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Whats your Favourite Online Game?

Dj Redrum
ust thought that i would make this topic as there does'nt seem to be one that is up...

Anyway which is your main game that you play online and why?

At the moment i've been playing alot of Call Of Duty 2, good online FPS game that as some good gameplay online. Worth checking out if you like FPS and amy type games.
I mostly play CS 1.6 and CS:S though i like playing battlefield 2, CoD2, DoD:S, HoMM V, C&C and meany other aswel
Aerth, of course. (What little of it is completed)
I go for Battlefield 2, but have also been playing some Starcraft recently. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also brought up occassionaly
Generals: ZH... yea, I know, it's old, but it's one of the few PC games I actually still play. I used to play HL2: deathmatch and CS:S too, but I can't play it anymore because I get a headache of it if I play it too long.
Well I play Battle for Wesnot not that good graphic but it´very funny and amusing!
Simply WoW, u know couse its just WOW Smile
Operation Flashpoint all the way. I love military sim games, and this is by far my favorite. Cool
s43ros wrote:
Battlefield 2.

It's a year old, and is getting worse and worse through EA's stupid patches. I still love it, though.
I would like to have a game with the best of lineage 2 and WoW.

It will be an incredible game Very Happy
Sappho prolly isnt going to like this, but im a guildie. WoW isnt worth what you have to pay for it. Guild Wars is by far the best online game i've played yet.
i think bf2 is still one of the best games out there, cs: source is still a great game, but im not a fan of the new ghost recon 3, its really poor Smile
I'm a big fan of tactical RPG's, and that is why I love Dofus.
call of duty 2 is one of my favourites to play online, team deathmatch is awsome Razz
Guild Wars is FTW. It offers so much to do. I love play competitive Guild vs. Guild games with friends over the world. We keep it regular and play every twice a week. It is awesome.
Right now UT2k4, mainly because it's the only online game installed on my laptop and I can't get to my desktop, which has more games installed, for a while... Sad But UT is still awesome! Cool
At the moment Guild Wars but my most loved probably ever was Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.
Currently my favorite would have to be AOE 3 (Age of Empires 3) Very Happy, althrough i also like Diablo 2 and it might be my all time favorite
My Favourite Online game would have to be CS1.6 i've been playing it for years...

And it has to be the most addictive game when u first start.... :p...

WoW is quite good but it involves too much time...

CS is good because u don't have to play to be the best :p.. You don't really need to train..
I just got back into my old guild in Dofus with my new character. The good thing, I get to talk to all of my old guildmates. The bad thing, I'm a servant again.
one myother favourite online games would have to be COMBAT GROUNDS.... even though itis browser based and turn based, it really is a terrific game
My fravorites are Counter-Strike, Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 expansion pack.
Eve Online .... I can't stay
sonicj wrote:
Eve Online .... I can't stay

*consoles sonic*

There there, it's going to be all better. Just take some World of Warcraft and you'll be off the Eve in no time.
Anyone else play Rockstar Table Tennis on 360 Live? I find it really fun, especially getting legit rallies past 100... but I can't stand all the newbies that stick to using Jesper. :\
For me it's pro evolution soccer 5
Are you talking about Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) or just online game? For mmorpg, i like guild wars and monster and me. They are the best and free ones, in my opinion. Flash games are also becoming generally popular.
World of warcraft-Hands down

Totally changed my view about online games, even undid the damage caused by Guild Wars.
Dj Redrum
also i forgot about the 1st online game that i got hooked on what alot, and that was Delta Force 2 even though now the graphics don't match up the gameplay is still as good as it was back about 6-7 years ago.
Starsiege : tribes...
Its an online FPS game, and it's very good...
Hmm... I'm the only "loather" in this thread.

Try Kingdom of Loathing.

New content always.
Friendly people.
Chat is not chaotic.
Still the original UnrealTournament, best online game ever made Cool

For those who play it, try the new mod UT-Soccer. It's quite fun and you can replay the FiFa2006 matches Mr. Green
I great game.....


realy good, it makes you want to play more and mroe everyday i suggest evryone tries it. Everyoens friendly
Have fun!! Very Happy
Lineage 2! Arrow
And i have good serwer =>
Battletech 3030 telnet:// With some new clients out there it's becoming much more graphical. Updated more often then these pay to play games.
for myself, usually i play only chess or some simulation of modern games that uses the chess board type style. in my opinion it just rips too much time to play in 3D games online. better said the main reason i like online games is that you get to play against a human thinking engine, not a bot. which is provided most of all in logic game type. Cool
COUNTER-STRIKE, WARCRAFT 3 and STARCRAFT. These are like the classics, widely popular and very entertaining. Who wouldn't want to play these.
CS...tis about it.
Guild Wars. I like the people interacton and well as walking around and doing things. I think I would like Everquest better but who wants to pay that big monthy fee? Guild Wars giveyou free play which is GREAT!

