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Amazing story.

Full Story:

there have so far been 12 updates since this original post


June 6th, 2006: The people in the pictures below have my friend’s T-Mobile Sidekick. Instead of doing the honorable thing when finding someone’s phone in a taxi, they instead kept it.

I have found 8 cell phones in the last couple years in taxis. EVERY single one I have contacted the owner (by leaving a message on their voice mail or by answering their phone and telling their friends that I have the phone) and returned it promptly. When people have found my phone, they have also in turn returned it.

When my friend realized that she had left the Sidekick in the taxi she asked me to immediately send a message to the phone saying that we would give a reward for the phone. There was no response. After a day of waiting, she had to go to the store and spend over $300 on a new Sidekick. When she put her SIM card in, she saw that the person(s) that had taken the phone had not only signed on to AOL leaving their name and password in the phone, but they had taken pictures of themselves.

I immediately contacted the AOL name: Sashacristal8905 and requested that the Sidekick be returned. I was immediately told that my “white ass” didn’t deserve it back. That she was not a “white bitch” (my friend who is a blonde white girl had pics on the phone this person had obviously seen) stupid enough to return a phone she found. After lots of threats, she said she and her boy would wait for me at:

Sashacristal8905: i got ball this is my adress 108 20 37 av corona come n do it iam give u the sidekick so I can hit you wit it

So, anyways..this is my story. If you happen to know these people in the picture please let me know at: I am not going to go to the address posted above, because a.) Not going to waste my time going to a probable fake address b.) If it is real, there will be a physical altercation and I would probably wind up arrested which would do no good to anyone. I’d rather just embarrass the thief as much as possible. Teach them a lesson on the etiquette of returning peoples lost belongings.
Intresting story. I would take the time to vist that address, with a few mates of course. I mean, other then the fact that it is justn a cell phone, and that in itself isn't worth, possible, getting arrested for, the principle behind it is worth it. That of course is: Don't ****** take shit that isn't yours. The gangbangers deserve to have their heads busted open for merely breathing. At least thats the asurtion I get when reading about jackasses like that.

Good luck with everything.
Clever use of the website. Don't know the address myself but I'd love to know what would happen if you went round there!!

A person who uses that kind of language might just have been stupid enough to send you their real address.
Let's say we spread the link shall we?
Ugly skank, ain't she?

Huh, is there some reason your friend doesn't get the police invovled? Not only is it theft, she threatened you.
Hahaha, I spent 15 minutes to read this and if I lived in New York, Which is just across the Quebec Border and a 2-4 hour ride. I'm not sure. I would have probably went on a TP'ing "Toilet Papering" spree on that house if it wasnt already done.

Anyway, That girl was quite dumb to upload her photo and dumb to give a address nearby her house. I dont know but I'm betting their life is hell because there was all these stories on their forum of people trying to make contact. There was this one guy who when to make contact with a camera.

Can you only imagine.

GUY: I'm in CORONA right now about to make contact with the girl and the sidekick phone. I'm walking down the pathway, Walking and I've just rang the bell.

GIRL: Yes hello, How may I help you?

GUY: I've just made contact with her. I will now try and communicate.

GUY: My name is GUY, I am from NEW YYYORK. I cccome iiinnn PPPeace.
You have sidekick, Must return to owner.


thanks for the link, boy that is one crazy story. This reminds me of something I would do, to get back at someone lol. Hopefully they get the clue eventually, before the get in more trouble then they know what to do with.

More people need to read this! This is an excellent story. I have it bookmarked now, and I am waiting for the next update to come out. I feel angry just from reading it. The nerve of some people....Sometimes, I thinkt he gene pool should be thinned. Anyways, discuss, and spread the word please!
Since I wanted to show my support for this cause and noticed many people photoshoped images on their forum I did one too and decided to showcase it on frihost. Enjoy

You have to click on the images to see a larger one because Imageshack is like that.

My second one, Corona Wars. Now if only I can do a Where's Gordo or Where's Sasha or Beauty and the Beast.

EDIT: I've just added another one. It's entitled Beauty and the Beast, This one has many more visual effects that the typical photoshoped image.
I hope Evan gets this thing worked out soon,
man the legal system can be a PAIN sometimes!! Rolling Eyes

the number of people that have visited that site is AMAZING, its been only a week since the site started, and he has had MILLIONS of hits and has been on 3 or more radio stations and google has 211,000 links to it here.
the stolensidekick forum is here.
I would be WAY overwhelmed to manage an investigation like he has, i mean he gets like 2,000 emails a day, and 1000 forum members Shocked and he answers almost all of them WOW
I applaud this guy for his effort Applause i hope he gets the cellphone back, i had a friend who had a palm zire 31 stolen and he never got it back.
It's sad that he has to resort to basically shaming the NYPD to just get them to do their jobs. It's not like he's asking them to do any work... he's giving them everything they need.
Come on guys! Show some more support! So, why do you think the NYPD is acting like this? Have they gotten lazy? Do they just think that with all the major crime in NY, that anything below grand theft auto or murder is just below them now? Discuss.
wow the girl in the pictures looks pretty like a Shark.... well, we need less people like her and more people like the author...
there is like 45 updates now,
i don't know about you guys but i am going to keep myself informed on this guy's progress,
I got some reading to do Very Happy
seems his has his own lawyer now
I find it toatally pathetic that the family is now deciding to counter-sue. I mean come on, do they honestly think they have a case here. Any laywer who is willing to represent them should be 1) ashamed of themself and 2) have their liscence revoked.

And to make the story even sadder (as if it isn't sad enough), the only reason that they are making such a big deal about getting the Sidekick back (like it costing close to $200 dollars isn't a big deal), the girl was using it in order to help her sister get a visa so should could come to her WEDDING. And what's even worse, besides that of her mother, her sister is the ONLY family she has.

Personally, the people from Corona (Sasha, Gordo, and crew), should just drop their case, find some way to return the phone, and be thankful that karma hasn't done them justice yet by making them pay back BIG time like they deserve. I tell ya, if they get away with this, I'm going to be extremely disapointed in the laws of "justice" in our country. Almost makes me afraid to have to depend on our police/judical system if something like this happened to me.
Well, updates have been slow lately. Lets hope he resolves it soon. Sucks that the chick's sister couldn't make it for the wedding. Those Corona bastards.....
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