their optical lens.

2)Consider what type of storage media the digital camera uses. SmartMedia is flimsy because its connecting wires are outside the cards. Memory stick is proprietary to Sony devices only, so it's not considered industry standards. Compact Flash card is by far the best bet because it is thick and hardy. Many output devices eg. printers and projectors use the card as storage device, so images stored can be output straight away in these devices.

Before you decide which digital camera to buy, consider the following questions.

1. What do you plan to do with your digital images?
If you intend to post these images on your Webpage, or just to email the latest pictures of yourself to friends and family members then you do not need a high resolution camera. A 1.3 megapixel digital camera is more than adequate.

If you need to print out your images, you will have to match the resolution of your digital camera according to the size of your intended prints.

Resolution of the Digital Camera Suggested media size for the best quality

2.0 megapixel digital camera Up to 4R

3.0 megapixel digital camera Up to 8R

4.0 megapixel digital camera Up to 10R

2. Digital camera Design
If you are snap-happy and prefer to let the camera do the necessary adjustment go for a non-SLR smart camera which does all the adjustments automatically.

If you prefer a high-resolution digital camera with more creative controls, and if you are a professional photographer, check out the professional SLR range.

3. The need for zoom
The power of a zoom is measured by the number of times it can enlarge a section of the subject. It can be done digitally or with an optical lens. However, greater zoom tends to be unstable and allows less light to reach the CCD.

4. Software
There are many types of software available in the market. You should always consider the usability and functionality of the software when purchasing one for your particular needs.

Use & Function of the software Suggested software

Photo Editing; colours, form etc Photoshop Imaging Software

Image storage Photoshop Imaging Software

Photo Stitching for panoramic view Photo Stitch Software

(This article is taken from the Canon website with some editions done to make it fit for a post.)
I am looking for a digital canon

From what I see, I can not see a lot of difference between the digital rebel and the 20D vs the 30D.

I am into astronomy but I do not want a Da for a variety of reasons.

nice thing about a rebel it is still a very capable camera, lots of accessories, and stuff is starting to come down in price for accessories.

do you think the chip will be okay long term if you bought a rebel now? I would think there is some life expectantcy on it and they usually talk about number of pictures taken for how long it will last so in theory, if you got a new one now it should be good for 4-5yrs?

I would like to get a 30D because it is new and has a few more frames per second but stuff does not move that fast relatively in the sky for a 30D vs a rebel.

is there something else I should consider for 2x the price. I have no gear now other than a manual Minolta SLR but I do not want Minolta digital. Just personal preference.

just a cudo's on dpreview. I have been on the site for over a year now and it is quite detailed... can spend hours there if you want to but organized in such a fashion that you can also get get to the nitty gritty if you know what you are looking for specifically
I have had my Canon S1 for a little over a year now,
and I love it.
The zoom is great for framing any shot.
Depth of field changes are very easy while looking thru viewfinder.
Best of all,
the thing that closed the deal for me when I bought it was
It uses rechargable AA batteries.
I have several things that use rechargable AA bateries
like my pc keyboard and mouse.
I have several sets of AA's so power for the Canon S1 is never a problem.

If my S1 was ever lost or stolen
I would immediatly go get an S2 without a blink of remorse.
I'm currently shopping for my next digital camera. From what I can see, Panasonic beats the competition by a mile because their Leica lens is so much better. Does anyone know anything about this?
I was really thinking the camera with the best lens wins - am I barking up the wrong tree?
My other major concerns were shutter lag (my last camera (an Olympus) was so slow as to be practically useless (my major complaint about Kodak, too)), image stabiliztion, and I would like at least 8x optical zoom.
So anyways, I'm leaning towards the Panasonic DMC-FZ7 or FZ20 at this point... but they're still a little pricey (especially in Canada).
Does anyone have any pointers or recommendations for me?
I love photography.
I have a panasonic lumix. Which is a nice camera except it doesn't have manual settings. If i was to get another camera i'd definitely get one with manual settings. However i like the zoom. It allows you to zoom in quite a way so that you dont have to blow it up so much in digital zoom or on the computer which stops the pixeling. The big screen is also a bonus. Some of the models of the cybershots etc have really small screens.
I've used the powershot and i'm not really a fan.
I find it doesn't really fit in your hand nicely. I also found the menus confusing. When i buy a camera i dont want to have to read a 1000 page booklet just to be able to use it.
Another feature i'm a fan of is the fold out screen that can twist so you can take photos of your self and see what it looks like. Its fun if you out with a mate and just want to take a quick pickie together without having to take a tripod, ask a stranger, or prop it up on something.
i like the canon digital EOS REBEL xt
I have the Kodak, and I am disappointed with it. It's very slow and I get alot of red-eye with it, even using the red eye reduction flash. It does take very good outdoor pics tho and the video feature is really nice.
I have a Kodak 3600 and it is slow enough at tiems that I might miss a really good snap. I used to own a Fujitsu A50 which although it was the same sort of digital camera made better pictures.

I would recommend people don't install the Kodak Easy share software as it takes up a lot of system resources. Its better to get a memory card reader and use the SD or CF card that comes with the camera.
I love Sony products and I will buy a new camera soon.

I am thinking to buy a Sony CyberShot DSC-H5 model camera. Its features are very useful... I think is a good choice.