I also like StarWars Battlefornt II, but I stink at it. I die a lot. I mean a lot. I get in to paly the On-line part and I am dead and do not even see where it came from. LOL
I really used to like the Diablo series and spent about 2 years of my life playing it constantly. After that I moved into more modern games.
Games I play online now:
- Battlefield 2
- Guild Wars
- World of Warcraft
- Call of Duty 2
- Star Wars Jedi academy (classic)
Well, I have played Guild wars, not bad, but very limited, yes it is free but that is why the graphics are not as good as pay sites, I see alot of people saying they were paying 20.00 a month, I only pay 9.95 month, why are you paying 20. I just get the year subscription, and then dont worry about it for a year.


I'd say world of warcraft a year ago. Right now i think dark age of camelot is better even though i've stopped playing it long ago
but my most loved probably ever was Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

yeah we just recently reinstalled it back on our desktop after a while....its addicting as hell.

no pun intended
My favorite online game is Diablo 2. It's pretty old but it still has a ton of users. Millions of items, expansive maps, and it's fairly long. My favorite class is the Paladin because they have decent Strength and Auras. I recommend this if you're a dungeon crawler/medieval game fan.
i play gunbound indonesia Surprised
Well, i've played like tons of online games, Cs, etc maple, gunbound . mu . basically i've tried whatever free online game there is..but even the good ones usually end up getting hacks or have hacks for them. Eventually game play is spoilt and in the long run its not worth the time .

I prefer sticking to games like warcraft, titan quest. Good games that also help pass time and well ^^ bascially tts it
ok fisrt of all just gotta tell ya im a game freak so this is gonna be a long list n i mean long n now straight to the point
-World of Warcraft
-Battlefield 2
-Warcraft 3:ft
-Cs 1.6
-Diablo 2-LoD
-Red Alert 2:Yuri's Revenge
-Knight online
-Star Wars Battlefront 2
-Lord of the Rings- Battle for Middle-Earth 2
-Massive Assault Network
-Neverwinter Nights(Platinum edition)
-Age of Empires 3
-Commandos 2(its not an online game but still)
-Traivan(yep its browser based but still)
-and i am also gonna start playing lineage 2 and guildwars and i may start to paly even more games in the future say what u want but i pyay games most of my awake hours Very Happy
my favourite online game is Call of Duty 1....:bow...i <3 that game....

(i pwn Smile )
The game I have played the most online has always been Team Fortress Classic (the known Half Life mod, you can play it through Steam now), although I also like CS.

Then I love to play Football Manager 2005 (or 2006) with a friend through the net (I host the game and he connects to it, we've had a game going for 4 seasons already Very Happy).

And finally, I've recently found Fly For Fun (Flyff), which is an amazing and COMPLETELY FREE Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG. You download it all for free (it's a real, 3D fully functional game, with sound, etc. The download is like 500mb). Then you create a free account and play. You don't have to give any other info than what you'd give to register in this forum, and it's really addictive. Unfortunately I don't have much time to play it.
Im Playing Soldier of Fortune 2 and soldat

that was the only game im playing online now .. but before , i was playing Socom 2 on PS2 ... but , they make another socom (3) and , i dont know why , but i like just the 2 , so , i didnt buy it and all the ppl on socom 2 are in socom 3 now... so , that's all about my online games
i mostly play final fantasy 11 and diablo2 online. sometimes play strategy games like age of empires 2, age of mythology, age of empires 3 and starcraft
I like
-Call of Duty 2
-Battlefield 2
-Need for Speed Underground 2
-Star Wars Battlefront 2
-The Movies
-Worms 4 Mayhem
-Counter Strike:Condition Zero
-Warcraft 3 Frozen Thone
my all time favourite online MMORPG game will be "FLY FOR FUN"
Alsome pal!! why i like it??
well the game was a bit reality inculde where people can do what other what other online game cant... flying and killing monster... ON AIR..
and your will loss HP if and only if your hit something in air... such as floating isle, flying ship, other player.
killing monster is another way where street fighter Ryu's " Ho Yu Ken" is in the game!!
very shock when i first played. very enjoy and painfull( hitting the floating isle)
My favorite online game has to to be counter strike source. This is due to the ease at which it can be modded and the fact that it is in the team elimination/defend or destroy style. I find this style is much more fun to play and allows for more tactics than the death match style games of call of duty 2.

