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Space Cowboy Online

Awesome game.

Closed the old thread because it was about the opening date/advertisement for it. - Space Cowboy Online

Current players:

- Seph (Kunimitsu)
- Ziplety (Ziplety)
- Rojaio ( ? )
- Finito (Revo)

Come along and join us, your first 11 levels you're in the Bygeniou faction, when you get to Lv 11 you have to choose a faction to join, choose the one on the right, the [Arlington Rebel] faction, thats what we are. This will allow us to trade/make formations and brigades.

Also, you must choose the Hovernmus server, as we are not playing the Joymus server.

I'll be looking for people to make formations with for PvP dogfights with other players in the game, a basic description of the PvP system can be this:

1 on 1 - Your basic 1on1 dogfight consisting of you and the enemy, take him down. Can be quite boring as you have a high chance of winning if you are behind the enemy firing missiles/gatling gun

Formation PvP (2 on 2, 3 on 3 up to a max of 6 on 6) - Where the fun begins. A 6 on 6 mid-air dogfight where the last man standing's formation wins. Great fun when you have a good formation going.

Brigade War - A full on dog fight between brigades (basically, brigades are guilds). Everyone online is instantly thrown into battle with the opposing brigade and its the last guild man standing who's guild wins.

Other than that, the regular Player vs Monster stuff is good fun, locking onto a target and firing missiles at them while chasing them doing flips and rolls dodging oncoming fire etc.

You need to do the quests to cut down on levelling in your early levels, as quests will give anything from 40-80% of your experience.

Other than that, it's fun just flying around doing cool maneuvers and flying as close to the water as possible and seeing the water spraying, or dipping one wing into the water.

Just a reminder:

Ported from my thread at my friends forum
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