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What is your favourite Star Wars game?

I love Jedi Academy Laughing
How about u guys?
umm Knights of the old Republic,i like 2 too but its not as good.
I wanna play Galaxys tho...
i think my favorite star wars game would be battlefront, i like it because it's almost like a Grand Theft Auto. And i can't wait for battlefront 2 Very Happy
I haven't played that many SW-games, and the ones I have played have been rather dull =/ Don't remember what they were called...

I used to have a SW-chess game though.. It was pretty cool ^^
never played any of these, but I heard that racing game was pretty good
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

These are the games that turned me into a gamer.

Regarding the previous post comparing the first and second: I agree. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II should have blown the first out of the water with far more depth as a story. However it was never released. Really, it was probably around 1.5 moreso than 2.

If you happen to have the PC version, check out this site. It is a restoration of the ending by the users of the game. It is pretty amazing. It is also a little sad that the fans of a franchise must finish the work of the developers for them.
what i like the best is:
Knights of the Old Republic
I havent Played KOTOR yet.. But im really addicted to playing Star Wars Battlefront together with my friends.. Very Happy
Jedi Academy is my favorite star wars game it can get old at times but u always go back to it in the end
My favourite Star Wars game is: Knights of The Old Republic. Because it has a great storyline, and, it was one of first RPGs I have completed...
I've always been a bit of a Starwars pilot at heart and rate the X-wing and Tie Fighter games higher than the others.

X-wing was a great game, though a tad on the hard side with a very steep difficulty curve.

Tie Fighter was also great fun, though perhaps with the comments regarding the difficulty of the previous game they went a tad overboard on the easy side?

X-wing vs Tie Fighter was great for a few on-line dog fights, but the community pretty much died out and the single player just seemed to be missing something.

X-wing Alliance was good fun, but everything seemed to move a bit slow after the speed of XvT. Probably the one I found the best, though perhaps it's because it was the only one I ever got around to completing! Had a bugger of a last mission!
Boles Roor
I liked Battlefront alot. I'm waiting for Battlefront 2 right now Smile
The first SW game i played was a demo of Jedi Academy
It rocked for me i never thought that SW games where like that.
I was a great fan of the movies at the time too
SW Jedi academi is a very good game mostly multiplayer
Now i have full its good but demo was a little better i dont know y maybe the speed of the game or some settings
The other starwars games r cool too im getting them soon when i finish playen GTA SA, Boiling point, Doom3 Resuraction of evil
As u can c i have games to play for now but im surly getting those
out right now defiatly Kotor but Empire at War is coming out soon and looks awesome Very Happy
Jedi Academy is the best.
KOTOR isn't good at all.
The old to super nes are great to.
And the GBA is great, the trilogy.
KoTOR 1&2 are the best definetly.
HAKU are you crazy kotor is one of the best games ever! Exclamation
Empire Strikes back from the SNES days.
i like 2 too but its not as good.
never played two... my xbox died Crying or Very sad

and my poor compy might not be able to handle it Crying or Very sad
i loved kotor 1, it was a great game... i think i liked it a slight bit more then kotor 2 for its story line... but features wise i liked some of the new stuff added in kotor2...

kotor was awesome because you were adventuring around and then BAM, it just instantly changes the storyline about your history on you.. real cool stuff Smile
Knights of The Old Republic, i love this game!
HK is like a rust-red god of ironically humorous deathdealing droids.
Best... Robot... Ever. *nods* Yes, I stole that from VGCats.
KOTOR 2 is okay, but like everyone else has said, I mourn for the game it could've should've would've been in a better world.
It Really got back in being a Star Wars fangirl, actually. It brought back that sense of immediacy and involvement.
I'm thinking about trying Star Wars Galaxies over the summer, but I have a friend who says I should get WOW instead. I don't know. I'd have gotten Galaxies by now but paying a monthly fee to play a game I already bought always seemed like getting fleeced to me, but I suppose I'll give in and buy one or the other when I'm done with this semester.
Advice is welcome on which to pick, by the way. Concrete details from someone who's played both would be best, clearly.
jaleung wrote:
I love Jedi Academy Laughing
How about u guys?