I also would like to say that I find the idea of paying a £25 start up charge plus £8 per month to play WoW a rip off. I would much rather play the free to play RPG game of silkroad online which has absoulty no cost at all.
The only game I play online at all is Tiger Woods golf, in tourneys and club ladder play. I just don't have time to get into some of the other great fantasy/strategy games. I usually buy (in addition to the current TW) one new PC game per year, and it consumes me for a month or two.
in my opinion
the best online game is americas army Cool
I haven't played any games but America's Army online for a long time. The reason, of course, is that I enjoy it very much, and is definitely my favorite game to play online. A new version of the game is due to be released at the end of July, so I'm really excited. I hope it is not disappointing
I like playing battlefield 2, CoD2, Red Alert2 and Omerta.
Dj Redrum
Quake 4 is also a good game, online if your used to the game speed in which people play at.
Hmm my favorite game is ET(Enemy Territory) and of cos WoW(World of Warcraft) also i've played FarCry on Multiplayer Razz This is good game on Internet, more funny maps is possible to download Razz
I'll have to go with Call Of Duty 2, great online game mode which does'nt get that boring after time.
i like warcraft 3 Frozen throne and ragnarok online
CS:Source = when im bored and angry and need to kill people

Guild Wars = when im bored and angry and need to kill animals / people

Runescape = when im bored and angry and need to annoy people

Yeah i like Guild Wars Most Cool
i LIKED rose online, its really adicting...
but it became P2P Godd***it!
You quit because it was P2P? I quit long before when so many hackers showed up the game became unfun. I did like swarming the bosses with all the newbies and killing them for experience though. It got annoying when I was the strong guy and everyone stole MY kills. All of my friends started with me on it and we all left together as the game got so disappointing afterwards.

I'm looking forward to Ragnarok Online 2 beta.
DEViANCE wrote:
i LIKED rose online, its really adicting...
but it became P2P Godd***it!
I mostly play CS 1.6 and some online chess
SOCOM II. Not 3. 3 is very bad compared to 2. I also play Call of Duty 1 on the PC sometimes. If I had a better computer I would play BF2 and CoD 2, but mine is crap. I only have 256 ram and a 64mb videocard. Its pretty pathetic. Confused
mine is maple story, even though it's getting quite boring at lv 40+...i dont have anything else to play with...
Warcraft3 is my favourite RTS game, and Lineage2 is my favourite online game. The graphics in Lineage2 are so good! It's such an addictive game.
I really like FLYFF ( fly for fun ) it is on-line game similar to R.O.S.E. It is only MMORPG game where you can FLY Smile it is Fantastic. All you guys type flyff in google download it end enjoy Very Happy
I recently started playing Hidden: Source (HL2 mod)...awesome game! You feel like predator when everyone is looking for you and you just give a knife blow for the kill. You're invisible btw if you're hidden. Cool
Well, I started playing maple story again... Very Happy I have an lvl 36 assassin now
What's not to love about tetris? its old but who cares. it is still fun and challenging.
My favourite game is a first person shooter game called cs 1.6 known as counter strike 1.6 you guys might know it. Its fun i have a clan were in a league my own website server to play in so its all good and whats more fun then playing a game with your friends all the time,
may favorite online game right now would be final fantasy 11, have been playing that for quite some time now and am still playing. every now and then i also enjoy playing older games online like diablo 2 or starctaft broodwar, which i recently sarted playing again with a group of rl friends.
Ill happily point out Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory. Its a very good online team shooter, where the "team" is very important. The maps themselves make you need other team members, you have xp points, a few classes of player (soldier, medic etc). Now its not so new and great because alot of other online games also drafted such a system (Battlefield etc). Another good side is it doesnt have mega good graphics so people with slower systems can play (like me Smile ). I cant wait for ET: Quake Wars though but im going to have to buy a new computer for that. Another game id really like to play would be Battlefield 2 but my graphics card doesnt have pixel shaders Confused and besides, I only have 256 ddr 233mhz ram, so even WinXP goes a bit slow here, and it also slows any other programs.
I wish I had money to keep playing World of Warcraft, but I also play Warcraft 3, Jedi Outcast, and Starcraft. I have a couple relatively decent characters on WoW, but not high enough for me to be happy with them. So if anyone wants to donate to the help me play WoW again, I can send you my paypal address, and you can send a dollar or 2 my way. LOL. Well that's if anyone really wants to.
My favorite online games would be either Half Life 2 Deathmatch or World of Warcraft, ive played thoose two alot and got addicted to both, until i decided to play WoW, i played mods and custom maps to half life 2 deathmatch wich never made the game boring due to always something new happened, i used to make maps and then play it with friends and other people, only sad thing was that after some time the gameplay got boring because of the great advantage with psychis that the HL2 engine have. Picking up a bathtub with your gravity gun would make you immune to bullets and you could just shoot it off and then pick it up again.
Right now I have to say Lineage 2; but I was adicted to Neverwinter Nights. And I will be again when Neverwinter 2 comes out >_<!
Starcraft is, undoutably. The best online game ever. Some of my friends think games are a waste of time and I am starting to agree with them. but starcraft is still amazing.

