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I wrote a song and recorded it with my Band

Yeah, I wrote this piece music called "Life Without Her", kind of bases on a girl I have a crush on. but anyway, I change it into a improvise version.

My band "Ford Street" pratice and record the song today. Basically this is a pre-release version, it's not perfect yet becasue when we record it, I forgot to bring another amp, so bass is using the amp and I (guitar) is using the radio speaker (lol, I just find that funny). Please ignore the 1 seconds lauigh at the end, we just laugh at ourself how we mess up a little bit. Still a good music in my opinion.

please leave comment.

Please note:

-This is a pre-release version, so it is not perfect, don't expect too much, we are not pro

-Guitar part is kind of soft because I am using a speaker, forgot to bring amp

-Sax. , the month piece is old, so... we going to change that sometime.

-We only pratice this for 15 min before we record it, so, it's not perfect

If this song is used in anyway, please credit:

Ford Street


*This song is written, played, recorded and copyrighted by Ford Street. Please do not say you wrote, recorded or played it. Ford Street hold all rights to this song.
Cool, not bad for your first song. Where are the lyrics because I didn't hear any? The biggest thing to making good music is equipment, so get a job, and get some good equipment. Many of my friends have bands and they sound awesome, mainly because of their equipment and because they are really good.
I liked it! That's some drummer you got there, I wasn't too fussed on the slow parts, but you make it sound TEN billion times better if you had vocals. Keep trying mate, and please get a singer! Very Happy
I had a friend who has his own band and devoted his life to rock and roll, wow, that was cool, and his idol is Guns N' Roses...
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well the idea wasn't bad after all drums where good but need some more instuments and fixing the errors everyone made
then u should upload it again to let us know for improvments
on the whole it wasnt bad for ur first song gj
thanks everyone, the bad thing is that I will be away to another country for 2 months, so we can't work on it until 2 months later... /_\

I original have lyrics, but I kind of just take it off because I don't want that girl to hear it so....
haha i know how it feels m8 b ut u should let her know it in a way and a song could be the coolest way Wink
dont be shy
be a man girs like that too
good luck
I guess you could change the words for it to not talk about this girl, and say about something else, and use the original lyrics for non-public uses. Very Happy

Underlined wrote:
I guess you could change the words for it to not talk about this girl, and say about something else, and use the original lyrics for non-public uses. Very Happy


a few things i learned about sons is they arent composed to be good but they come from the heart, so in changing it to hide something is utter nonsens.
many other singers published their love songs and it wont be so strange to to put what one feels in a song after all thats what makes a song great
well good luck with ur girl anyway whatever u decide to do

best thing u could do to attract her to u is to invite her there and sing the song infront of her in the place where played the song
girls die to these things beleve me Wink
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