Good luck! Very Happy
the new sony looks good and it seems that most have a sony chip in them... my only pet peeve about sony is that they feel they have to be the morals police and tend to step over the line quite frequently... sometimes being caught... like when they loaded a root kit on their music CDs to try and stop people from burning them. You bought it you should be able to list to it.

also, in their computers they also audit for mp3 burning on their CD and DVD drives. What business is it of theirs... other than they also have recording contracts and bla bla bla.

I am sure their new camera will have a feature recognition feature so that if you try to take and pix of their "stars" the frames will come out blank.

Because of stuff like that I am boycotting all Sony stuff. Which is too bad because they do make a great product, expensive but leading edge.

but this time they were bleeding edge.

So I was flounder for a moment when I head the new sony camera was coming out because it sounds sweet but I choose to keep my blinders on and will still go with my plan of a canon digital rebel xt
I recently got a Sony F828. I have to say it is excellent. Unless you are considering moving into the profesional league, I'd suggest you take a look at this one before you make your decision. The golden rule for a digicam is it should have a high-quality lens, because unlike in SLRs, a digicam comes with one standard lens so that ought to be versatile enough to handle any kind of shot. Equally important is the CCD and lastly, the megapixels. If you're a hobbyist, it really doesn't matter whether you're shooting 5MP or 6. If you're looking to make money from the pics you shoot, then it probably does. Good luck and remember to check out the SOny F828 before you buy! (Sony isn't paying me a dime to tell you this, BTW!)
thanks for the info re things to watch out for and digital video cams!
Can any body tell me what is ISO and What is f-stop settings. And how can i decide a better camera according to these settings.
ISO is film speed. The higher the ISO the camera allows, the more sensitive to light it can be. However, higher ISO doesn't necessarily mean better, as you increase the ISO, the image quality deteriorates due to noise. Thus, it's better to use a high quality lense to compensate, this is where f-stop/aperture comes in.

f-stop/aperture determines how much light your lense takes in. The higher the aperture, the faster the lens is considered. For example f/1.8 would be considered a fast lens, while f/5.6 slower a slower lens. Aperture also affects bokeh and DOF (depth of field), the ability to blur objects in distance while keeping your subject in focus. Higher aperture means higher bokeh. Mix this in with high zoom and high aperture, you'll get greater bokeh.

Here's an image I took that demonstrates some DOF:

55mm, but on my camera 82.5mm (the Canon 20D has a 1.5x zoom crop factor) at f/5.6 to create this DOF affect.

However, you need to get a high end quality camera, like a (d)SLR to really notice this difference and blur affects.

In a nut shell:
The higher the ISO allowed on a camera, and greater range of aperture (f-stop) settings, the better. Don't forget shutter speed is important also though.
thanks for the info...

I JUST got a rebel XTi and I am quite keen on checking it out again.

I have had simple point and click for 6 years so I did not get the chance to play with ISO/fstop/aperature and etc.

I did have a manual film minolta camera so that was quite fun but hard to experiment... I am looking forward to practicing again.

I have understood the concepts before but never really understood it. I am sure there is some math around it since the camera knows when it is going to be a bad picture so there must be general rules about lens speed vs iso vs aperature and compared with where the subject is.

It is nice to even have the opportunity for manul focus or 9points of focus and knowing where what it is focusing on. Been many pictures where the object was burry because I tried to do that 1/3 composition and the camera would focus off subject making the person or object blurry.

the only thing I dont like is that you can not use the LCD panel as a view finder. I do not understand this because it does have mirror lock-up so there is not much reason why you couldnt.

Also into astronomy so I am looking forward to getting my camera out!!!

will post pix in a few months at
Anything from either Nikon, or Canon is good investment, even pentax, and olympus are good buys too.
I remember when i bought my first decent digicam The canon g3 it cost me about 500 dollars, and it was only 4 megapixel. Today you can buy a 5 megapixel for 1/2 that price. So now is the time to get into it....

Stay away from the panasonic Lumix (even though they have leica lenses) they aren't leica cameras. Stay away from sony and their proprietary formats...Other than that enjoy...I myself have a canon powershot g3, and i bought a newer version the g6 not too long ago...I've been very happy with my canons. They aren't dslr's but they do their job very well consistently good pictures, even take raw images ...
a good place to look for information is as well as . Happy camera hunting

I thought i'd add steve's-digicams there's a section for "the best cameras" you might want to check it out as it points out the best cameras in price ranges so if bang-for-your-buck is something you'd be interested in it's a good reference to go by here you go
Dougnut King
Not quite sure about those models, but I really like digital photography. My folks say I'm really good at it, and I say I am too! What you got is a really good habby. Keep it up Wink
I'm very satisfied with Olympus. But Kodak also makes nice cameras, userfriendly and not too expensive.
yes, i agree with you,
i think sony new DC are great
Studio Madcrow
Canon or Nikon all the way, just like with film cameras. The Canon S3 is a kickass piece of gear for those interested in a high-end non-SLR camera.
I got a Canon Powershot A640 for Christmas and it took me awhile to make my decision on whether I wanted it or not. After reading many reviews and playing with it at different electronic stores, I finally decided I wanted it. It takes very good quality pictures and has 10.0 megapixels Smile, though it only has 4x optical zoom. I like the idea of protecting the LCD screen, so that's why I choose this one, but I wish it had 12x optical zoom like some Sonys.. I think, or Canon? Anyway, there was some nice things about the cameras I liked, but then some things I didn't. I wish I could have found one that had everything I had wanted, of course.. many wish that.

Overall the camera is a really good choice for me, it was expensive too, so it was mainly the only present I got. I'm going to stick with Canon also if I ever get an SLR camera in the future.
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