With the 1.14 patch FINALLY out and all the little things I didn't like about Starcraft finally fixed I am thinking about playing again, but who knows?
I only play RuneScape. And I'm even slowing my rate-of-play on that now too. Instead I seem to be doing more posting on this forum and just general random stuff Shocked

The thing is that I've never really got into much online gaming. I stick more with the console games orn non-online computer games.

EDIT: I've also played UT (Unreal Tournament) once online too.
I would have to go with Counterstrike 1.6 and Starcraft:Brood wars. Old games yet amazing games. These games will never die I beleieve people will always play them.
I am considering purchasing SOF II Gold Edition for my LAN gaming group. Has anyone had experience with this game? Does it include vehicles? Any bugs with the program?
I mostly play Dead or Alive 4 on my 360, not going to play G.R.A.W. online until I beat the game.

Either I play that or Battlefield 2 on PC
Any fps. Halo2 and chromehounds are my current games
I used to furrow my brow at the site of each new model of S-Class Mercedes, usually redone every 5 years or so. I can remember my father telling me that Mercedes designs cars to look good tomorrow, not today. He was right. With every model, like clockwork, after a year or so they'd start looking good, then great. My bet is Battlefield will be much like that. As truly fun as it is to play today, it'll be much better in a year or so.

Few quick reasons to love this game:

1. When you run it on a great machine the graphics/game physics are mindblowing.

2. The game encourages teamplay. I know, it's hard to imagine quake trained gamers playing medics, but over the past months since its release, the game is conditioning its players to team up. It's working, and it's really really fun to work with a good squad.

3. The game/network is very intelligent. Scarily intelligent. Everything you do on a ranked server is tracked forever. Everything. Gaining rank gets you new weapons and status you can leverage into a Commander position.

4. This game not only supports VOIP, but encourages it. Commanders can talk to squad leaders, squad leaders talk to their members, very good order.

5. Online play will frequently (i'm talking multiple times an hour) give you "one of those gaming moments". You know, when your pulse quickens, and you feel like you're really in the game. My girlfriend can hear me screaming from my downstairs (things that would make a pornstar blush). I'm not even cognizant of it.

6. Helicopters with TV guided rockets. Nuf said.

7. Command and control. If a side plays without a commander, odds are they'll lose. If one plays with few (if any) experienced squad leaders, they'll lose. Very cool and unique feature.

Reasons you might not want this game:

1. This is the most insane system-hog of a game I've ever encountered...very frustrating for even relatively good systems.

I've had high hopes for games of all genres over the past 2-3 years, I've reviewed many of them, some favorably, but I think BF2 is the best action First Person Shooter on the market (and probably will be for a few years). One reason for that belief is the extraordinary hardware requirements it demands to truly perform. I started playing it on a 3.3MHZ w/ best Geforce card, and 1Meg of RAM. It lumbered, and the graphics were subpar compared to other FPS's. I now have a freakin super-computer (dual cards, 4Megs RAM) and it runs like a different game. When hardware catches up, the underlying value of this game will get more appreciation vs. present-day frustration.

