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Calvin and Hobbes

Does anybody still remember calvin and hobbes by Bill Waterson...

Does anyone of you guys know a website in which there is a listing of all Bill Waterson's drawings of those pieces of masterpiece... Thanks Very Happy
hmm i remember Calvin and Hobbes

daim that bird was cool
I see a lot of that in my Spanish book. I didn't find it interesting... or maybe because it's in Spanish and I had to use my brain to translate.
I remember Calvin and Hobbes from the book orders I had in elementary school. The comics were always the most expensive (book-wise, at least), and I always wondered why that was so.

I haven't read it myself, but I've a friend that is a fan of the comics.
i read them in the newspaper
I loved Calvin and Hobbes. We have most of the books at my house.

I don't know if there is a site, though, sorry.
At some point in my life I wanted to get a tattoo of Calvin as Spaceman Spiff on my arm. Kinda thinking about it now again.
I still read the book, I like it Wink,
It was absolutely the best comic ever. I still go back and laugh at some of them. So many comics in the news paper I barely even smile at but Calvin and Hobbes actually make me laugh.

Now my kids are old enough to read them as I sit with them as we all enjoy them together.

How many comics actually bring families closer together?
This site doesn't have them all but they basicly have the comic on reruns releasing the comics as if they were new day after day kind nice to revisit I read them everyday sometimes I remember the comic sometimes I don't but either way I laugh
I love calvin and hobbes. I had forgot about them for a while untill I started working at a media store and found the Complete Works of Calvin and Hobbes. I started to read some of them and got hooked again. I've only seen a few books sold by them selfs outside of the collection and have grabbed those. Seems like Amazon is a great place to start looking for these books if you really like them.
I own a lot of calvin and hobbes and i love bill waterson's humor ,his imaginary tiger and the hyperactive calvin Very Happy
i don't own them all , but i'd like to thank trasa for the link Very Happy i was also looking for a site that contained some of them, yet i couldn't find 'em Confused
anyway , Trasa has my THX
calvin and hobbes is alright.
my teacher likes it alot,
and she always talks about it.
shes kinda crazy but the comic is ok, but id rather watch tv then read comics! hahahhaa
Calvin is one of the most clever kids out there ... oh, he's not real? Dang. This comic is really good though, and I wish I had enough money to buy those books. Ah, well, that's what the library's for.
ryzlei wrote:
Does anybody still remember calvin and hobbes by Bill Waterson...

Does anyone of you guys know a website in which there is a listing of all Bill Waterson's drawings of those pieces of masterpiece... Thanks Very Happy

I love Calvin and Hobbes too. Here are two links:


Some online archives of Calvin and Hobbes don't seem to stay long. I've checked the two links above and they work.

Very Happy
My favorite run of Calvin and Hobbes was the one where he was making all the "interesting" snowmen. Someday, I'm going to pick up the complete Calvin and Hobbes...when I do, I'll lock myself away in a room and I wont come out until I've finished everything.
Have a favorite strip? Try to find it here:
I used to love those 2, as I grew older I stopped lauging at the jokes maybe someone here can enlighten me.
Hi there Cool

I love Calvin & Hobbes. Smile Calvin is just the way I wanted to be when I was young. Wink

With a pet tiger, going anywhere - around the world, across time . And a genius everywhere. Laughing Trying to solve the mystery called girl. Wink

I just love Calvin & Hobbes

Try these links

Check them out ...
U'll love it !!! Cool
Calvin and Hobbes are awesome, and they have those car decals with clavin and hobbes.
I adore Calvin & hobbes.
Game Fortress
I am sorry, but Calivin is ultimate. Ultimate, I tell you. I relate to him alot. (wich shows how very UNBAISED opinon about his status as ultimate Wink ) I cant tell you how many times I have found myself in simillar situations. I love the way his logic works. Hobbes is cool too, but I think Calvin is the real star of the strip. I guess in a way, they are a pair though, so splitting them up is like taking half of a real person.
"Calvin and Hobbes" is the most hilarious thing,I've read. Some of the comics really make you think about life,somehow. Also with Calvin and his imagination of things,it makes it seem even more funny. Also Hobbes adds to this experience,since he is always making some type of come back too Calvin.
In france, calvin and hobbes is published in a dayly newspaper, that's how I discovered Bill Waterson's stories. Since that day, I've tried to read all their stories, even if it's difficult to find those books here.
that i really ever followed in the newspaper. SInce his creator stopped writing them, I stopped reading newspaper strips. Calvin was the ultimate everything. Fox Trot's youngest son was sorta the same with the imagination but it didn't do the same for me.

I referenced Calvin and Hobbes to my students the other day for an extra credit question and I was surprised at how many of them actually knew who it was. I thought that was cool. They don't know what I am teaching in class but they know pop culture from when i was younger.
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