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Google Analytics

I just received my invite to analytics yesterday, and so far it's been pretty cool. It's one of the more mature google products, especially with the feature where you can see all the links on specific page, and how many times they've been clicked and by who.

The only downside for those without some sort of PHP include based design or >gasp< frames, is that for any pages you want to track you have to put in a piece of javascript code. Luckily, I just put it in my footer PHP include, so now I can track all of my pages.
wow i never knew google provides website monitoring thingies thing things! but i need invite even though i have gmail...that i gotta wait a while...but looks pretty nice.
It's a good little tool. Wonder what they've got planned next.
its very good there is even a screenshot where you get to see which links user clicks very good for adsense monitoring
I've been using Analytics since the beginning. And its amazing. I can find all the info I want, and even more then I ever is gonna need... There is just a minus for me, it ain't working with Wordpress...
ya i got an invite a while back to its awsome it provides everything u need to monitor ur site activities such as differentt clicks web browser info time accessed and the best parts of that are the succesful keywords and ur sites improvement
It is not actually a google product. It was previously known as urchin. It used to be a paid service. Google bought it and made it free. I didnt really like it. It offers some eye candy, but doesnt show me the data I want. Infact, the default stats manager that is built into b2evolution blogging client is much more better.
So i use and .
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