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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Has anyone read this book? This may seem like it's in the wrong section in the forum, but it's not. It talks about financial education. I'm barely in the middle of chapter two, but I highly recommend it. I'm barely 16, but I know people in college, and this book has helped them a lot. They live in San Diego, they have a new car, and pay for a condo. San Diego = Really expensive place to live in unless you live in the ghetto.

This is not a get rich quick scam, this basically teaches you how to manage money. It basically shows the reality, it makes you open your eyes. It teaches you something that you will never learn in high school.

Most parents tell their kids, "get good grades, go to a university, and find a stable good paying job." This is fear the parents have.
Here's a first tip for managing money to anyone who attempts to buy this book... don't buy it.

Now, look at your wallet. You've got more money than you would have if you bought it.
You're wrong to the power of 10. This book teaches you so much, that the money will simply come back. I think 10 dollars isn't that much for a book that will change your life. You seriously need to read it, at least the first few paragraphs before you can say something ignorant like that.
Lord Kuat
Hobbit wrote:
Most parents tell their kids, "get good grades, go to a university, and find a stable good paying job." This is fear the parents have.

Where did that come from?
i've heard a lot about this book....especially from my dad who bought it...i'll read it soon Very Happy
I think that the kind of father (rich or poor) or the house that you grow up in does not in any way determine what you make of yourself.

For a long time I thought that having a poor makes you want to achieve more in live and a rich dad makes you lazy. This is not in all the cases I had to encounter thru.
try to do google search on rich dad, poor dad or robert kiyosaki himself.

that book was wrote 9 yrs ago. enough review already.

about the book:
if u want to make your point, just tell us what we should do to become rich accroding to that book or any other books, seminar, games, whatever from robert kiyosaki. no need to repeat any quote which is right, but no pratical use like "most parents tell their bla bla bla .." just tell us what the book teach u to tell to those kids instead.

like u said wrong to the power of 10, which part in the book tell u your money that u spent to buy the book wil come back to u in 10 folds? how?

about robert kiyosaki:
he's not really rich. he claim he worth $1 million. even if it's true, $1 million is not a lot. and all his wealth he made is from selling book, do motivational talks and he never really do anything he advise other to do, like real estate, learn accounting, or even invest as venture capitalist. he also make money by endorsing big companies that runs pyramid schemes like amway & quixtar.
I saw it on tv thought that it was a shame, so I flip the channel, does the system work?
I think you guys have misunderstood him when he says that most parents tell their kids to get good grades, get a job, and stay there until you're a manager. I myself have read this book, and I believe it means parents tell their kids this because they fear they won't be successful in life. Which sounds like it makes pretty good sense. But in Rich dad poor dad, the rich dad (who happens to be his friend's real father) encourages his son and his son's friend to make wise decisions, asking questions that make the child think on his own, rather than saying, "get good grades, and get a good job" he says, "would you rather climb the corporate ladder... or own the corporate ladder..." he inspires thinking in these kids, rather than giving them fearful statements. does that make sense? Razz. Good for you Hobbit, I read this book when I was about your age too, It has also taught me how important finances can be... this stuff you will use for the rest of your life

EDIT: Just think about it for a minute, don't immediately dismiss it. when you do that all you say is, "I'm happy being ignorant"
Time is a treasure in the investment activities. I have learned from the book to focus on my cash flow. but to be honest, finding a good job is a good start for wealth creating...
I read the first couple of chapters of that book about five years ago..... At that time, I was so young to know how economy and money worked and I got bored. Now, after I'm reading those comments, I decided to read that booK!
The book is definitely a good read. It allows you to tap into the way the author thinks, comparitively how financially he utilizes his money. The only way you'll benefit from this kind of stuff is to analyze yourself, how would you use your money differently and how to maximize it so that you earn rather than lose it.
I loved the book but certain things I thought it was out of line. Kiyoski would use is father as an example many times in the book. His father was educated, went through all the motions yet he was still struggling financial. Although that was the case for him, education is important in order to give you the edge. THere is only so much that is sustainable and not everyone is lucky to hit the jackpot.
Yaa it's a good book. I recommend all to read the book.
If i'm not mistaken, there was a game by the author right? Since it was a long time since I looked at it, my memory might have faulted me but I think thats the same author. From what I remember of the game, the book should be worth reading. I disagree about the "save the money, you have more than if you baught it" bit. Because it would be like an investment, as with your time, and if with the investment you can get a greater return then I don't see why not o.ov It's like going to school, only selfteaching and cheaper.
I think that the book is very good even if I wouldn't agree with everything and sometimes it is to much an add for the game they try to promote.
But it is worth to read it.
I think that the purpose is not really to get very rich but more to get freedom because your are financially independent.
Because even if you have a good job and a very good salary, if you are an employee you are trapped. You will have the risk to get fired and too lose everything and often even if people don't like their job they have to keep it because of loans. If you are financially independent you don't have these problems. And to be financially independent you don't need a job (of course it cold be anyway be a start to collect some money at the beginning, but then you don't have to take loans otherwise you will be trapped and it will be too late to change afterwards).
I think that everybody can find something interesting for him in the book.
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