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Has anyone studied abroad?

I'm in extremely interested in studying abroad, perhaps in Morocco, Ireland, China, Egypt, Ghana, or Japan. Has anyone ever studied abroad? If so, for how long, and your experiences - good and bad...?
Ive studied a broad more than once in my time. Not in any of the countries listed. The first few times where quite poor; but after a little maturity, confidence and practice I would have to say that I would definitely recommend it. Cool

Oh, wait. Abroad. No Ive never done that. Im too stupid and I guess my parents never had the $ to make up for it. Confused
Iv tought abroad in China.. If you want to know about that even tho its not really studying then just ask.
well, technically I'm from China (since I was born and raised there), but I live in the US now. And I'm currently a high school student, so I guess that's like studying abroad... Well, the move to another country is hard cuz I didn't understand the language first, but once that barrier is crossed, it's a really awesome experience!! Very Happy
Having the chance to study abroad is fantastic, a great chance to lead a entirely different lifestyle and to widen your horizon. I got my University education in Australia, first time staying in a foreign land. Feels uneasy in the beginning but it soon turned out to a an experience of a lifetime. Take the first step out, n u'll not regret it Wink Cheers!
can someone explain to me what studying abroad is? im guessing it moving to another country while you are still in school?
studying abroad means to study some damn crap in another country

whether it is school, or college, you do it in a country other than yours
i have gone japan when i was a student,it's beautiful country with beautiful community
I just got done with my first year in the US. Some of the people are nice enough and stuff, but overall it's one ugly place. I guess I'm going to stick it out and finish a decent education there, but I'd like to come back to Europe sometime afterwards.
its just a matter of time... sooon many universities around the worlkd are going to be online. in india iit b has launched online curriculam for those who want to study.
soon many many more will follow.
It's great that you are relly up for studying abroad, go for it. A couple of my friends have done it and have had great times. Plus it looks fantastic on your CV, you'll have no problems getting a good job if you can prove you're that out-going.

My brother wants to go to France in a couple of years to do a year's study. I wish I had.
meet in rio
With a bit of luck I'll be spending a year in a Spanish university as part of the SOCRATES exchange program. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity to get fluent, and it'll give me a change of scenery (I'll be doing a four-year course at quite a small university).
I was born in the US, but was then brought back to be raised in Malaysia. And now i'm currently studying in US, so i guess you can consider that as studying abroad.
But maybe cause I was placed in a so-called-deserted place, so to be it's really boring.
Yeah, studying abroad is so much fun.

I also prefer studying abroad then in my own country.

rajhank wrote:
Yeah, studying abroad is so much fun.

I also prefer studying abroad then in my own country.


well raj u know... in india the study patters are not child friendly.. they tend to give a lot of burden and stress to the child...

where the schoolhood days are pricesless... here in india we students want to clear it out as soon as possible cauze of the hectic schedule...

in other countries like USA , UK etc... more stress is given on practical work rather than theorotical studies.. and which is inface great..

as it doesnt give stress to the students and he/she can spend more
time in extra curricular activities which will help in his/her life ahead...

i never had a chance to study abroad but as i am used to this system therefore now it will be hard to accept the otherway round... i am in 10th grade now.. and boards this year...

and later on in college life also i do not tend to go abroad... rather studying in IIT in india itself will be a better option for me...

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