I agree 100%
nickhaw wrote:
out right now defiatly Kotor but Empire at War is coming out soon and looks awesome Very Happy

Yea im waited to download the demo of empire at war
i saw a gamplay movie it was good
can't wait Razz
Knights of the old Republic is sure the best game. thought kotor 2 end was kinda... stupid.. the first one was better
nik wrote:
Knights of the old Republic is sure the best game. thought kotor 2 end was kinda... stupid.. the first one was better

well i didnt play the first one i think i will try now
i didnt like the second one much cos u can't jump in it and i think 1 neighter
i will try kotor now for sure.
ty for enlighten me lol
Galaxys and battlefront 2, those r probably the bests...

but also old goodies like x-wing and tie fighter r better than any star wars game Wink
I've played battlegrouds, Republic Commando, and Both Battlefronts. Right now, my favorite is Battlefront II, but i am sure that will change when empire at war comes out, because I am an RTS fan at heart and I loved Battlegrounds, but it just seemed to run out of gas after a few years.

Yeah...Empire at War demo
The answer here is very obvious...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

If anybody disaggrees with this, then definitely, you are not a die hard star wars fan! heh! Wink Cool
Star Wars Battlefront 2.. i havent played KOTOR (yet).. what i like in BF2 is the way the missions are presented.. it really feels like you are in Episode 3.. Very Happy
BF is good...
But i like Jedi Academy more. the control of force and saber on your hands... all the people must feel that. And the best thing is gripping your enemy and dropping him/her into abyss Very Happy Very Happy
I flew with the first X-Wing for months after I had discovered the mission editor. In the last years I only tried Jedi Academy and Republic Commando, but the game I spent a lot of time with is an older and not too succesful one - Supremacy. This is the only game where I can own some Super Star Destroyers or the Death Star. It's funny when you capture the full rebel leader team and destroy their base planet... Smile
I never played any Star Wars game, and I don't like the movie too... I don't know why, it just don't catch me...
jarcelao wrote:
The answer here is very obvious...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

If anybody disaggrees with this, then definitely, you are not a die hard star wars fan! heh! Wink Cool

well i am a starwars fan
i havent played yet Kotor but i have played kotor 2
Jedi academy is way much better than kotor 2 thats sure!!
I am gonna play kotor soon to c how it is but if its like kotor 2 it really doesn't stand a chance.
Kotor 2 is the only starwars game i ever seen that you can't jump in it.
If u can't jump with a jedi the game looses what starwars fans like when playing with jedi
Play academy and u will know what im saying.
X-Wing, all the way.
I have probably logged over a hundred hours into that game. If you were to add in the time tha I played in tie fighter, you would probably account for why my grades dropped for that year.

Those games have a perfect blend of action and planning. The only complaint that I have is that I wish that there was a menu option to turn off character death.
I just love Knights of the Old Republic (and Knights of the Old Republic 2 to a lesser extent). KOTOR1 especially, the characters are just so real, I actually cared about them.

Jedi Academy comes in close behind though, that game is just pure fun all the way through.
Definately Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefront was good, but KotOR is just.... yea... I guess I am just a sucker for RPG's, But pretty much all the starwars games I've played have been good... Ah, How I remember the hour's I spent playing Yoda Stories...
first of all: nice name Enderwiggin!! I read those books about seven times each.

My favorit Star Wars game is star wars rebellion. It's like civilization but with star wars characters. I love that
KotOR I has a far better storyline than II.

I was so drawn in by the plot in I, the twist was really creative, and even though I usually figure that kind of stuff out, I was totally shocked.

II had a really disappointing storyline. I mean, the sequel should have been awesome, I was expecting something crazy. And not only that, but the final fight was so easy! I beat it the first time, no problem.

Either way, I still love both games. They were my first RPG games, and now I am totally hooked. Hopefully they will continue the series, and make the next one better.
I played last Star-Wars Episode I:The Racer.It's old but good game I think.

I love Pod Racing Laughing Laughing Laughing
I play and like all series of star wars.. Very Happy
I've played SW: Battlefront II and it looks very good... Very Happy
Jedi Academi, especially when you play LAN with 30 people Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I just couldn't stop playing
I really like Jedi Outcast as a recent game. I also really like Dark Forces which is a really old game running only on MS Dos and OS 9
Goatmonkey wrote:
I really like Jedi Outcast as a recent game. I also really like Dark Forces which is a really old game running only on MS Dos and OS 9

well i played jedi outcast, its a good game but it doesnt have all the advantages of jedi academy in my openion
Academy has more stunts and much, much more plus double light saber and 2 in 1 light saber, ammasingly cool finish kills etc
that outcast doesnt have try playen Academy u will surly like it
and yes multiplayer rocks in Academy Smile
I've got to say STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 has got to be the best star wars game ever close range combat, enhanced graphics and u can control the jedi and sith. Very cool gameplay especially on live unless ur a HIGH PINGING *******!
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