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Copyright laws and coursework

According to our International Baccalaureate (gr. 11+12) co-ordinator, the IB organization can legally publish your coursework essays for their own profit.

I checked around and another external examination organization has similar control over works you submit for them to grade.

I find this kind of hypocritical. After all, the IB wants to force all this plagarism and ethics crap on us, and they can go right up and steal work you have spent months on.

Do you really think this is right? Or even better do you know of anything like this ever happening?
Although ethically there is probably some issue with the IB companies publishing your work for profit, legally it's pretty much in their power to do so. Afterall, by signing the various forms before you take the test, there is a box where you can check off NOT to have your work published for their company. Because it's a purely voluntary thing, of course there is no plagiarism involved. If you did not check the box, you are giving them ownership of your testing materials. It's no longer yours and therefore can't be plagiarised!
We have the same sort of thing but the coursework itself wouldn't be published.

I obtained a full 100% grading (full marks) in my AS Computing course, and to my dismay from seeing last years marking scheme (as passed out by the SQA), my answers from the previous year were used as parts of the marking scheme.

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