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The Anatomy of Enragement

S3nd K3ys
Step 1:

Find a thread that is blatantly racist, homophobic, right-wing wacko, or left wing pinko commie in nature.

Such as perhaps...

A 23-year-old medical student hailing from Himachal Pradesh was allegedly shot dead by some Afro-Asian youths in the American state of Pennsylvania, his family said on Sunday.

Hitendra Thakur, a student of medicine at the Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania, worked part-time at a departmental store owned by an Indian, Hoshiar Singh.

"We were informed about the killing by a friend of his," said Khem Singh Thakur, the father of Hitendra, who went to the US four years ago.

"Killing an innocent foreigner in a free country like America is highly shameful indeed," said the grieving father.

The body is expected to reach Hitendra's hometown Mandi by Monday. source

Its very shameful indeed. I hope that American authorities do the justice and punish the culprits.

This is a poor story, and is lacking many many details.

Well this article is from one of the best Indian newspapers.
Also, How can one provide every detail when these are unavailable. You are cursing the media for a bad story but not understanding the unavailability of information.

Step 2:

Post a short reply disagreeing with the statement.


You've already convicted the people that killed him without knowing what happened.

Self defense is a possibility.

Step 3:

La la la, la la la, la la la
Let the thread ripen.

Step 4: The cultivated thread will begin to bring forth a plentiful crop of humours replies... Pick when juicy. Such as:

I convicted people. hah! I just said that lets hope the culprit would be punished. Does that mean that I am trying to convince people for anything ? I wonder how do you interpret things ot just post for the sake of posting.

Self defense is a possibility.

Shame on you!
Think before you post anything. You are saying something about a dead person. You have no right to say these type of things and call him a attacker.
Instead of offering condolences to the victim and his family you are delibrately making false allegations on him.

We are not discussing of possibilities here. Even the possibilities are that he was killed by american students because of racism. Also, American authorities should reveal why he was killed. They are tight lipped because they have something to hide.


Its not a dam joke to make false self framed allegations about a dead person.

Throw back the rotted fruits as you desire:

You should come back here tomorrow and re-read your first post.

Finally... after picking, always re-seed the area... but use restraint. Over-seeding will ruin the fertile ground:

perhaps you just have some mental condition that prohibits you from putting your thoughts into properly descriptive words and sentance structure...


But please do continue this comical rant..

Anyway, used correct this can bring hours of humor to one's day with very little initial investment.

Sometimes the fertilzer gets stuck in your shoe and gets dragged into your house, but otherwise, very safe.

Laughing Laughing Laughing
Billy Hill
S3nd K3ys wrote:

Finally... after picking, always re-seed the area... but use restraint. Over-seeding will ruin the fertile ground:

I think, considering the number of threads you've had closed, that you should take heed on your own words concerning restraint.

Other than that... Laughing
Amusing. =]
This is the exact reason why I...
A: Make comical posts for no reason except for the sake of showing my own wit.


B: Write a 4 point blurb about the ignorance of consevartives.


C: Mention that I have a new girlfriend even if it is highly off topic.
hahah. Yay for you and your new girlfriend. =]
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