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Ubuntu Dapper Drake


I just recently upgraded to dapper drake and was quite disappointed:?. Of course it runs a bit faster, but apart from that cool search bar, i was highly disappointing. There are even some compability issues in the terminal. What do you think?
I think ubunto should be avoided altogether, but that's just my opinoin.
ocalhoun wrote:
I think ubunto should be avoided altogether, but that's just my opinoin.

Why though? It's one of the safest OS's out there, it's free, customer support is excellent, it's not too hard to setup...
I think it tells about ocalhoun's knowledge about the subject when he/she spelled ubuntu "ubunto".

I'm downloading dapper right now, I've used ubuntu before as a virtual OS, but this time I'm planning on installing it as a primary OS.
I just think of it as an inferior version of linux.
I tried it, and I very much didn't like it.
I never could get the spelling right, either.
i am quite happy with %.10 version. I really could not understand when its called 'inferior version' of linux as I am a noobi.
I am yet to try version 6.
Been running Breezy now for approximately 4 months.

The system has been up all of that time with no resets, no lockups, no software incompatibilities. I have installed some new programs, (DIA, VLC) and they have run fine without system restarts. The system hibernates perfectly and then comes back on when I press a key. It can hibernate for days and then still works perfectly when I need it. DVD movies can be left on pause for days and they start playing right away when I click play.

My Windows computer has been working like a piece of MS doggie doo. All of this after a system restore about 4 months ago. Sometimes, if a script has bombed from the internet, the whole system turns into a big pile of yellow snow, frozen until I physically pull the plug from the power supply. No other button on the system will work, what's up with that.

In the last 4 months I have repaired approximately 30 Windows computers (I'm a techician). They have mostly been windowsXP machines with various problems. Some of my clients are school districts and I cannot tell you of the monies that are lost each year to loss of productivity due to system failures, time spent on upgrades, and other updates.

It gives me a warm feeling to reach over and wake up the Ubuntu machine and realize that I (for one) am not a slave to Microsoft...

forgot to mention
Windows XP service pak 2 on
AMD Athlon1800 XP, 256 Meg RAM, 80 gig HD, system restore using norton ghost.

Ubuntu Breezy Badger on
AMD 650 Duron?, 128 Meg RAM, 20 gig HD, no restore needed, never crashes. Note: This system runs faster than Windows ever has or ever will!
dapper was the best ubuntu version so far. i faced no problems with it. as far as compatibility issues are concerned, i faced none so far. everything is almost same as in breezy. it hasnt even hung up once. it is very stable.
yeah, ive been having some problems compiling some of my programs i wrote a while ago on dapper, they worked fine on slack 9.2 and breezy....

Why though? It's one of the safest OS's out there

PPPSSTTTT, its not an OS (well, it is, but, ugh, you guys know what i was picking at)

Last time I tried Ubuntu Dapper Drake was half an hour before I installed SUSE 10.1 on my computer. Now its bootscreen with SUSE and Windows XP...

SUSE is amazing, it works like a dream. I haven't had a single problem with SUSE! Right now I'm sitting here and are messing with SUSE. If I continue to mess with Linux, I'm sure I'm gonna crash my entire computer Razz
Ubuntu 6.06 aren't exactly all that exciting for me either. But I must say that it is quite nice to run. One thing that annoys me a bit though is that it still has a much smaller package repository than Debian. But it appears that Ubuntu is also stocking up on the number of packages. For one, I notice that Azureus is avaiable in the Dapper repos, but it wasn't in Breezy as far as I know.

I also ran into a few troubles doing a apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade, but it was quite easily fixed.

I'd say Dapper is probably a 7/10 for me. Nothing shiny enough to make me go "yay", but stable enough for me to get my work done and have an enjoyable Linux Desktop system Smile
so after putting this post on, I switched over to ubuntu 6.06 server edition. Being kind of a n00b, i iinstalled ubuntu-desktop. It was long, slowed up my dsl, but was worth it. I use it as a streaming webcam webserver and other stuff, and it's pretty cool. Overall, I'm quite happy now, even though i kinda miss my retro 5.10 look lol Wink
Ubuntu is possible the best operation system i have run. Expecially when they have .net programming for linux. That was pretty much the only think keeping me with windows and not going to pure linux.
Upgrading from Breezy to Dapper Drake, I met no issues.
The upgrade went well. Very pleased to use a well-configured desktop-oriented distro.
And maybe the most positive point is the very effective customer support!!
I use Ubuntu for my music server running samba. Works great and its always up, unless the powersupply kicks the bucket. Which it did a few days ago. Back up and running now.

I've never used Ubuntu other than for my music server, so I cannot really say much about its desktop capabilities. Runs samba, php, and webservers just fine.
dapper works like a charm in my system!! never faced any problems what so ever... all devices were automatically detected, even my router/modem. just had to type in the ip address during network setup and i was online immediately!! installing it in windows was a pain to be frank

and i did manage to run XGL, so the interface is really sleek. far better than vista beta 2. and im slowly migrating to linux completely, so that by the time vista releases, id be comfortable with it...
I was quite disappointed in Ubuntu 6.06 - it did not seem to like my ATI Rage 98 video card, even though 5.10 liked it okay. It showed some graphics with strange green and pink lines and splotches, bout only in some application and not in others. Worse, the Ubuntu forums and mailing list were of no help in this issue.

Further, it did not automatically find my Debian installation and add it to GRUB, as 5.10 had done. And the again the forums and mailing list were useless; I ended up having to solve that by learning more than I should have to about GRUB.

Note: 6.06 did find and set up my SB16 sound card automatically, and Rhythmbox works, both different from 5.10. But - xmms still has a strange gargling underwater sound, as did 5.10. Oh well, go figure.

So its back to Debian, where you pull your own weight, but at least the mailing list is responsive and knowledgeable, and can and will help if you do your part.
Ubuntu 6.06 went allright, got it Installed......But it had a few problems ...It's Installation was too slow, I felt 5.10 was better. Sad

Well It is LTS....
The Czar
You all have 'problems' installing Ubuntu?

I did when I installed Dapper Drake ... I installed it three days ago and now my system is a dual boot one ... I like Ubuntu even if it isn't that perfect.

Yeah, It took me more than six tries in order to install it ...
suse is more like windows, and for sure DD is lot of better from others distributions Razz I use it and im verry happy from it. Why? VERY GOOD SUPPORT if i have problem i figure it in a no time. DD is the best dist, light and fast running Smile
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