I've logged at least 70 hours on this game, and I learn something new every night. So many layers to uncover, then combine. I think this game still has allot to show people. And, like each redesigned model of Mercedes, will prove its true beauty over time.
WOW addict me! anybody!
my friends recently got me started on a new game, it's called Space Cowboy. It's a free online game, set in the future on a distant planet and you fight in advanced aircraft.
the best game!
Counterstrike 1.6 and Yahoo Chess. Sometimes I play stick-cricket at
I think it would be...FF 7,8 and 9 they're just so amazing, really big stories I want to play a lot more than I dont have other consoles except my broken PS1 and my Nintendo hah!

Currently playing FF7 on the PC for cause my pS1 is broke of course, gotta do something right...

Not really into stragety cames and stuff but playing Risk is pretty dope!
eve online is the only game for me, hooked for years now...must..stop...playing...

i play some city of heroes ...but only once a week maybe.
Ragnarok Online and Final Fantasy XI

They are the best Online RPG.

Maplestory isn't too bad actually.

WoW is proven to be worst, followed by Runescape

"Hop to the Top" is my current favourite online game. It can be found and played online at . The reason why I think it is such a great game is because you are always trying to better yourself (your previous score) whilst playing it. It is insanely addictive and one of the major benefits/attractions of playing online is that you can instantaneously check and compare your scores against other online users. This way you have always got a goal to aspire to (unless you hold the current top score!). It is a beautiful, fun game and I really do commend the creators/developers on their marvellous achievement in producing a magical game! xoxoxoxxxxxxxx Very Happy
My favorite online game use to be Counter Strike.
en1gmatikk wrote:
Counterstrike 1.6 and Yahoo Chess. Sometimes I play stick-cricket at

No! No!! Nooooooooo! Not stick cricket. I hate that game, I really do. Loads of people started playing it, but it's the most pointless and boring game I've ever found. Sorry, but I just really dislike it. Shocked

But counterstrike is good Very Happy
Roseonline is still rocking my world!!!
On a mac, which counts out most games. Besides, I don't have much time--so I like Travian--browser based, few minutes a day. Satisfies some of the cravings.
Ranarok Online .. cant wait for RO 2 .. Exclamation
used to like playing Counter Strike Condition Zero with M8s.

But then ran into problem with steam when gt a new computer, so now I play battlefield 2, and for the money it is ace!!
I don't really have too much time for online gaming at the moment. Sadly the online one that I have the time to play (mostly in class in COC CPUNNET class ) is Adventure Quest or Dragon Fable. Yes I know that they are not the greatest games but for 15-20 minute breaks they are amusing.
Adventure Quest is such a rubbish game. OK, so they've got some people who can draw well in flash, but the game itself is totally bad. I created an account just to see what it was like and I was put of imediatly... I can't see how anyone could find it fun.

OK, if anyone's actually spent ages on it and has got quite far through / into the game: could you explain it for me. I didn't get much from the site itself or from playing the game. I think the fact that they send out a newsletter that is just boring text is a bit tacky and that it should be anounced on their homepage or in a news seciton or something. And does anyone actually buy in-game cash from them?
My Favourite online game is Everquest II. Unlike World Of Warcraft, there are not much noobs -i saw one at WoW, a shaman who was trying to lick his totem-. And quests are good. You travel a lot, but it doesnt bore you. I strongly reccomend it. I like Role Playing, and so do EQII players...
i'm not really an online gamer, in fact im not really a PC gamer at all. i mean used to play CS alot alot and SC alot too but i really dont have time for those games anymore. i have to say though that CS (counterstike) was fun but its really really played out now, but it does require skill to play so i'm not really all against it same goes with SC (starcarft) but i'm talking abou tthe orginal SCs and warcraft too, once again the original WC not WOW.

i'm pretty much an anti-MMORPG kinda person. those games seem to be soooo pointless, no damn skill involved just pure repition, no strategy no nothing. i knew a guy that just taped his "right-click" down and just left the game on for weeks and voala he's leved up like 50 levels. what kind of crap is that? and the rediculousness of selling "virtual rare items" is freakin nuts, i mean its just a game that nothing can come.

