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Strange DSL modem problem

Where I live I currently share a broadband connection with someone else. We have our own modems & DSL filters which are plugged into a phone line splitter (1 of those little boxes you can plug 2 phone lines into), then into the phone line socket.

When the other modem is plugged in - even if the PC isn't turned on - I can't access the net. I use AOL and I get as far as the "checking password" bit & that's it; it just freezes. As soon as the other modem is unplugged, everything works fine.

It's not that much of a problem as we simply have to unplug from the phone line when the other person wants to use it. The problem is, though, that continually plugging and unplugging increases the risk of damage to the connectors. Also, as 1 of the PCs is upstairs, if 1 of us forgets to unplug it means running up & down the stairs again. As I said, not serious problems - just rather annoying.

Do modems communicate with the net even when the PC is switched off? That's the only thing I can think of that could be causing the problem.
That is because you are trying to use a 2-for-1 as a router. It is getting confused when you have both connected. You have 2 have 2 different sockets for find a router equivilent for a telephone line.
my 2 cents.

if the modem causing problems is self powered (not USB), than probaly it's using the line (checking for synchronism) and this may cause noise to the other modem.

i don't know if you use samme account, but you could connect a router to one of the modems and then both of you would use the same modem (over ethernet). these equipments are relatively cheap, so no large investment is necessary.

If you need to use different connections/modems, you should make sure the modems are powered off.

I did not understand if you are using broadband connections (if not, all i've wriitten is obsolete), but usually a splitter is only used in those cases.

if u use one broadband and one not-broadband connections, you should use the splitter connection on the second one like it was a phone connected.

Be Well Cool
We use AOL broadband with a single account but we have our own usernames.

Both modems are USB. Surely that means that if a PC is off there is no power going to the modem. So how can it interfere with the other 1?

Even more curious, my friend had her PC on & the modem connected all last night (but not logged on to the net) and my connection was fine until a short while ago. She hadn't turned her PC on but my connection suddenly failed. As a test I unplugged & she switched hers on to access the net. It worked fine. Then, when she unplugged from the phone line I was able to use mine as well.

Using a router would be a hassle as we'd have to run the cable upstairs. Not a good idea with 2 young kids in the house who just love pulling things around.

Wireless routers I've seen in action slow the connection down too much.
In any case, as there's no need for us both to be on the net @ the same time I don't see the point in going to the expense of any kind of router.
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