(continued from above)

i understand that those games can bring out the "social bug" from any ant-social person if they like the game, but what good is being social when you're virtually social and actual contact or real-live communication is absent?

i mean people have died for the gaming industry playing these booooring MMORPGs, and yet somehow that online gamming community still loves these games. i've tried all the popular MMORPGs and they arent all that great, i mean there really isnt a true story that goes to it, and there really isnt much skill involved and there is never any sort of satisfaction comming from playing these games. theres no completeness. i guess its todays D&D the never ending nothingness but now you can play by yourself in your room half ass naked and everyone will still think you're a cool person because your virtual character is a maxed out dwarf.
the best game is hattrick

Hattrick is the world’s greatest and most popular online football manager game.

And it’s completely free!

In Hattrick, you run your own football team and compete against 875 285 human users from all over the world. All you need is a web browser. Matches are played in real time a couple of times a week. You can log on at any time to check the status of your team, issue training orders, trade players - or just hang out with other Hattrick users.
i like to play ganjawars, interesting game : a lot of weapon, equipment
haha have to spent sometime to make sure i havent reply for this thread yet. I like Ragnarok Online the best. It's great community game and you can have lots of fun. (even not the second is out but it still not as good as first one) if you guys have a chance just try it. it's p2p game but you can try it for free for 15 days without any payment
I know that has been abandoned for a while.

It has rained much since last post.

I like MINECRAFT. I believe it's one of the top online games. Free to enjoy for a while, and pay if you want to enjoy further.
RTCW:Enemy Territory. I just love it. Been playing it like 7 years
[quote="RosenCruz"my Territory. I just love it. Been playing it like 7 years[/quote]

Smart phones have transformed the potential answers to the question.

Probably it was originally thought for PCs.

In my Android phone I enjoy much Angry Words.
I assume most of the games mentioned so far are not free and I actually would be curious to know how much dollars you guys spend for online games each month ?
I have been playing Atlantica for a while. Well done and really fun. It is free but of course designed in a way so that at some point in time you have to exchange real money with virtual money to reach upper levels. At least I could play it for many month to reach level 90 without paying a real dollar, and it has been a lot of fun.
One way to make money in Atlantica is to craft items. Great idea, but after a while I figured out that crafting costs you more in most cases than buying finished items because cost of material for crafting is just too high. At this point I got a bit frustrated and stopped playing it.
pacsey wrote:
the best game is hattrick

Hattrick is the world’s greatest and most popular online football manager game.

And it’s completely free!

In Hattrick, you run your own football team and compete against 875 285 human users from all over the world. All you need is a web browser. Matches are played in real time a couple of times a week. You can log on at any time to check the status of your team, issue training orders, trade players - or just hang out with other Hattrick users.

Yes . Hattrick really is a nice and stable, fun soccer management game
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 online on the PS3! No lag at all. First online I really love on the PC is R.O.S.E(Rush On Seven Episode) Online until they disappeared. Sad Now I'm playing Dragon Nest SEA.
At the moment my favourite is Team Fortress 2 as I am using Steam a lot more to play single player games. Thus when I want to play something good online, I choose TF2 and play on some random server. It is pretty enjoyable, relaxing and its graphic style is forever 'young' as it is comic themed, not aimed at realism.

However, the game which I've enjoyed the most of all the games (single or multi-player) is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It is free, the community is still huge, servers are full all the time. Modders still add new features or create new mass so the gameslay can't ever get boring. Maybe the graphics may seem a bit old but I don't care, the game rocks Smile
Gregoric wrote:
At the moment my favourite is Team Fortress 2 as I am using Steam a lot more to play single player games. Thus when I want to play something good online, I choose TF2 and play on some random server. It is pretty enjoyable, relaxing and its graphic style is forever 'young' as it is comic themed, not aimed at realism.

You have a good point about graphics. This is why I've never really understood attempts at realism: there's always something better a few years down the bend, so it seems the games are aimed at obsolescence. (Actually that's probably the business strategy, haha)
I used to play Conquer online a lot i love that game because the pvp is so cool i was a fire tao so i had to jump everywhere to avoid the shots of warriors and trojans, also throwing tornados at them was really fun too as they died quickly and get frustrated caus they couldnt even hit me one time lol
Davolutiion wrote:

Every post of yours in this forum is counterstrike, haha.
used to play CS 1.6 cause its AWESOME! Smile
Long live CS!
MMO Illiriao is good. I played tank online also. It is also good but. I like strategic games more than action games. So Illiriao is the best.
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